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King Heavy- Guardian Demons

King Heavy– Guardian Demons Release date: 2018Jun22 Label: Cruz del  Sur Rating: 4.5/5 My first exposure to Chile’s King Heavy was from their self-titled release in 2015. They’ve only gotten better. Guardian Demons crashes the gates with thick, dirty doom, a sign of things to come. Doom Shall Rise with sinister riffage and epic drums. Fucking right! Come My […]

Nano Stern – Mil 500 Vueltas (self-released)

From busking on the streets of Santiago Chile to filling stadiums with fans, Nano has been hailed by some as the best Chilean singer/songwriter of his generation. Music ranges from Latin folk-pop to gorgeous romantic ballads. UVM Lane Series performance: Oct 8, 2015 Official website

Chico Trujillo – Reina de Todas Las Fiestas (Barbes)

Title translates as The Queen of All Parties. Having started in Chile as an informal party band, they have achieved wide recognition for their upbeat fusion of cumbia, traditional Chilean tunes, rock, & ska. Recorded in Chile, Mexico, Argentina, & Colombia. Edgy Andean fun!

Mákina Kandela – Mákina Kandela (self-released)

Musicians from Colombia, Chile, & Mexico who joined forces to share their love of the authentic music of the Caribbean coast of Colombia, including cumbia, merengue, puya and porro. They embrace traditional instruments like gaita hembra & gaita macho (indigenous flutes), maracas, & primitive drums, but they also rock horns & guitar and add entertaining […]

Chico Trujillo – El Gran Pecador (Barbes)

Perhaps the most popular band in Chile, offering mostly original songs featuring a fusion of cumbia, traditional Chilean songs, rock, & ska. National pride contributes to the vibe as do several high profile guest musicians of national significance. Fine Latin party music!