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Fresh Ink

Contemporary, abstract works for clarinet/saxophone duo. Play!

Tollan: Mexican Works for Oboe

Some very nice contemporary works for oboe! Play!

Kindred Spirits

Robust, varying pieces from a range of eras.


Really  interesting contemporary works for flute with piano, some oboe. Play!


Works for and transcriptions of pieces, baroque to new for saxophone quartet, varied.

Philippe Gaubert–Ballade

Early 1900’s works, clearly Impressionistic, gracious, lovely flute pieces. Play!

Step Inside: New American Music for Saxophone & Percussion

Rogue Two performs as a wonderful duo of sax & percussion–all contemporary. Play!


Contemporary works for oboe and ensemble. Interesting variety, play most!

Zoomorphs–Chamber Music with Marimba and Percussion

Fun pieces for marimba with wind band, flute or horns. Play!


Symphony band music featuring winds, and some voice to female poet’s works. Some nice pieces!

Devils Garden/Angels Landing

Lovely, contemporary works for marimba and saxophone. Play most!

Lessons of the Sky

One modern and other contemporary works for sax and piano ranging from gracious to intense. Play!

Zamiki–Music for Solo Marimba

Beautiful, contemporary works, a variety of styles, Asian, Classical, ragtime. Play!

Kansha–Clarinet Works

A collection of works for clarinet, solo or with piano, koto and/or ensemble. Trks 12 & 13 have narration, either in English or Japanese. Play most!


Works for violin and piano by American composers, quite varied (Ives, Bolcolm, Schoenfield and one transcription by Yngie Malmsteen!) Nice!

Zones–Philadelphia Percussion Project Vol. II

Fairly abstract, almost avant-garde works for percussion. Gauger’s nice marimba/vibraphones, bells, etc.