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20th Century Flute Sonatas

Modern flute works demonstrating the instrument’s power and ranges. Prokofiev’s piece well-known.


Flute-based Heare Ensemble plays highly varying works from classical to more avant-garde. Nice!

Breaking Waves–Music by Swedish Women Composers

These are overlooked composers of the Romantic era, gracious and lovely.

Etereo–New Music for Flute

Mostly solo flute, contemporary, some strident pieces but predominantly quiet, Helmuth’s with electronics. Play!


Baroque to modern works for flute, alto flute solo or with piano by an interesting variety of composers.


Flutist Jennie Oh Brown was inspired by her grandmothers and their survival of hardships–lyrical, fun, sad. Play!

Shadow Blues

Flute trio “Trio D’Argent” performs these works for Asian flutes with urban sounds, works by varied composers and by a member of the trio–lyrical to environmental sounds.


Modern works for flute and ensemble, mostly French composers. Nice!

Music of the British Isles

Mostly Romantic, or early modern works for flute and piano. Nice!

Flute Music from the Harlequin Years

Impressionistic flute works post WWI. Nice!

Time, Place, Spirit

Romantic and modern works for flute/piano, lilting, gracious. Play!


Beautiful Romantic and modern flute and piano pieces. Play!


Really  interesting contemporary works for flute with piano, some oboe. Play!

I Close My Eyes in Order to See

Modern works for flute and piano by American, Canadian and French composers. Play!

vento appassionato–20th Century Solo Flute Repertoire

Varied modern pieces by Hindemith, Bozza, Carter, Takemitsu and more. Play!


Argentinian and Spanish composers’ pieces transcribed for flute, gracious. Play!

Fantaisies Brillantes

A mix of pieces for flute & guitar from different eras and genres. Play!

Returning to Heights Unseen–New Music for Flute

Very abstract works for flute, electronics and sounds.

American Chamber Works for Flute

Romantic/Modern works by Griffes, Foote and Beach with strings and piano. Trks 9-14 may not play…

Debussy et Ses Amis

Lovely Impressionistic works for flute or transcribed, many well-known in the flute and classical repertoire by Debussy, Poulenc, Dukas and others.

Castillos de Viento

Contemporary works for flute + guitar ranging from staccato to very lyrical and abstract. Play!

Shadow Etchings–New Music for Flute

Except for the 1st tr., very abstract pieces, trk 4 with droning voice.

Nouvelle Vie–French Flute Music

Gracious and elegant pieces from 18th and 19th century. Play!

Shelter from the Storm

These are lovely contemporary and modern flute pieces except for Bach’s. Play!


Mostly modern solo flute pieces by Brazilian composers. Play!