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Time Phrase Trio

Abstract works composed collaboratively for trombone, guitar, electronics and percussion. Play!

Augustin Braud–Contremouvement

For varied instruments, abstract, fragmented, and interesting!

Sam Hayden–Solos/Duos

Abstract, for varied winds, strings, interesting with abrupt stops, rhythmic changes.

Emilie Cecilia LeBel–Field Studies

Interesting, abstract works for instruments/electronics, long.

John Cage–Sonatas & Interludes

Works for prepared piano (inserted objects, wood, erasers, etc under the strings) resulting in a toy-piano sound, composed from 1946-1948. Abstract.

Rough Magic

Interesting, abstract choral works.

These are works composed in the style of other composers but in microtones. Nice!

Breathing, Remembering, Dissolving

The Kukuruz Quartet composed of 2 pianos and 4 pianists perform commissioned works, abstract, highly varied. Some with tape.

Giorgio Colombo Taccani–Watcher

Abstract works built on fragments of other works, various instruments.

I Dreamed of Invisible Journeys

Kevin Kastning and Mark Wingfield perform improvisations for 36 contra guitar (and others) with electric guitar.

Steve Reich–The String Quartets

Fairly intense works with voice about 9/11.

Alex Temple–Behind the Wallpaper

Spoken/sung songs + string quartet.

Alvin Lucier–Swing Bridge & Sizzles

With organ and orchestra, drone pieces, reflecting the energy from the sounds of the organ.

Kevin Kastning & Laszlo Gardony–Levitation I

Improvisations for piano and 36 string contra guitar. Abstract and lyrical.

Collin J. Rae–Pandemia

Very dissonant works with synthesizers reflecting the pandemic.

Avenue 64

Co-improvisations by 3 musician/composers (William Roper, Cassia Streb & Tim Feeney)–abstract sounds with bones, bells, glasses, spoken word…

Ekphrastic Discourse

Improvisations by three musicians/composers: James Ilgenfritz, Sandy Ewen and Michael Foster for bass, guitar and sax, abstract to avant.

Gilbert Galindo–terrestrial journeys

Varied works, strings, percussion, piano, winds. Play!

Michael Byron–Halcyon Days

Abstract percussion/marimba or piano–play!


Voice + electronics, some instruments–a bit of dissonance but varied works.

New Mexican Music for Saxophone Quartet

Avant-garde music by Mexican composers for sax quartet–interesting sounds, meandering.

J.E. Hernandez–Voces Fantasmas

For voice + electronics + strings, songs of Mexican experience. Intense.


Varied percussion + flute works, lyrical to abstract, modern.

Bryn Harrison–three descriptions of place and movement

Long, contemporary ambient/abstract string pieces, droning.

Chaos + Contemplation

Very abstract varied works for sax + percussion, some dissonance.