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Yes…It’s A Thing!–New Music for Flute and Guitar

Lovely, contemporary, world premiere recordings. Play!

Music for Flute and Guitar

Varied composers, mostly contemporary, one modern with works for guitar & flute or solo guitar, lyrical, staccato, plucking, lots of quiet, slow, ambience. Play!

Siempre Vivo!

Beautiful pieces  performed by flute and guitar, by Latin American composers with traditional forms and rhythms. Play!

Crossings–Flute & Guitar

Transcriptions for flute and guitar of pieces across musical eras Romantic to modern. Play!

Aaron White and Anthony Wakeman-Handprints of Our People

New Age/Native..with Anthony Wakeman (Pottawatomi& Ogalala Lakota) playing  Native American Flute made by Aaron White.  Aaron White plays acoustic guitar and the blend is beautiful.  track 4 has an undercurrent of Bass… Play:Tracks 3&5&11 (sweet)