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Rose Petals-Canadian Music for Viola

New Canadian pieces for viola and piano duo, lyrical to stark, almost atonal. Play most!

Christopher Tyler Nickel–Music for Woodwind Choirs

A suite for oboes and horns, with Baroque elements, and a symphony for flute choir–lovely!

Frank Horvat–What Goes Around

Really interesting contemporary pieces for various instruments (harp, winds, marimba,piano)–trks 5 & 6 more avant. Trk 6  voice repetitions. Play!

Istvan Anhalt–the timbre of those times

Somewhat intense, interesting orchestral works, contemporary.

John Beckwith– Calling

Mostly lyrical pieces for a variety of instruments, a few more strident.

Derek Charke–In Sonorous Falling Tones

Flute-based pieces, with other instruments punctuating, abstract, moody, interesting! Play!

Canadian Flute Masterpieces

Interesting mix of mostly  contemporary works, abstract, ranging from staccato to flowing. Play!

R. Murray Schafer–Ariadne’s Legacy–Works for Harp

Two CDs of works for harp, solo or with duet/ensemble, some voice. CD1 more “traditional” but still contemporary, CD2 more edgy, and with voice. Play!

Ann Southam–Glass Houses (for Marimba)

Minimalist pieces originally composed for piano, here performed by marimba. Nice!

Spin Cycle–Afiara Quartet with Skratch Bastid

Contemporary string quartets with or without “scratching” by Skratch Bastid. Interesting! Play most!

William Pura–Nemesis, The Statue’s Desire

Highly abstract works for piano (trks 1-6) and interesting pieces for piano, percussion and harmonica (trks 7-9).

Elizabeth Raum–Myth, Legend, Romance

Contemporary concertos with wit and grace.

Nicholas Papador–Points of Departure

Canadian works for solo percussion, ( marimba, xylophone, etc.)  one by the percussionist. Nice!

Gordon Fitzell–Magister Ludi

Canadian composer Fitzell here has a mix of avant-garde works ranging from lyrical/surreal to noisy.

Nicole Lizee–Bookburners

Composed over 5 yrs, these pieces are electronic sound manipulations inspired by a wide range of cultural/people–raves, censorship, Hitchcock, Cage…Out there. Sample.

Ann Southam–Glass Houses, Vol. 2

Minimalist piano pieces a la Philip Glass. Nice!

Jocelyn Morlock–Cobalt

Canadian composer Morlock here has orchestral and chamber works (as opposed to the duets for Couloir on Wine Dark Sea) and they are  interesting and varied from dark to lyrical. Play or sample most!