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PAN Project

Combining elements of Korean, Chinese + Japanese music, all improvisations, some with voice.

Christian Wolff–3 String Quartets

String pieces with elements of Renaissance but off. Interesting!

Within the Within

Fairly abstract works for varied percussion instruments, Burtner’s more accessible.

Plays Well with Others

Works for wind trio + baritone voice (Loadbang) with strings here. Some oddness.

Cage/Feldman: Works for Piano II

Mostly lyrical piano works + flute on some, by John Cage and arranged by Morton Feldman. Play!

Jacob Cooper–Sunrise

Murmuring voices, later some piano/violin/flute.

Ceci n’est pas une Flute

Very abstract works for various voiced flutes with electronics.

Il Nuovo Contrabasso Italiano

Very abstract pieces for double bass, Italian composers.

Martin Bresnick–the Planet on the Table

Works for strings/piano–lyrical vs. strident. Performed by the Brentano String Quartet.

Ricardo Nillni–Surface

Fairly weird, abrupt works for piano, winds, strings, new works, some more accessible than others.

Forward Music Project 2.0

Amanda Gookin performs these solo cello pieces by women composers, all pushing the edges of what sounds the cello can make, some dissonance.

Karlheinz Stockhausen–MANTRA

Considered a giant of the avant-garde, this is a 1970 work for piano + electronics.

David Bird–Iron Orchid

Very abstract, almost weird electronic dronings, but interesting.

Count to Five

RECAP Percussion group performs these varied, contemporary pieces, one with voice.


Described as “cosmic electronic”, piano pieces some lyrical.

confined. speak.

Long, highly abstract but varied works for a wide variety of instruments, some with voice.


Intense, droning strings, eerie, slow to dissonant.

Roger Reynolds–Piano Etudes

Abstract etudes for solo piano. Play!

Unsnared Drum

Long, solo snare drum works, varied rhythmically, all contemporary.

Cesar Camarero–A Liquid Theater

Abstract works for varied ensembles of winds, strings, percussion.

Pamela Z–a secret code

Lots of voice, soundscapes of everyday events, conversations, typing, etc.

Susie Ibarra–Walking on Water

Very interesting, varied + lyrical soundscapes with percussion, strings, electronics–inspired by water.

Phong Tran–The Computer Room

Very weird electronic/computer pieces, and varied in sounds. Some more accessible.

Anna Thorvaldsdottir–Enigma

Spektral Quartet performs these long, ambient string works–keening, almost electronic. Sample.

Enno Poppe–Wolfgang Heiniger–Tonband

Very abstract percussion + piano + electronics.