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Modern and contemporary works for flute and piano. Play!

Otto Leuning–Music for Cello

Modern works for cello + piano.


Solo double bass works from different musical eras.

Seven Ways to Say Farewell

Varied violin + piano pieces, lyrical to intense. Mostly modern. Play!

Frederick Lesemann–Dufayescas

Very gracious, elegant works for varied instruments. Play!

It’s About Time!

Works for 2 horns, varied, with piano, modern and contemporary.

Philippa Duke Schuyler–Seven Pillars of Wisdom

Compositions by a child prodigy, solo modern piano, gracious but also strong.

Serenata Espanola

Romantic to modern Spanish classical guitar. Play!

David Loeb–World Winds II

Interesting works for a variety of Western and/or Asian wind instruments. Play!


Contemporary harp works, abstract, some with electronics. Play!

A Touch of Blue

Varied songs for sax + piano, from 1920’s onward.

Between the Notes

Classical and jazz solo piano works with one piece by the performer Willis Delony. Nice!

My Beautiful Star

Transcriptions of vocal works from different musical eras, for cello and piano. Nice.!

Poems & Rhapsodies

Solomiya Ivakhiv & National Symphony of Ukraine perform 2 Ukrainian composers’ pieces and other modern works by French and American composers. Nice!

Chamber Music (Re)Discoveries

Lovely collection of pieces, classical to modern. Varied: flute, strings, piano, some voice.

Julian Harvey–Sweet Was the Song

Modern works for winds, piano, choir or orchestra.

Chinook Winds

Varied works and eras for wind quintet. Play!

Frederick Lesemann–Songs & Concertinos

Contemporary works for winds, strings, some voice. Play most!

William Popp-Compositions for Solo Accordion

Works from over decades for solo accordion. Fun!


Modern bass trombone works inspired by Appalachia. Play!

Christos Tsitsaros–Faraway Journey

Solo piano and/or chamber works, impressionistic, modern.

David Loeb–Painting, Landscape, Text and Sky

Gracious, contemporary solo guitar, many inspirations. Play!


Varied works for piano (one with electronics) from different musical eras.


Very short, varied solo piano pieces, simply a composer’s own expression.

Francesco Molino–I Molinisti

Works for flute & guitar from early 1800’s–lively and gracious.