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Christian Ridil–Chamber Music

Modern/contemporary, abstract works for a wide variety of instruments. Play!

Fair Wind

Kai Strobel performs this excellent collection of percussion works (vibraphone, marimba etc.) mostly contemporary. Play!

Beyond the Horizon

For differently keyed clarinets, using 12th note scale with 13 tones, abstract and interesting contemporary works.

Andreas Hepp–Zeitreise

Percussionist/composer Hepp performs these abstract works.

Flute & Cello Rarities

A lovely collection of works from Baroque era to contemporary. Play!

Reunion–Clarinet & Piano

Works specifically for clarinet & piano, one transcription, from Classical era to contemporary.

Customized–Gewandhaus Brass Quintet

Contemporary with varied styles, all pieces composed by members of the group, play!

Latin–Piano Music for Four Hands from South America

By South American, Spanish and American composers, tangos in the Latin style, from late 1800’s to early 1900’s. Play!


Works by Saint-Saens, Ginastera, Debussy and others, transcribed for harp, mandolin and guitar, all modern. Play!

Diana Cemeryte–Recorder & Accordion

For recorder and/or accordion, some discordance/loudness vs. almost lyrical.

Spot On!

Music for euphonium by composers from various countries, combining classical and jazz elements, including ney. Interesting!

George Enescu–Works for Violin and Piano

Works composed throughout his life, 1890’s up to 1940. Modern!

Le Rossignol en Amour

Harp works from the Classical era to modern–Hindemith’s especially nice! Play!


Wild, avant/garde works for sax/accordion/strings, all interesting and varied. Play/sample!

Air–Works for Horn

Attractive horn works (solo or with piano) from classical/Romantic to contemporary eras. Includes pieces  by Hindemith, Salonen, Widmann and more. Play most!

Debussy et Ses Amis

Lovely Impressionistic works for flute or transcribed, many well-known in the flute and classical repertoire by Debussy, Poulenc, Dukas and others.


Modern, abstract pieces for trumpet with accompaniment. Works by Ligeti, Hosokawa and Jolivet amongst others.

Heavy–Solo Violin

Fairly intense solo violin pieces by Abras, Doderer, Placidi and others. Avant.


Percussionist Christoph Sietzen performs a wonderful mix of modern/contemporary works for marimba or percussion. Play!

Kind of Jazz

“Classical” Jazz as composed and popularized by Gershwin, especially, and Horovitz, Schulhoff, Bernstein and others, for clarinet and piano. PLay!

Transformation–sonic.art saxophone quartet

All interesting and different, modern/contemporary works performed by sax quartet. Glazunov’s Quartet particularly beautiful. Play!

Lauda Concertata

New works for marimba and orchestra–really nice, especially those works by Sejourne!

Wies de Boeve–Double Bass

A collection of works for double bass solo or with piano from Romantic to modern composers: Bottesini, Jonegen,  Piazzolla and more. Play!

Objets Trouves–Accordion & Zither

Interesting combination of accordion and zither performing pieces from Renaissance to modern (Cage, Piazzolla, Ligeti). Play!

Different Traces–Works for Saxophone and Electronics

Fairly avant works for sax & electronics ranging between quiet works versus forceful. Try the pieces by Reich, Mache and Berio.