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Com Truise-Iteration

Com Truise’s latest work titled Iteration is the last installment of a multi album spanning story about “Com Truise”, the first robot astronaut. You hear elements of old school New Wave and Synth Dance reminiscent of Joy Division or New Order. There’s also some Experimental mixed in as well giving the music an other worldly […]

Tobacco-Sweatbox Dynasty

The latest from artist Tobacco is an album titled Sweatbox Dynasty. The music is very experimental and could be described as “Psychedelic Electro Hop”. There’s also a retro synth sound and some static choppiness. The tracks for me are a little hit or miss. Some have a smooth yet bizarre sound; others are just too […]

Com Truise-Silicon Tare

The latest from Com Truise is titled Silicon Tare. The album has been described as “a rich abundance of retromania and hazy, sci-fi synth-pop. Time to get old school! RIYD: Baths, Skylar Spence Tracks: All Good

Starchild & the Romantic

Crucial is Starchild & the Romantic’s debut on the Ghostly label. The music has been described as “electro and R&B, with silky sheets of synth cascading over rubbery bass lines”. The music is smooth with a nice mix of upbeat and mellow tracks. Give it a listen. RIYD: Peven Everett, Seven Davis Jr. Tracks: All […]

Choir of Young Believers-Grasque

The latest from Choir of Young Believers is titled Grasque. The music has a mellow Synth Indie Rock or Chillwave vibe with falsetto vocals from Jannis Noya Makrigiannis adds to the music. The tracks don’t quite coalesce in a traditional manner but are more like “trips or feelings” according to Makrigiannis. It’s little different but […]


Escapements is the second album from the duo Beacon. Stereogum describes as “beat-driven, addictive electro-pop goodness that works just as well on the dance floor or in headphones.” The music has an Electro-R&B vibe as well and the album’s title is alludes to mechanisms in a watch or time piece. The music does have a […]

Tycho-Awake Remixes

It’s been two years since Tycho released his album Awake and now he’s released a remix album titled Awake Remixes. The original album had a dreamy, sunny Ambient vibe to it. The remixes are similar and adhere to the “Tycho” sound but also show the remixing artist’s vibe as well. Some of the remixers are: […]


The second full length release from artist Shigeto is titled Intermission. The music is a mix of Ambient, IDM and Downtempo and has a sound similar to Boards of Canada or Bonobo. The album is short and sweet coming in at 23 minutes and has a nice, mellow vibe. Tracks: All Good

Michna-Thousand Thursday

Thousand Thursday is the second album from Michna. The music is rooted in Synth Dance but has an Experimental vibe to it with elements of Electro-Hop and IDM. The tracks are clean and crisp and added experimentation gives the tracks a little something extra to make them stand from the rest. RIYD: The Juan Maclean, […]


Brooklyn duo Beacon’s latest release is titled L1. The music has a Synth Dance feel that is upbeat but not too perky and has an outer space feel to it. Producer Jacob Gossett sums it up perfectly, “Our records have often been described as moments after the night has given way, a ‘comedown after the […]

Lord RAJA-A Constant Moth

A Constant Moth is the debut from 22 year old Chester Raj Anand a.k.a Lord RAJA. The music has an experimental vibe to it and Anand mixes elements of Trip Hop, Ambient, Bass Music, IDM and Drum and Bass. The music is beat heavy, very creative and reveals Lord RAJA’s talent as a musician. Tracks: […]

Christopher Wiliits-Opening

Opening is the latest from artist Christopher Willits. The music is very mellow Ambient with drifting dreamy soundscapes. This is a perfect album to listen to before bed or in a quiet dark room. Tracks: All Good


Arterial is a four track EP from Lusine. The music is rooted in IDM and maybe a little bit of Atmospheric Bass Music but there is definitely a dark streak to the music. That being said you do hear slight hints of Pop threaded in the music like on the track Eyes Give In. This […]

Xeno and Oaklander-Par Avion

Debut album from duo Xeno and Oaklander is titled Par Avion. The music is spacey Synth Dance with elements of New Wave and Cold Wave. The album is built on contrasts, from the haunting vocals of Liz Wendelbo’s to counterparts Sean McBride’s more stilted, cold vocals. The contrast continues with the spacey synths mixed with […]

Mux Mool-Appetite for Production

It’s been two years and Mux Mool is back with a disc titled Appetite for Production. The music is a funky, trippy Electro Hop that has a psychedelic edge but is sharp and concise. RIYD: DJ Frane Tracks: All Good except FCC #4

Mark E-Product of Industry

Mark E’s second Lp is an album titled Product of Industry. Made with analog equipment the music is EDM based with elements of Berlin Techno, Chicago House, and Minimal Techno. The tracks have a warmth and steady rhythm to them, not too fast not too slow, just perfect for grooving to. These are some smokin’ […]

HTRK-Psychic 9-5 Club

HTRK’s (Pronounced Hate Rock) latest release is an album titled Psychic 9-5 Club. The album has a solemn, stripped down feel and reflects on the loss of a loved one and the pain that follows. Along with this is the struggle to find hope, love and humor again. The music has elements of Ambient, Ethereal […]


The latest from Tycho is an album titled Awake. The album is very similar to his previous work, Dive, with very dreamy, sunny Ambient tracks. There is a little more guitar and drums on this album giving it more of an upbeat tempo. While I enjoy Tycho’s sound it is a little one dimensional and […]

Com Truise-Wave 1

The latest from ComTruise is an album titled Wave 1. The music is some seriously retro 80’s Synth Dance. The tracks have a pretty good sound and really aren’t cheesy at all which is what you might expect from this genre. Very upbeat with some spacey synths and touches of funkiness. Tracks: 1,2,5

Shigeto-No Better Time Than Now

Shigeto is back this time with an album titled No Better Time Than Now. The album’s theme revolves around the idea of living in the moment with tracks like Perfect Crime, No Better Time Than Now and Safe In Here. The music itself is a blend of Jazz infused Downtempo with elements of 8-Bit, Asian […]

Gold Panda-Half Of Where You Live

Gold Panda’s second album is titled Half Of Where You Live. The artist describes the album as a “city album” and tries to translate the sights, sounds and moods of different urban environments. There is an Asian influence threaded through the album similar to Lucky Shiner along with a Found-Sound vibe and the tempo shifts […]

Beacon – “The Ways We Separate”

The Ways We Separate is the debut full-length from Beacon. This is an album of ambient electronic pop, on the softer end of dubstep. The songs are fairly short – only the first and last songs are over four minutes. The album is called The Ways We Separate because most of the lyrics are about […]

ADULT.-The Way Things Are

The Way Things Are is the fifth album from Detroit Electropunk pioneers, ADULT. The music is a mix of Dance Industrial, Minimal Wave and Punk Dance. Sharp drum machine beats with analog synths make up the sound here with Nicola Kuperus providing some heavy punk vocals to the tracks. There is nothing new here but […]