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Richard Carr–Places I’ve Walked

Lovely, evocative works for a variety of instruments, inspired by his world-wide treks. Environmental sounds, voices in addition to instruments. Play!

Speak, Be Silent

Four contemporary composers, quiet or staccato or loud. All pieces very different.

Daniel Elms–Islandia

Electro/acoustic pieces, minimal, lyrical, all inspired by the people and places of NE England. Nice!

Jeffrey Brooks–The Passion

Three pieces for amplified large ensemble, rhythmically varying. Play/sample!

Thad Anderson–Lines & Spaces

Compositions for percussion, strings, live processing using his “duration lines” theory–building layers of sound–ambient, minimialist, nice!

Refracted Resonance

Rhythmically varying, producing interesting sounds from the guitar. Play/sample!

Hypothetical Islands

Varying works for reed quintet, ambient, flowing to staccato. Play or sample!

William Brittelle–Spiritual America

Mix of rock, chorus, electronics and song, about America.

Morton Subotnick–Vol. 4 Complete Piano Works

Varying piano pieces–some solo and lyrical, others staccato and electronic or with tape. Interesting!

Ramon Lazkano–Piano Works

Works for solo piano, multiple hands, lots of variability, some with orchestra. Play!

Jeff Morris–With Strings

Strongly electronic cello pieces–violin works range from acoustic to electronic. Play!

Nirmali Fenn– The Clash of Icicles Chamber Music

Quite a variety of rhythms, tones and instruments in very abstract works ranging from lyrical to broken and intense. Play!

James Tenney– Changes: 64 Studies for 6 Harps

Somewhat staccato, very short, and interesting abstract harp pieces. Play!

Peter Thoegersen–Three Pieces in Polytempic Polymicrotonality

Radical composer with many layered polymicrotonal synthesizer. Sample.

Poetry of Places

Nadia Shpachenko continues her pianistic explorations with new works about particular places and their traits. Some strident and abstract, others lyrical. Play!

Anton Dressler–Livemovement

Classical yet electronic clarinet works, echoing, lyrical. Excellent!

Erik Lund–Memos

Seeking to translate ideas into sound, these are highly abstract, intense works for a great variety of instruments and rhythms. Play!

David Rosenboom–Deviant Resonances

Experimental music, soundscapes with instruments/electronics, ambient and machine-like. Sample.

Scott Wollschleger–American Dream

Abstract, meandering, ambient pieces for solo piano or a mix of percussion, vibraphone, bass. Play!

Catherine Lamb–Atmospheres Transparent/Opaque

Sonic and tonal explorations,  intermingling, droning, expressing how sounds can be difficult to individualize, just like the color spectrum and its shades. The Dedalus Ensemble performs (elec. guitar, winds, strings, voice).

Chen Yi–Ba Yin (The Eight Sounds)

The Prism Quartet with the Conservatory Wind Symphony Univ. of Missouri-Kansas City perform this Asian-influenced work, both lyrical and dissonant.

Joel Grare–Des Pas Sous La Neige

Very interesting percussion works (cow bell, cymbals drums, etc.)–lyrical, and delicate predominantly. Play!

Bradford Terrence Ellis–Tooka-Ood Zasch

Prism Quartet and Mr. Ellis perform this one piece–jungle sounds morph into sax quartet with drums and marching band like rhythms continuing to  change into other sound patterns.


Cellist Saeunn Thorstensdottir plays these very abstract solo pieces by Icelandic composers. Plucking, squeaking and other sounds. Halgrimsson’s lyrical. Play!

Just National Guitar

John Schneider performs these great just intonation pieces by Lou Harrison, Tom Johnson and others. Yate’s works more folk, with voice.