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Ogre- Thrice As Strong

Ogre– Thrice As Strong Release date: 2019Oct25 Label- Cruz del Sur Rating: 5/5 Rejoice, for Ogre have returned. The Future is an epic doom rocker from start to finish. Hive Mind channels Deep Purple with a touch of blues. Big Man is smoky smooth  with a touch of punk drums. Judgement Day wags a sonic middle finger with merciless […]

Captain Crimson- Remind

Captain Crimson– Remind Release date: 2016Oct14 Label: Small Stone Rating: 4/5 This is not the first time that I’ve reviewed anything from Captain Crimson (2012’s Dancing Madly Backwards was excellent). Remind has a lot of offer, starting with “Bells from the Underground”, which rolls with dripping grunge-lite hooks and catchy tempos. “Love Street” is full of bluesy […]

Siena Root- Pioneers

Siena Root– Pioneers Release date: 2014Nov18 Label: Cleopatra Rating: 4/5 RIYL: Deep Purple, Iron Butterfly, Blue Oyster Cult FCC: None Try: All Siena Root hail from Stockholm, playing laid back stoner rock with a heavy Deep Purple and Iron Butterfly influence. The former of which shows in the smoky hooks of “Between The Lines”. “7 […]

Driven Rise

Riotgod– Driven Rise Release date: 2014Mar18 Label: Metalville Rating: 3.5/5 When I reviewed Riotgod‘s debut back in 2010, I was blown away by the fact that it sounded so much like Monster Magnet due to Jim Baglino on bass and Bob Pantella on drums. Baglino has since been replaced by Eric Boe on bass.”Drive Rise” […]


Corsair– Self Titled Release date: 2012Apr21 Label: Shadow Kingdom Records Rating: 3.5/5 Corsair hail from Charlottesville, VA and play what can only be described as hard rock with a strong 70s influence to it. “Agathrysi” sets the atmosphere with warm, fuzzy hooks. “Chaemera” is highly reminiscent of Blue Oyster Cult in delivery and structure. “Gryphon […]

Ogre- Seven Hells

Ogre– Seven Hells Release date: 2013Mar05 Label: self Rating: 4.5/5 Ogre is a little known band out of Portland, Maine that were heavily influenced by Deep Purple, Pentagram and Black Sabbath among others. Seven Hells is actually a re-release as the 2007 original was pressed by Leafhound Records. “Dogmen (of Planet Earth)” is what I […]