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Automatisme-Momentform Accumulations

Momentform Accumulations is the latest work from Quebec artist Automatisme. The music could be described as IDM (a genre that’s starting to strain at it’s seams) but really you do hear more complex sounds here with a heavy mechanical feel to the music. You have elements of Drone, Ambient, and Minimal Techno. The sound itself […]

[PHYSICS]-Only Forever

Only Forever is an album from [PHYSICS]. The music is a mix of Minimal Ambient, IDM, and Experimental. The music has been described as “retrofuturism” which is a good way to describe it. It has Steampunk elements mixed in with a futuristic alien vibe that makes it bizarre yet very intriguing and engaging to listen […]

Opaline-Memory Drain

Memory Drain is an album from Opaline. The music is a mix of IDM and Ambient and has a futuristically technological feel with a touch of dreaminess mixed in. Perhaps this is what it sounds like when a robot is dreaming. RIYD: Xepter Rose Tracks: All Good

Xepter Rose-Selenitic Landscapes

Selenitic Landscapes is an album from Xepter Rose. The music is Ambient and has an outer space feel to it and there are added effects giving the music a magical, alien feel. This seems like music you would hear on a distant planet with exotic, bizarre plants, perhaps there is more than one sun you […]

Nights & Tickets-Actually I Really Hate Summer

Actually I Really Hate Summer is an album from Nights & Tickets. The album is fairly short, 8 tracks in twenty minutes with the longest track barely under four minutes. The music has an Experimental Electro-Hop vibe and is pretty far out on the musical spectrum. The album is not easy to listen to but […]

Kara-Lis Coverdale-480

A 480 is an album from Kara-Lis Coverdale. The music is Ambient with a minimal, repetitive vibe that has an almost hypnotic feel. On this album the repetition is either going to hook you in or completely push you away. Listen for yourself and decide. RIYD: The Field (if he did Ambient)

Greyghost-Meditations on Mindfulness

Meditations on Mindfulness is an album from Greyghost. The music is super mellow Ambient with long, slow, sparse yet rich tones that drift and float. As the album’s title suggests, this album is good for quiet contemplation freed from the hectic, franticness of daily life. Except for the title track which is just over two […]

555-Swan River Yogue

Swan River Yogue is an album from 555. Signed to the Constellation Tatsu label, which produces mostly super mellow Ambient, Swan River Yogue is no different. The tracks are very mellow and dreamy and drift and float along at a leisurely pace. Take a trip down this peaceful river and let your mind wander. RIYD: […]

Sawi Lieu – Pasaraya (Constellation Tatsu)

This artist from Jakarta, Indonesia has created an abstract masterpiece using electronica as his palate, synth sounds as a brush, & white noise as his canvas. Hard to fathom? So is his juxtaposition of beautiful & unsettling; what might happen next is completely unpredictable, but that can also be captivating….  Filed in RPM. Label homepage: […]