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George Crumb–Makrokosmos I-III

Abstract, forceful works for amplified piano, percussion, some voice. “III” quite lyrical. Play!

George Crumb– Metamorphoses (Book I)

Solo piano pieces inspired by famous paintings and “five pieces for piano”. Play most!

George Crumb–Vol. 18

Alternately raucous, abstract pieces half with voice, other pieces for piano playful, jazzy.

George Crumb Edition Vol. 17

Both traditional and modern, these pieces are predominantly voice with instruments. Trk 2 is flute & percussion. Interesting music!

David Crumb–Red Desert

Contemporary pieces for a variety of instruments/mixes (piano solo, clarinet, bassoon, violin and ensemble with percussion, strings and horns). Play most! Trk 6 busier.

George Crumb–Complete Crumb Edition, vol. 16

Songs with lovely soprano or baritone with accompaniment of Lorca’s eerie “voices” and Crumb’s mix of native, avant and folk songs from his American Songbook