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Annapolis Brass Quintet

From Baroque to contemporary, varied brass pieces.

Cool Tunes for the Big Bassoon

Varied classical/jazz for bassoon with piano.


The Annapolis Brass Quintet performs varied pieces, from Baroque to modern, transcriptions and originals for brass quintet.

The Voxman Project

Varied music for sax, winds, strings–modern, contemporary or Broadway.

Johann Peter Muller–Woodwind Quintets 1,2, & 3

Classical/Romantic works for wind quintet. Lovely!


Modern and contemporary sax + piano. Nice!

James Campbell, Clarinet

Classical era to modern, works for clarinet and piano. Play!

Christopher Leuba, Horn

Gracious, modern works for horn and piano. Play!

Fine Arts Brass Quintet

Originally releases in 1980, modern works, varied. Play!

Bhavani’s Oboe

Modern works for oboe with flute and/or piano. Nice mix!


Contemporary works for trumpet and organ, a truly classical combination–both intense and lovely.

Tribute to John Cerminaro

Mostly slow, lyrical horn pieces, modern, a variety of composers.

Trumpeter Extraordinaire–Steve Thomas

Decidedly modern, abstract trumpet pieces with accompaniment, interesting and unexpected. Play!

Los Angeles Brass Quintet

Brass works through time–Baroque and on. Modern pieces nice!

Brass Roots

Nice mix of pieces from robust to lyrical (w/ harp)– play!

Snapshots–Trumpet Pieces

Anthony Plog performs works by Hovhaness, Bozza, Reynolds and others in an exploration of modern trumpet duets (trumpet, piano, organ, voice). Varying styles. Play!

Mille Morte–Recital Pieces for Bassoon and Piano

Quite a varied collection of works, most of them modern a few from an older era. Chihara’s are great!


Pieces for wind quintet from a range of eras but reflecting modernity. Play!

Trumpets in the Baroque

Trumpet with organ (not an instrument that I appreciate) in these Baroque pieces by Bach, Albinoni, Telemann and others. Slower pieces meditative.

International Connections Vol. 2

The Verdehr Trio (violin, piano, clarinet) commissioned or had re-arranged all of these pieces for them. Contemporary  and varying in style ( Asian, Impressionistic, Latin). Play!

Double Concertos for Violin & Clarinet

Nice mix of contemporary works for violin/clarinet/orchestra. Play!

Kenneth Tse and the Mi-Bemol Saxophone Ensemble

A mix of well-known and not so well-known works performed by large sax ensemble (21 saxes!) Play most!

The Verdehr Trio–American Images Vol. 7

Commissioned works, rather abstract, and intense, except for the work by Gershwin (included because that work was the encore for their final concert in 2015). Play most!

Some Measures for Living

Contemporary works for flute and piano, varied, mostly gracious, very melodic. Play!

American Webster

The Webster Trio plays works by American composers, all contemporary, for flute, clarinet and piano. Nice and varied. Play!