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EGO is an album from artist RAC (pronounced ar-aye-see). The music is super smooth and is a mix of EDM and Indie Dance. Most of the tracks feature a guest artist (including Rivers Cuomo from Weezer) providing good variety and keeps the hour-plus album from getting stale. RIYD: Classixx, Holy Ghost! Tracks: 3,4,7,8,11,14

Tiga-Blondes Have More Fun

Tiga’s track Blondes Have More Fun has been remixed. The disc contains the original edit plus three remixes. All the tracks are Dance based, upbeat and dance floor friendly. Tracks: All Good

Pional-When Love Hurts

The latest from Spanish artist Pional is titled When Love Hurts. The music has the standard mix of Synth Dance, some Pop thrown in and the trendy Electro R&B. However, Pional has taken these elements and actually made something that’s creative and interesting to listen to. This is an album well worth checking out. RIYD: […]


Animal is the debut album from French artist Fakear. The music has a Downtempo Soul vibe to it and the songs have a nice mid-tempo pace so it’s upbeat but not too much. There’s also some Asian influences mixed in adding to the depth of the music. Overall a pretty smooth album. RIYD: Flume, Bonobo […]

Tiga-No Fantasy Required

The latest from Montreal based artist Tiga is an album titled No Fantasy Required. Tiga has been called “the godfather of dance” and this album certainly proves that statement. It’s bubbly and fun like on the track “3 Rules” but also has more “serious tracks like “Planet E” and “No Fantasy Required”. The music is […]

Submotion Orchestra-In Gold

In Gold is a remix disc from Submotion Orchestra. The disc contains the original edit plus seven remixes with genres including EDM, World Electronica, Electro Funk, and IDM. There’s a good variety here so there’s something for everyone. Tracks: 1,2,6,8

Autograf-Future Soup

Future Soup is the debut EP from the Chicago trio Autograf. The music is a smooth mix of EDM with an Ambient Dance vibe to it. A solid debut from this Midwest trio. RIYD: ODESZA, Kygo Tracks: All Good

ODESZA-It’s Only Remixes

It’s Only from ODESZA has been remixed. The disc contains five remixes from 20syl, Kania, LuQuS, RUFUS DU SOL, and Fei Fei. The music is mostly EDM but smooth and good to jam to. Tracks: All Good

Submotion Orchestra-Colour Theory

The latest from Submotion Orchestra is titled Colour Theory. The album is a mix Ambient and Electro-Jazz with a super smooth lounge-y vibe. The album has a metropolitan feel and is great to chill out to. RIYD: Portico, The Cinematic Orchestra Tracks: All Good

Autograf-Metaphysical Remixes

Chicago trio Autograf’s track Metaphysical has been remixed. Some of the remixing artists are Daktil, Teenage Mutants, Ambassadeurs, and Eau Claire are some of the remixing artists. The music is pretty much EDM but there is a pretty good mix here. Tracks: 4,6,8

Maribou State-Portraits Remixed

Maribou State’s album Portraits has been remixed. The music ranges from Synth Dance, Lounge, Ambient Dance and Downtempo. There’s a good amount of variety here and the tracks all have a nice smoothness to them. Tracks: 2,3,5,7,8,9

Yppah-Tiny Pause

An organic mix of Ambient, Jazz, Rock and Alternative. The tracks have a nice, fluid feelto them. RIYD: Bonobo, Bibio, Tycho Tracks: 3,4,6,9

ODESZA-In Return

The latest from ODESZA is a double disc album titled In Return. The music is pretty much Electro-Pop but has more depth than a lot of what’s out there right now. The music blends several genres together as well mixing Ambient, Dubstep and Electro Hop into the Pop sound. The album won’t blow your sock […]

Maribou State-Portraits

Portraits is the debut from Maribou State. The music is a smooth mix of Synth Dance with Pop aspects and has a similar sound to Junior Boys. Several vocalists appear on the album and their vocals match the smoothness of the music. The album is a bit on the mellow side but there are some […]

Howling-Sacred Ground

Sacred Ground is the full length debut from the duo Howling. The music is a mix of Electro Goth, Ambient Dance and Emo Rock. The vocals are haunting as is the music which also has a darkness threaded into the tracks. Even though there is that darkness the music has an upbeat tempo which adds […]

Howling-Stole The Night

Stole the Night is a single from Howling. The single contains the original edit which is a mix of Ambient Dance and Emo Rock plus three remixes which are more Dance based. The tracks are upbeat yeat dark and mysterious. RIYD: The Acid Tracks: All Good


Signs is a single from the duo Howling. The album contains the original edit plus four remixes. The original edit has an Ambient Rock vibe with an Emo Rock undercurrent to it and the remixes are similar and have an Ambient Dance vibe to them. Overall the tracks have a dark, metropolis edge to them […]

Submotion Orchestra-Alium

Alium is the latest work from Submotion Orchestra. The music is a mix of Jazz, Downtempo and Atmospheric Bass Music with velvety, smooth vocals. A good chillout album. RIYD: Massive Attack Tracks: 1,2,4,7,10