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Rediscovered–British Clarinet Concertos

Strong clarinet + orchestra, all modern works.


Works by contemporary Portuguese composers for clarinet with folk elements. Play!

Francaix/Nielsen– Clarinet Concertos

Modern concertos for clarinet with orchestra, graceful to forceful. Play!

Almost All-American: 21st Century Works for Clarinet

Contemporary works for clarinet, piano, some voice. Play!


Contemporary clarinet works, meandering, lovely and varying. Play!

Clarinet Classics at Riversdale

Nice collection of works from classical era on to modern. Play!

Forgotten Romantics

As title says, overlooked Romantic composers, pieces for clarinet. Lovely!

Grand Duo

Three pieces for clarinet and piano, 1 classical, 1 Romantic, 1 modern. Lovely!

Music Close to Us

Mix of Romantic modern and contemporary clarinet pieces by Polish composers. Some really nice works here. Play!

Brahms/Carter Clarinet Quintets

Interesting combination of classical vs. abstract and modern clarinet quintets. Play!

Instant Winners

All contemporary pieces for E flat clarinet, a few with piano. Nice tone!

Global Tapestry

Lovely, varying genre works for clarinet and piano, as title suggests, from different geographical areas ( India, France, Latin American, etc.) Play!

Scenes from Home

Contemporary works for clarinet and piano–gracious. Play most!

Set No Limits

A collection of clarinet and piano pieces by women composers, elegant and nice!

Robert Plane: Contrasts–Impressions of Hungary

Modern pieces for clarinet, solo and ensemble–nicely varying between abstract and folk elements. Play!

Rhapodies Around the World

Six out of seven first recordings of clarinet with piano pieces, from composers from various cultures and eras. Play!

Meditations and Tributes

Solo clarinet pieces in an interesting mix of sound textures, modern. Play!


A mix of pieces Romantic through contemporary for clarinet & piano, including pieces by Cage, Saint-Saens, Cope, Cavallini and more. Play!

Portraits of England

English works for clarinet and piano, mostly modern. Play!

American Voices

All contemporary works for viola, clarinet, and piano. Larson’s nice!

Rhapsodie–20th Century Clarinet Classics

Modern works for clarinet or transcriptions. Quite a variety. Play!

Double Concertos for Violin & Clarinet

Nice mix of contemporary works for violin/clarinet/orchestra. Play!

New Music for Clarinet–Another Look

Re-release of recordings by F. Gerard Errante from the 1970’s and 80’s utilizing tape delays, mixers and other instruments. One piece by the clarinetist.

Traceur–American Music for Clarinet and Piano

Nice collection of mostly modern and contemporary pieces. Play most!

Musica Virtuosa Vol. IV

Catalan works for clarinet and piano, all modern, contemporary. Nice!