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Piazzolla–Cien Anos

Classic tango works with bandoneon and chamber orchestra. With works by Juanjo Mosalini, the bandoneon musician performing.

Turning in Time

Solo, modern violin pieces, reflecting passed musical eras.

David Loeb–Remembrances

Strings with/out Asian instruments. Varied solos, duos, trios, all interesting. Play!

Marc Satterwhite–Nazca Lines

Inspired by travels, varied percussion works. “Four Postcards” are lovely.


Music for 2 clarinets and piano–different eras. Holkamp’s lovely!


Works from early 1900’s forward from composers worldwide, varied, nice!

Joseph M. Levin–Spirits of Sunset

Abstract, contemporary works for winds + strings, inspired by immigration. Play!

Milestones–New Music for Viola

All contemporary viola with piano–nice!

Trumpet Music of the 20th Century

Varied, modern works, play most!

Canadian Paradigms

Modern works for clarinet and piano, varied rhythmically, play!

Nikolai Medtner–Solo Piano Works

Romantic and modern solo piano. Play!

Andrew Sparrow–Pluto’s Crossing

Very emotive music, as if for film, gracious, sometimes too gracious.

Jeremy Haladyna–Pok-Ta-Pok

Subtitled “Sky Games from the Mayan Cycle’”, these are pieces inspired by the composer’s Mayan studies, and quest for Mayan music. Abstract, some eeriness, with percussion, organ, piano or harpsichord.

William Schrickel’s Heavy Rescue

Modern works, varying rhythmically for double bass, strings and some clarinet. Laura Karpman’s inspired by Jaco Pastorius. Play!

Gary Schocker–Music for Introverts

Highly lyrical, gracious and contemporary works for solo piano, performed by the composer.

Brian Buch–Shifting Spheres

Very interesting abstract chamber works with rhythmic shifts and lyricism. Play!

Four Hand Piano Works by Robert Schumann

Romantic era piano for 4 hands, gracious, lyrical. Play!

Humanity is an Ocean

Flute Soundscapes is an apt titel for these ambient pieces, from Baroque to impressionistic. Play!

David Loeb–The Lyric Trombone

Lyrical, interesting pieces for trombone, piano and violin. All contemporary. Play!

David Loeb–Distant Carillons

Interesting works for brass trio and piano. Play!


Excellent collection of solos for flute and clarinet, varied stylistically, contemporary.

Hubert Howe–Harmonic and Inharmonic Fantasies

Computer works exploring the parts of sounds: overtones, partials and whether harmonic (pitch) or inharmonic (individual sounds). Generally meandering, ambient, but some dissonance.

Magic Forest Scenes

Modern and contemporary works for clarinet and piano by Bozza, Bax, Richards and Szewcyzk. amongst others. Lovely!

Icarus Rising–Instrumental Music of Allan Crossman

Contemporary works for strings, quartet or ensemble with piano–varying in style with a lot of interest. Play!

Carlos Pavan–New Music for Guitar, Duets and Ensemble

Guitar-based works with clarinet, chamber ensemble, flute and/or duo. Lovely, contemporary pieces, rhythmically interesting. Play!