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Fleeting Realms–Chamber Works

Mostly very recent compositions for various duets and small ensembles. Really interesting and varied–vibraphone, strings, sax, piano, voice. Play! Advertisements

A Road to Europe–Modern Chinese Chamber Music

Lovely, contemporary chamber pieces with Asian rhythms. Play!

Chamber Works of Henri Marteau & Alexander Zemlinsky

Pieces by two early 2oth century composers–featuring winds, viola, cello. Play!

Between the Lines–Contemporary Chamber Works

Interesting pieces for various instruments (mostly strings with piano) and combinations. Play most!

Pinnacle–Contemporary Chamber Works

A collection of varied pieces for small ensemble, solo, etc. Trks 2 & 3 are  inverted,  I think trk 3 is “lento”.

Momentum 21–New Music for a New Century

Contemporary chamber orchestral works, mostly slow and quiet. Bermel’s for electric guitar and string orchestra. Play most!

Elements Rising

A collection of contemporary pieces by various composers for a variety of instrumental combinations, ranging from impressionistic to dark, eerie. Play most!