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As We Are

Varied saxophone pieces–some with piano or electronics. Play!

Trios from Contemporary Chicago

Varied, abstract trios (violin, cello, piano). Play!

Third Coast Percussion

Transcriptions and originals for percussion group. Contemporary. Play!

Gems from Armenia

Beautiful cello + piano pieces by Armenian composers. Modern. Play!

When There are No Words

Modern works for oboe + piano, varied.

Beethoven Complete String Quartets Vol. 2

Beethoven’s “middle quartets”, Romantic.

Here With You

Classical/Romantic era works + one contemporary, for clarinet + piano. Nice!

Frank Ferko & Leo Sowerby–Organ Music

Modern and contemporary organ works–Ferko’s nice!

Trios from the City with Big Shoulders

Modern, varied works by Bacon and Sowerby.

Fantasy–Oppens Plays Kaminsky

Contemporary piano works with interesting variations, tinkling, staccato and lyrical.

Dreams of a New Day–Songs by Black Composers

Beautiful songs performed by baritone voice of the hope for a better black life experience-from late 1800’s to contemporary. Play!

Archtypes–Sergio & Clarice Assad

Nice mix of contemporary percussion, piano, some voice. Play!

Contemporary Voices

Works written for the Pacifica Quartet, all contemporary and varied. Very interesting!

Bach & Beyond Part 3

Jennifer Koh continues her series of solo violin works, this volume with Bach, Berio and Harbison works. Harbison’s pieces lovely! Play!

Beethoven–Complete Quartets Op. 18

The Dover Quartet performs these works, considered amongst the best of Classical era string works.

L’Unique–Harpsichord Music of Francois Couperin

Baroque era works by French composer, lilting, dancing.

The French Album

Pianist Jorge Federico Osorio plays French classical, Romantic and modern pieces, mostly well-known.

The French Album

Pianist Jorge Federico Osorio plays French pieces from the Classical, Romantic periods to modern, mostly well-known.

Singing in the Dead of Night

Eighth Blackbird performs these pieces by Lang, Wolf or Gordon, inspired by lyrics from the Beatles. Interesting!

Civitas Ensemble–Jin Yin

Interesting Asian/Western works by living composers. Excellent!


A collection of avant works for violin or transcriptions for, performed by the composers and Jennifer Koh–eerie, squeaky or lyrical. Play!

20th Century Harpsichord Concertos

I am not normally of fan of the harpsichord, but these are excellent, interesting works, especially Rorem’s. Play!

Twentieth Century Oboe Sonatas

Classical, Romantic and Modern works, fast or slow. Play!

Project W–Works by Diverse Women Composers

With different styles, and rhythms, and from various musical eras, excellent!

Songs From Chicago

American narrative songs from Chicago, most composed in the early 1900’s, with piano.