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Juraj Kojs

Experimental, very abstract, from lyrical to dissonant, varied instruments & rhythms.

Emily Koh– [word]plays

Sax works, and sax quartets, microtonal. # 5 has breath.

Van Stiefel–Spirits

Electronic, multiple layered, and effects, solo guitar–excellent!

Aaron Jay Myers–Clever Machines

Interesting, highly varied in instruments, all abstract. Play most!

Doug Bielmeier–Ambient Works

As the title describes, ambient, droning computer pieces with lyricism.


Very good cello/piano/electronics, minimalist but varied rhythmically and lyrical. Play!

Sky Rings

Interesting clarinet & electronics works, slow, meandering.

James Caldwell–Pocket Music

The composer’s original compositions were using items found in his pocket. These are expanded with other non-pocket items–definitely different.

Robert Moran–Buddha Goes to Bayreuth

Chorus + chamber orchestra–long and solemn. Sample.

Tom Johnson–Counting to Seven

Counting to 7 in veery different languages, little music.

David Kechley–at the dragon’s gate

For string trio (violin, cello & piano), a mix of lyrical vs tense works, all interesting!

Lukas Ligeti–That Which Has Remained…

Improvisations/voice with percussion, clarinet and others inspired by the Jewish experience in the Warsaw ghetto–hard listening.

A Lunch Between Order and Chaos

String Noise (note the duo’s name) perform these fairly loud, intense and repetitive works for 2 violins.

Julien Boudart–Nome Polycephale

Using a Serge Modular, electronic music with a huge sound variety, sort of weird and eerie, but strong.

Julius Eastman–Femenine

Overlooked during his life, he died in 1990–abstract, bell-based works, strong and wild.

Francisco del Pino–DECIR

Songs of migration and unheard voices, both ethereal and strong, with strings, electric guitar, percussion.

Anne LeBaron–Unearthly

Variable works, some lyrical, others abrasive. A great variety of instruments, including harp!

Lavena–in your hands

Ranging from intense to lyrical, widely varying pieces by different composers.

Burned into Orange–the Music of Peter Gilbert

Varied soloists/ensembles, with some weird sounds and electronics, definitely different! Play most!

Curtis K. Hughes–TULPA

Ranging from strong vs. lyrical, abstract pieces for percussion, string ensemble, winds. Play!

Jeremy Haladyna–Pok-Ta-Pok

Subtitled “Sky Games from the Mayan Cycle’”, these are pieces inspired by the composer’s Mayan studies, and quest for Mayan music. Abstract, some eeriness, with percussion, organ, piano or harpsichord.

Alien Stories

Highly varying works–loud and squeaky to melodic. Play most!


A highly varied collections of pieces–lyrical to soundscapes, for strings, winds and electronics.

Cello Extension

Decidedly abstract works for solo cello–lots of stops, plucks, groans, with some lyricism as well.

Henning Fuchs–GAIA

Composer Fuchs celebrates nature and its changing forms in these ambient, ethereal and mostly lyrical works for Chinese instruments, flamenco guitar, violin, percussion and children’s choir. Beautiful!