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Purify- Tony Duncan

Enjoy the tranquil with award winning Flutist Tony Duncan in this album of the gifts from Tony Duncan’s flute playing. A winner of many awards.  His statement inside the jacket cover in part,” feel the beauty and restore balance through the peaceful gift of the flute.”  All flute. Play all!

Oskiyak kisik (Young Spirit)-Mewasinsational (Round Dance Songs)

You will love the Round Dance music with Young Spirit who are one of the top First Nation/Native American singing Groups. Enjoy these high spirited Pow Wow Dances that make it very difficult to stand idle.  Play all!

Night Echo Star Seed- Kevin Mockingbird

Sometimes the meditation goes well with Native American Flute playing and this is just what Kevin had in mind with this CD.  Track 7 (Abinii-Fireshine) has wild bird with solo flute on all other tracks it is solo flute. Play All and relax!

Nitisanak-Northern Cree

Started in 1982, Northern Cree (the band) are from Saddle Lake Cree First Nation in Alberta, Canada and came up with the name Nitisanak which means Brothers and Sisters.  There are about 15-16 drummers and singers on this drum recorded live at the Pow Wow.  A favorite and original Northern Style.  Play all!

Family-Randy Wood

Congratulations to Randy Wood Best Male Artist 2018 with Native American Music Awards! Produced by Canyon Records,Cree musician continues to create music for Round Dances, Pow Wow and Gatherings where everyone can enjoy!  Unique voice contributes to this CD with hand drum accompaniment.  Play all!!

Good Ol’ Fashioned NDN Lovin-Pipestone

These round dance songs by Pipestone, an Ojibwe group from Wisconsin beg you to dance and laugh at all the ways to love human to human in this modern world.  The lyrics will make you smile.  Play all!

Traditional Gourd Dance Singers- Kiowa Traditional Songs

Recorded in 1977 with Bill Koomas, Sr. who revived The Gourd Dance in 1941.  Songs are sung in community and the 49 songs are sung after hours at a social event like a Pow Wow.

Gratitude- Jonah Littlesunday

Gratitude: Native American Flute Healing has the ability to transport so hang on as the flute concert begins. With gratitude Jonah plays beautifully. The only track with vocals is Windspirits. The occasional drum adds a depth. play all.

Traditional Lakota Songs- Porcupine Singers

This was recorded in 1977 on the Rosebud Reservation. These Pow Wow songs sung by one of the most popular pow wow groups has been remastered to honor these songs to be remembered and sung by the future generations.

Spirit Of A Woman-Radmilla Cody

Its a wonderful CD from Canyon Records of contemporary and traditional songs in Dineh language and english.  Radmilla Cody shares her gift/voice with great backup musicians too.

Seed Of Life- Radmilla Cody

Canyon Records produces this album with Radmilla Cody in traditional language, songs of the Elders she has learned them from as traditional teachings of way of life and “natural law”.  Radmilla is thankful for her gift of voice and these songs is her gift in motion.  Play All!!

Along The Way- Algin Scabby Robe

Its A Love/Hate Thing- Dearly And Denny

Spirit Of The Swirling One-Louie Gonnie

Beautiful songs with rattle, voice, and drum.  Louie Gonnie is a singer taught by his father and uncles from the age of 5.  He is Dine (Navaho) and is well respected for his songs of the Native American Church sung in traditional form.

The Blue Stone Project- Aaron White, Gary Rasmussen, Ed Michaels

Rock and Roll Native style with Flute, guitar,bass,drum set and various hand drums.  Instrumentals tracks 3,6,7,9,11,13 and track 14 is spoken word with John Densmore.  Released in 2006 but still rockin

Dancers of Mother Earth- Todi Neesh Zhee Singers

Social Dances and Social Songs performed by Todi Neesh Zhee Singers by these Navajo or Dine Peoples.  These songs may be part of ceremony or social gatherings.

More Kids’ Pow-Wow Songs- Black Lodge

Black Lodge ..”The Black Lodge Singers is a family northern-style drumming group that performs traditional Blackfeet and contemporary-style pow wow music. When the family started their drumming group in the mid-1980s, the idea of becoming what many consider “the best musicians in their genre” was far from their minds. The Black Lodge Singers was formed […]

Traditional Navajo Songs-Various Artists

Recorded from 1952-1963 by Canyon Records with singers Ed Lee Natay, Reg Begay, Roger McCabe, Tseiya Chee, Joe Lee of Lukachuchai and the Mesa Verde National Park Team.  Social songs, dance songs and ceremonial songs make up this vintage collection.

Apache;Traditional Apache Songs- Various Artists

These traditional songs were recorded between 1966-1986.  Tracks 1-8 are sung by brother and sister Philip and Patsy Cassadore who were surrounded by the music growing up and traveled in the 1950’s-1960’s singing these songs.  Tracks 9-10 are ceremonial songs.  Tracks 14-21 are sung by Patsy Cassadore from the San Carlos Apache.

White Buffalo-Robert Tree Cody and Rob Wallace with Will Clipman

From the Canyon Records collection we add this CD to our library at WRUV FM.  Flutist Robert Tree Cody (Dakota-Maricopa0, Rob Wallace on keyboard and Will Clipman with percussion this CD is dedicated to the Buffalo, Tatonka, and affirms the message of the White Buffalo: respect for Mother Earth and unity of the races.  Track […]

From the Heart of the Dine Nation;Traditional Songs of the Navajo-Sweethearts of Navajoland

This release won the “Sweethearts” a Native American Music Awards nomination.  Some are nieces of original singers from 33 years ago.  All these songs are dance songs (2-step and skip dance songs).  They are performed at festivals throughout the Navajo Nation.

Traditional Voices: Historic Recordings of Traditional Native American Music-Various Artists

This CD is recordings 1950-1960, from Canyon Records for over 60 years has produced and distributed Native American Music.  There are over 20 tribes represented with traditional songs sung in the original peoples languages and using their traditional instruments.  Many of these songs are from social dances that may take place during wintertime or throughout the […]

Joanne Shenandoah- Joanne Shenandoah

A 1989 release from this well loved artist from the Oneida Nation.  There are 3 tracks written by the late Floyd Red Crow Westerman, 35 Miles, Going Back and They Didn’t Listen.  She accompanies herself on guitar and her Native language.  Check out her latest release Nature Dance (in the air studio).

Once In A Red Moon- Joanne Shenandoah

This amazing singer-songwriter gifts us with songs about her Nation (Oneida) and in the tradition of story-telling each song is a re-embering of Traditional values.  From  Canyon Records this CD was originally released in 1994.  Full of feelings and folk-style singing with many verses in Oneida language.  Play All.

Breaking Boundries-Wild Band Of Comanches and Northern Cree

Recorded live at Red Mountain Eagle Pow Wow in Salt River Maricopa Indian Community, Arizona.  Sung in Plains Cree and vocables and Comanche.  These 2 popular Pow Wow Drums that produced this CD in the spirit of unity.  Track 11 called Waterkeeper is also a prayer asking Mother Earth for knowledge to do something to […]