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Philip Glass–Violin Concerto No. 2 and Violin Sonata

With his signature repetition, the Violin Concerto No. 2¬† “American Four Seasons” is lyrical and mostly slow, (with orchestra), the Violin Sonata is much faster (with piano). Play!

Philip Glass–Three Pieces in the Shape of a Square

Transcribed pieces for trumpet, “minimalist” but also older pieces that are quite varying. Play!

Philip Glass–Complete Piano Etudes

The very well-known and popular composer of repetitive notes referred to as “minimalism” (though the composer dislikes that term) performed by a pianist who has specialized in Glass’ works–etudes to relax with.

Philip Glass–Dreaming Awake

Known from his haunting soundtracks, don’t call this minimalism…

Philip Glass–Glassworlds Vol. 3–Metamorphosis

Works from film and theater works to solo works, all with that Glass repetition. Play!

Philip Glass–Glassworlds Vol. 2

His complete etudes ranging from suprisingly intense to lyrical. Play!

Philip Glass–Glassworlds Vol. 1

With his signature percussive, and lyrical layering on the piano, one new recording composed in 2003 and some older pieces and transcriptions. Play!

Philip Glass–Piano Music

Piano pieces with his trademark  repetitive, yet soothing style. CD2 trk 9 lively. Play!