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Nathalie Joachim–Fanm d’Ayiti

Haitian/American composer/flutist/vocalist with classical/electronic/folk melange works. Play!

Cihan Turkoglu–Beyond the Borders

Beautiful, traditional works for ney, cello, voice–lyrical. Play!

Cormac Byrne and Adam Summerhayes–Stone Soup

Fiddles, Indian strings, percussion works with Indian, Middle Eastern, and Irish folk elements. Play!

Eleni Karaindrou–Tous des Oiseaux

Ethereal, gorgeous, sad pieces for a play and a film dealing with the Isreali/Palestinian conflict, with voice, Middle Eastern and Western instruments. Play all!

Maithree–The Music of Friendship

Indian instruments influence some non-Indian pieces, or perform modern Indian works. Play!

Costas–Works for Guitar & Flute

Hispanic/Latin pieces, a mix of originals and transcriptions including cultural elements of Moorish, Sephardic, etc. Play!

Music of David Loeb–Musica Transcpacifica

Combining Western & Japanese voice and instruments, decidedly Asian in tone. Play!

Travelogue–Music of David Loeb

Traditional instruments from around the world used in contemporary pieces, abstract. Play!

John King–Free Palestine

Middle Eastern strings, both intense and quiet. Nice!

Zhen Chen–Ergo

Highly lyrical, beautiful pieces with piano, pipa, erhu and/or voice. Play!

Wayne Vitale & Brian Baumbusch–Mikrokosma

Contemporary gamelan, breaking the traditional rules. Play!


Arcomusical is promoting, researching and composing new music for berimbau, the Afro-Brazilian string instrument. This CD is described as a chamber music cycle, but is very suitable for world programming. Play all!


Combining viola (western/classical) and percussion performing commissioned works celebrating Jalal al-din Rumi’s poetry and “deep listening”. Poetry is in liner notes, live in performances. Pieces by Ziporyn, Satoh, Ljova and others. Play!

The Universal Flute

Ethereal, gracious works by Cowll, Matsumara, Brown and others for Asian instruments. Trk 5 with voice is faster. Play most! Suitable for world programming.

Nedudim–Fifth House Ensemble + Baladino and Dan Visconti

Lovely mix of folk, traditional Ladino,  raga, blues and contemporary classical elements! Play, play, play!

Thimios Atzakas–Music for Oud and Ensemble

Wonderful works for oud, solo and with ensemble, mostly original and Middle Eastern, one Satie cover. Play!


A lovely mix of Arab and classical/folk traditions ranging from strongly Arabic to remarkably minimalist, quiet to staccato. Play!

Richard Crandell–Mbira Magic

Re-release. Gorgeous pieces for altered Zimbabwean instrument. Suitable for world programming. Play!

The Art of the Chinese Erhu

A collection of mostly traditional, beautiful Chinese works for erhu and accompaniment , either fast or slow. One transcription of Gypsy Melodies by Sarasate sounded odd to me.

Sokratis Sinopoulos–Eight Winds

Greek lyra composer and performer, these are stunningly melodic works, with piano, double bass, drums. Play, play, play!

Gustavo Leguizamon–El Cuchi Bien Temperado

Fantastic works for guitar by a composer from Salta, Argentina–traditional elements with  harmonic freedom. Play! Play! Play!

Gao Hong–Pipa Potluck–Lutes Around the World

This is a superb album, mixing traditional pipa sounds with bluegrass, Arabic and modern elements–banjo, slack key guitar, fiddle, oud, percussion and guitar in the mix. Most compositions by Gao. Play, Play Play!!

Anouhar Brahem–Souvenance

Tunisian composer Brahem has written stunning pieces for oud and string orchestra (with piano and clarinet). Play, Play Play!

Laurent Boutros–Vals for Atom

Excellent collection of works for guitar with Armenian inspiration, and Latin elements. Some works with clarinet or violin. Play! Suitable for world programming.

Between Worlds

Mandolinist Avi Avital performs mostly recognizable transcriptions of world folk & classical, accompanied with accordion, clarinet, violin etc.