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John Luther Adams–houses of the wind

Using sounds recorded in Alaska, aeolian harp droning.

Chas Smith–Three

Ambient, machine sounds on self-designed/built instruments.

John Luther Adams–Arctic Dreams

Ambient, haunting vocals & strings inspired by the Arctic tundra. Play!

Jacob Cooper–Sunrise

Murmuring voices, later some piano/violin/flute.

Peter Garland–three dawns and bush radio calling

Staccato, minimalist solo piano, abstract vs. lyrical. Play most!

John Luther Adams–lines made by walking

Two long string quartets inspired by walking the world–droning, ambient.

Matt Sargent–Separation Songs

Based on hymns of William Billings (1770), Baroque yet contemporary string quartets with over dub.. Sample!

Robert Carl–Splectra

Harp and digital effects–nice! Sample!

Michael Byron–Bridges of Pearl and Dust

One 15 min. piece for vibraphone, with minimalist elements, yet traveling and changing. Play!

MIchael John Fink–Celesta

Beautiful, very lyrical, quiet celesta pieces. Play all!

Michael Byron–Fabric for String Noise

Two parts of “Fabric for String Noise” aptly titled– violins are squeaky, almost discordant. The 3rd piece, “Dragon Rite” for double bass is droning, minimalist.

Peter Garland–Moon Viewing Music (Inscrutable Stillness Studies #1)

These are slow, ambient, similar, restful pieces for gongs and tam-tam, as the subtitle suggests. Play!

John Luther Adams–Everything That Rises

One single piece for strings, ambient, building slowly over time. Sample!

Daniel Lentz–River of 1000 Streams

28 min. piano piece with layered echos. Ranges from droning to clear. Sample.

Larry Polansky–freeHorn

Electric guitar with other instruments (horns, piano cello). Play or sample!

Stephen Whittington–Windmill

A mix of pieces for string quartet, mostly quite accessible and modern!

Erik Griswold–Ecstatic Descent

One long piece for prepared piano (bolts, screws, rubber, paper, cardboard) utilizing the whole keyboard and its percussive ability.

Nicholas Chase–Bhajan

Electric violin with computer and electronics–very spacey and sci-fi! Sample!

Chas Smith–Twilight of the Dreamboats

One long ambient, piece with metal sound sculptures and guitar. Sample.

Michael Byron–In the Village of Hope

One 22 minute piece for harp, slowly building. Sample.

Peter Garland–After the Wars

A mix of pieces for solo piano–trk 1 is forceful, other tracks quieter and more lyrical.

John Luther Adams–The Wind in High Places

Mr. Adams’ follow-up to his Pulitzer winning album Become Ocean, is also minimalist, eerie, dark and beautiful. String quartet with cello ensemble, only open strings used in an attempt to copy the Aeolian harp. Play!

Daniel Lentz–In the Sea of Ionia

Mostly gracious, elegant, flowing and delicate piano pieces that build rhythmically. Sample or play most!

Michael Jon Fink–From a Folio

Mysterious, slow, sad works for cello & piano. Beautiful! Play!

Thomas Newman & Rick Cox–35 Whirlpools Below Sound

Mostly very short avant-garde works for a variety of instruments (piano, cello, prepared guitar, voice, metals) and sounds (wind, cars, water) ranging from noisy to eerie to lyrical.