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Kari Ikonen–Impressions, Improvisations & Compositions

Pure improvisations or some compositions inspired by art, blues and Japanese music. Play!

Steve Tibbetts–Life Of

Quiet, ambient guitar with cello and percussion, jazz based with classical elements. Nice!


Robert Young and group performs abstract, contemporary pieces that are a mix of classical, jazz and avant-garde. Play most!

Gene Pritsker’s Sound Liberation–Rite Through an Eclectic s

The Rites of Spring in Pritsker’s wildly creative adaptation–raucous, jazz/classical/avant/rock.

David Virelles–Gnosis

Hard to describe as this CD has pieces that are equally both classical, jazz and avant in both, with elements of Cuban music. Play!

Mette Henriette

Saxophonist Henriette’s  very interesting mix of avant works both classical and jazz, some folk even, for trio ( CD 1–sax, piano & cello) or mixed ensemble (CD 2–horns, violins, bandoneon, drums, saw…Play most! Some pieces very short.