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Henryk Gorecki–Symphony No. 3 “Symphony of Sorrowful Songs”

As the title infers, sad, beautiful orchestra works for soprano. Sample!

All We Are – Sunny Hills

Sunny Hills is the Sophomore album from British band All We Are. This album moves towards dance-punk with an atmospheric, melodic sound and shoegaze guitars. There are some good singles early on, but the album really picks up towards the end with “Youth” and “Waiting”. Play: 1, 2 3, 7, 8 FCC Clean (2 is […]

Little Cub – Still Life

Debut album from alternative synth pop trio from London, who first received attention for their excellent single “Breathing Space” (included on this album). Many of these songs can be a little repetitive, especially since the choruses in a lot of the songs consist of repeating the same line over and over. What sets Little Cub […]

Joe Goddard-Electriclines

Electriclines is the debut solo album from producer Joe Goddard. Goddard has been around for awhile (he was a member of Hot Chip, one half of 2 Bears and is a songwriter, producer, DJ and co-founder of the Greco-Roman label). You can hear some of 2 Bears hear, the music is a mix of Synth […]

Dirty Projectors – Dirty Projectors

Latest album from the art-rock band led by Dave Longstreth, most famous for their critically acclaimed 2009 album Bitte Orca. The entire album is inspired by his breakup with former collaborator Amber Coffman (lead vocalist on Dirty Projectors’ most well known song “Stillness is the Move”). The lyrics reflect the emotional toll of the end […]

Austra – Future Politics

Future Politics is the third album from Austra, a group fronted by singer/songwriter Katie Stelmanis. Austra started out as a synth pop project but has evolved to include more band members and add more instruments to the mix. The one constant is Stelmanis’ operatic vocals. The lyrics on this album are inspired by political turmoil […]

The Range-Potential

Potential is an album from artist The Range. The album is based on early YouTube snippets of up and coming artists “expressing themselves unfettered by the constraints of the industry”. The music itself has a Bass Music vibe to it with elements of Hip Hop, Electro Pop and R&B with vocals provided by these previously […]

Bob Moses-Days Gone By

Days Gone By is the latest work from the duo, Bob Moses. The album is a mix of Minimal Techno, Berlin Techno and Alternative Dance. The album has a sleek, slightly mysterious feel to it and the tracks draw you in with both the beats and the vocals. RIYD: Broken Bells, Jon Hopkins Tracks: All […]

Bob Moses- Talk

Talk is a four track single from the duo Bob Moses. The original edit has a mix of Tribal Techno and Minimal Techno. The remixes have a similar vibe with a nice variety to the tracks. Tracks: All Good


Georgia’s self-titled debut is a rooted in Pop Dance but has a very gritty edge to it with elements of Dubstep, Bass Music and Tribal Techno. The artist wrote, played and produced the album on her own and this album reveals these talents. Tracks: 2,6,9 FCC: 5

LA Priest-Inji

Inji is the debut from artist LA Priest. The music is based in Funk and Soul with some Disco elements but like Clarence Clarity, LA Priest has taken these elements and tweaked them to give them a funky bizarreness. Even though the music is a little tweaky and some tracks just aren’t that good, most […]

Bob Moses-All In All

All in All is the latest from the duo known as Bob Moses. The music is a mix of Minimal Techno and Alternative Dance with some similarities to Broken Bells and Jon Hopkins. The music has a smooth mid-tempo groove that will get your fingers snapping and your toes tapping. RIYD: Jon Hopkins, Broken Bells […]

Jon Hopkins-Asleep Version

Asleep Versions is a four track ep from Jon Hopkins. The tracks are reworked versions of Immunity, Form By Firelight, Breathe This Air and Open Eye Signal from his Immunity album. The tracks (as the ep name implies) are very mellow, somber Ambient tracks with solemn vocals. Even though the tracks are separate it is […]

Archie Bronson Outfit — Wild Crush

Fourth album by this British group, guitar- and synth-driven on a spectrum from guttural blues to airy psychedelia with generally catchy tunes. Compelling vocals, harmonized or distorted to further the psych effect. Reminiscent of Zeppelin and Pink Floyd! Play: 2, 4, 5, 9 RIYL: Woods, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd

Bob Moses-First To Cry

First to Cry is a three track single from Bob Moses. The single contains two versions of I Ain’t Gonna Be The First To Cry and the track Grace. The music is smooth Electro Rock with a Downtempo vibe. RIYD: Wild Cub Tracks: All Good

Jon Hopkins-We Disappear 12″

We Disappear 12” is a three track single from Jon Hopkins. The disc contains two versions of We Disappear plus the track Abandon Window. The tracks are Minimal Techno with an ethereal feel to them. Tracks: All Good

Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action

Franz Ferdinand’s 4th album “Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action” is pretty darn good. Get your scottish brit rock on with these guys. FCC: #2 PLAY: 1, 5, 10 RYL: The National ###

Hot Chip-Dark and Stormy

The latest from Hot Chip is titled Dark and Stormy. The music is a mix of Synth Dance and EDM with elements of Jazz, Tropicalia, and Electro Rock. The music bounces around a bit but is anchored in the synth sound. The album won’t blow you away but it is a solid effort from Hot […]

Jon Hopkins-Open Eye Signal

Open Eye Signal is a single from Jon Hopkins. The disc contains the radio edit, the original version and four remixes. The original is a glitch, Minimal Techno track and the remixes have a similar Minimal Techno feel. More great music from Jon Hopkins. Tracks: All Good


Olympia is an album from the Toronto based band Austra. The music is a mix of Alternative, Gothic, and New Wave. The music has a modern sound but you definitely hear the influence of New Wave bands from the 80’s like Yaz or Tom Tom Club. Striking vocals from Katie Stelmanis adds potency to the […]

Braids-In Kind/Amends

In Kind/Amends is a four track 12” from Montreal based band Braids. The music is a mix of Art Rock, experimental Indie Rock and Folktronica. The music is very mellow and lush with vocals provided by Blue Hawaii’s Raphaelle Standell-Preston. The tracks range from five to seven minutes giving the listener time to really feel […]

John Hopkins-Immunity

Jon Hopkins’ fourth solo album is titled Immunity. This album has a dark and powerful sound, full of glitch and heavy beats but also has sleek synths and haunting ambient backdrops. Hopkins has been around for a while and has worked with many different artists and you can hear these influences in the music. Eno-esque […]