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Neils Viggo Bentzon–Piano Works

Abstract, contemporary solo piano, varied.


Icelandic accordion pieces, modern. Lots of slow starts.

Matias Vestergard–Idylls, Elegies

Very abstract works for strings from a Danish composer who is quite popular.

Bent Sorensen–The Island in the City

Both lyrical and intense works, microtonal influences, varied, for orchestra.

Arvo Part–Wherever I Go…

Beautiful works performed on electric guitar. Play!

Niels Rosing-Schow–A Talk of Our Time

Abstract pieces with saxophone, flute, piano, strings.

Niels Ronsholdt–Archive of Emotions & Experiences Book I

Fast, tinkling, abstract piano works, mostly short.

Ib Glindemann–Concertos

Known as a jazz composer, these are classical works for orchestra and they sound like a composer of movie music, TV etc. Sort of “light classical”.

Vagn Holmboe–String Quartets Vol. 1

Strong, vibrant string quartets, all modern

Sunleif Rasmussen–Andalag

Contemporary works. A fair amount of string tension, varying, with winds, or viola.

New Nordic Piano Music

Abstract, modern (1960’s-80’s) solo piano, lots of staccato and rhythmic variations. Play most!

Fini Henriques–Piano Pieces

Works from the late 19th cent. to early 20th cent. with that “salon” sound. Nice!

Connect–electronic works for guitar

Classical guitarist Jakob Bangso here performs pieces manipulated with electronics, a mix of lyrical and avant-garde. \

Hans Abrahamsen–10 Preludes, Six Pieces

Modern, abstract originals and some transcriptions of Satie and Nielsen for string ensemble.

EKKOZONE Performs Karsten Fundal

Avant-garde works for percussion, sax and/or piano ranging from ominous/weird to accessibly modern.

Mogens Christensen–Busy Bees and Birds–Works for Recorder

Contemporary works for recorder, most inspired by birds as the title suggests. Not the usual recorder sound. Play!

Rued Langgaard–String Quartets Vol. 3

Pieces from 1914 on, romantic, gracious but sad, reflecting the composer’s failed love.

Jorgen Jersild–Chamber Music

Interesting contemporary works for strings, or piano or wind. Play!

Phantasmagoria–Danish Piano Trios

These are examples of Danish modernism, post 1960’s. Abstract. Abrahamsen most lyrical.