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Joseph T. Spaniola–Escapade

Wind works for brass wind symphony, strings–varying from band like to lyrical. Play!

Oboe Rarities–Original Works for Oboe and Piano

Classical/Romantic era works. Nice!

Andrew Anderson–Piano Quartets 1 & 2

With echoes of Romanticism, contemporary, beautiful quartets. Play!


Early 20th century works for saxophone and piano, impressionistic or strong. Play!

Robert Morris–Violin and Piano Duos

Three contemporary, long works, with abrupt note shifts, silences, abstract but not dissonant. Sample!

Donnacha Dennehy–The Last Hotel

A contemporary opera about an Irish woman who wants to commit suicide with the help of an English couple. Abstract music performed by the Crash Ensemble.

Herbert Howells–Chamber Music

Influenced by the French Impressionist composers, these are elegant, modern pieces, with English folk elements. Play!

Sergei Rachmaninov–Piano Trios

Elegies by Suk, Grieg and Rachmaninov, gracious, lovely, Romantic.

Arctic Sonata

Pieces  for solo guitar by 11 varying composers, modern, abstract, lyrical or abrupt. Play!

Daniel Ott–Falling Pieces

Two contemporary pieces for two pianos, one originally for a ballet, the other an exploration of chords and  interruptions. Very short, quiet. Play!

The Guitar

A mix of Baroque and modern works/transcriptions. Play most!

David Loeb–Violin with an Asian Soul

Here the violin remarkably imitates sounds of the shakuhachi, nokhan and Balian scales. Play!

Forgotten Romantics

As title says, overlooked Romantic composers, pieces for clarinet. Lovely!

Renderings–A Musical Landscape for Violin and Harp

Inspired by specific photos of nature, mostly modern pieces, gracious.

Mass Transit–Orion Saxophone Quartet

All modern transcriptions, with different musical styles, minimalist, or dance. Works by Reich, Glass and others. Play!

Lawrence Moss–new dawn

Highly varying pieces for a variety of instruments, orchestra, and/or voice, abstract and very interesting! Play!

New Music with Guitar, Vol. 12

A mix of instrumentals, some with voice, all modern/contemporary. Play!

Endeavor–Works for Oboe and Piano

Nice mix of pieces, modern (one Romantic). Play!

Luciano Simoni–Chamber Music

Gracious, modern works for strings, piano or cimbalom. Nice!

Balkanisms–Guitar Music from the Balkans

Mostly modern/contemporary works with that eastern Slavic tonality. Play!

The Kernis Project: Debussy

Jasper String Quartet performs 1 piece by Kernis, abstract, nice, a bit intense in parts, and 1 by Debussy–impressionistic/abstract.

Stefan Wolpe–Music for Two Pianos Vol. 8

Quattro Mani performs modern music for four hands, a ballet about Moses, abstract, intense in storyline, and two basic Rows (12 tone, and intervals), one intense, the other quieter.

Swan Hennessy–Complete String Quartets 1-4

Romantic yet modern  works for string quartet. Play!

Mieczyslaw Weinberg–24 Preludes

Composed between 1960 and 1970, cello solos here transcribed for violin–tense, keening, emotional.

Simon Zochbauer–Achad

Trumpet + string quartet, modern/contemporary, varying. Nice!