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a la Bama–New Violin Duos

Miolina violin duo performs contemporary pieces, lyrical to tense.

Payton MacDonald–Modules

Meandering, avant marimba w/ electric guitar/ drums. Play!

Christoph Enzel–Rosary

Smooth, ambient, mostly sax forward pieces, occasional strings, vocals. Play!

Gene Pritsker–Eclectic Music Extravaganza Live

Wild, genre-mixing avant with jazz, classical, rock and electronic, shout voice. Trk 7 FCC in title at least. Lyrics were difficult for me to understand.

Payton MacDonald–Solo Marimba Commissions Vol. 2

Five marimba pieces, varying in style and length. Play!

The Breath

Modern accordion with electronics. Play!

New Jersey Percussion Ensemble at 50 Vol. 1

Concertos ranging from lyrical, percussive and zany. Play!

Gene Pritsker’s Sound Liberation–Rite Through an Eclectic s

The Rites of Spring in Pritsker’s wildly creative adaptation–raucous, jazz/classical/avant/rock.


Works for two violins ranging from squeaky, plucky to lyrically rhythmic. Play most!

Gene Pritsker–Melodies Alone Can Proudly Carry Their Own Death

Avant chamber pieces for solo, duo and trio instruments. Play most!


Contemporary works featuring trumpet, sax, piano and bass! Play!

Mixed Doubles–Unforced Errors

Contemporary, classical guitar duets, improvised. Play!


Pianist Jai Jeffryes asked for contemporary solo piano works and received 100’s of pieces. These are the works he found most intriguing. Mostly graceful. Play!

Naked Singularity–Killer Tuba Songs Vol. 2

Jay Rozen continues his exploration of new tuba music, solo and with a variety of instruments. Includes Zappa’s familiar Peaches en Regalia! Play!

Emily Doolittle–All Spring

Abstract chamber pieces with winds, piano, strings, many subdued. Some have a slow, very quiet beginning. Play most!

Charlie Rauh–Innocent Speller

Electric guitar, quiet, ambient–nice!

Borislav Strulev–Cello Show

Russian cellist who has ideas of mixing cello sounds with hip-hop, spoken voice, electronics, etc. and the result is “crossover” with an edge. Most music was composed by Vadim Pitsunov.


Really interesting new or arranged works for violin and cello by various composers, Villa-Lobos, Pritsker, Schnittke and others plus one composed by the violinist. Play!

Trio Amalgamate (Composers Concordance) “Trio Amalgamate”

With more than 400 compositions spanning many genres and projects, boundary dissolving guitarist Pritsker and cohorts bring many moods/colors to this electric guitar / elec. 7 string ┬ábass / drums session. Wide Net Fusion. ┬áCompositions by all three players with help from Mozart (yeah, that one) on #3 which also features the disc’s only vocal […]

Samplestra–The Electro-Acoustic Music of Gene Pritsker

Unclassifiable due to its wide range of avant/classical/jazz and rock amalgams. Interesting! Try 2, 6, 7, 8, and especially 9 for classical/avant. Trks 10 + 14 rock.