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London Cello Connection

Varied contemporary works for cello + orchestra. Play!

Lavena–in your hands

Ranging from intense to lyrical, widely varying pieces by different composers.

Forward Music Project 1.0

Cellist Amanda Gookin performs these solo cello pieces with electronics, sounds, voices, all composed by women. Very abstract and varied.

Bloch, Muczynski, Reger–20th Century Music for Cello

Modern, solo cello works from 1916 to 1966–Muczynski’s fun!


Mostly modern solo cello works by European composers, a range of rhythms, nice mix!

Cello Solo Journey

Lots of composers, a varying mix of solo cello, mostly modern, abstract. “Blues Op. 1” is fun! Play!

Bax, Cassado, Dallapiccola, Ligeti–Works for Solo Cello

Abstract solo cello, mostly modern, nice!

Hindemith, Heiden, Skolnick–Works for Violoncello and Piano

Unknown, or rarely performed pieces. Skolnick’s particularly wonderful! Play!

Esa-Pekka Salonen and Kaija Saariaho–Works for Solo Cello

Contemporary pieces, some agitation and tension, play most!

Dutch Cello Sonatas

From two Dutch/German composers Witte and Hutschenruyter, lovely, Romantic pieces. Play!


Cellist Saeunn Thorstensdottir plays these very abstract solo pieces by Icelandic composers. Plucking, squeaking and other sounds. Halgrimsson’s lyrical. Play!

Cello Sonatas of Richard Strauss and Edvard Grieg

One concerto each by Strauss and Grieg, neither of whom is known for chamber works. Grieg struggled with his piece.

A Page From

Caitlin Sullivan performs these (mostly) solo works by contemporary composers, including Andres, Kahane, Snider and others–nice, slow and abstract. Play!

Shostakovich & Kabalevsky–Cello Sonatas

These sonatas cover all of the emotional range from rage to tranquillity. Excellent!

Echoes of Bach

Mike Block’s exploration of Bach and other composer’s Bach-like pieces. Play!


Solo cello/electronic pieces by young Mexican composers–classical/avant–some quite lovely. Play most!

Celebrating David Geringas

Cellist performs diverse pieces including some from Lithuanian composers, his ethnic background. Play!

Faure, Franck, Ravel & Poulenc

Cello and piano works by these Romantic, and Impressionist French composers. Play!


The title refers to 3 Russian composers (Shostakovich, Prokofiev and Rachmaninoff) plus some contemporary works by the Beatles, Pussy Riot and Viktor Tsoi. Matt Haimovitz and Christopher O’ Reilly perform. Play most!

The British Cello

Mostly elegant and gracious works for cello & piano, modern and contemporary. Play

Afierossis–Solo Cello

Somber, elegant and modern pieces for solo cello by Ligeti, Sallinen, Rozsa and more. Play!

Ashley Walter-Sweet Anxiety

Cellist Walters performs abstract/avant works by Deyoe, Berio, Smith and others, ranging from droning, tapping and slapping. Sounds from a cello that you wouldn’t expect.

Different Things

Modern works for piano and cello, varying in style and very interesting! Play! With works by Glass, Rota, Schnittke and Korngold.

Cello Style

A collection of modern, abstract solo cello works, including Henze, Stockhausen, Britten and Sciarrino, amongst others. Play!

Laura Metcalf–First Day

Stylistically varying pieces for cello with piano: “classical”, Latin, jazz, Impressionistic…Play!