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Cardinal’s Folly/Lucifer’s Fall- Split

Cardinal’s Folly/Lucifer’s Fall- Split Release date: 2019Mar22 Label: Cruz del Sur Rating: 4/5 I never would have expected to see a release like this with 3 tracks from Cardinal’s Folly (Finland) and 2 tracks from Lucifer’s Fall (Australia). Walvater! Proclaimed plods to thundering, foreboding riffs. Spiritual North is crushing, merciless doom. Sworn Through Odin & Satan’s […]

King Heavy- Guardian Demons

King Heavy– Guardian Demons Release date: 2018Jun22 Label: Cruz del  Sur Rating: 4.5/5 My first exposure to Chile’s King Heavy was from their self-titled release in 2015. They’ve only gotten better. Guardian Demons crashes the gates with thick, dirty doom, a sign of things to come. Doom Shall Rise with sinister riffage and epic drums. Fucking right! Come My […]

Apostle of Solitude- Of Woe and Wounds

Apostle of Solitude– Of Woe and Wounds Release date: 2014Oct31 Label: Cruz del Sur FCC: Check Try: 1,3,4,5,7,9 Rating: 4/5 For reasons unknown, Apostle of Solitude didn’t show up on my radar until now. “Distance and the Cold Heart” serves as a sorrowful intro (and finale). “Whore’s Wings” lashes out with dirty licks. In a […]