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Alarm Will Sound Presents the Modernists

Alarm Will Sound is known for being musically adventurous. Here they perform a variety of works, mostly modern/contemporary including the Beatles’ Revolution 9 and Varese’s Poeme Electronique. Play!

Glenn Kotche–Drumkit Quartet

Performed by So Percussion, these are variable works for percussion ranging from lyrical vibraphone to staccato drums, some with electronic droning.

John Luther Adams–Ilimaq

Surreal, eerie, otherworld tonescapes for electro-acoustic percussion

Julia Wolfe–Anthracite Fields

Inspired by the misery of the coal fields of PA, works outlining the brutality of children and adults working to provide energy for “Appliances”.

Brian Eno–Discreet Music

An “arrangement” with improvisation of a piece originally composed as an exercise of process, not product. Ambient.

Field Recordings–Bang on a Can All-Stars

A collection of contemporary/avant-garde works by the founders of Bang on Can and others: Lang, Wolfe, Reich, Dessner, Clyne. A mix of words, sounds and instrumentals, some “weirder” than others, but definitely interesting.

Michael Gordon–Dystopia

The title refers to the first track, that some would say is appropriate for a piece about Los Angeles–chaotic, loud, aggressive. The other work, “Rewriting Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony” is interesting, a live performance from 2006.

Bobby Previte–Terminals

Drummer/composer Previte here has composed and/or improvised with guest musicians to make fairly raucous classical/avant/jazz pieces. Sample due to length.  Beware slow starts and some very quiet passages that may seem like silence. Trk 5 more accessible.

John Luther Adams–Become Ocean

This is the Pulitzer Prize winning composition performed by the Seattle Symphony–one long piece, minimalist, a little eerie, mimicking water and being underwater reflecting global warming and rising ocean levels.

David Lang–Love Fail

Lang’s retelling of the opera Tristan and Isolde. Minimal music with vocals in the Renaissance style. Elegant.

Michael Gordon–Rushes

One long piece for 7 bassoons named after the reeds that are used–“a non-stop barrage of ethereal rapid-fire points of sounds..” per the composer. Very electronic. Sample.

Glenn Kotche–Adventureland

Wilco composer and percussionist, Kotche has composed tunes with percussion background, but with depth from other instruments ( gamelan, strings, piano, clarinet).  Performances by Kronos Quarte, Eighth Blackbird  and Gamelan Gala Tika. Definitely abstract and interesting in its variety. Play!

Ken Thomson–Thaw

Two concertos “Perpetual” and “Thaw” for string quartet, both very abstract, some difficult given the strings stridency. Try trks 1, 3, 5, 6.

David Lang–Death Speaks

References from Schubert pieces that evoke the dead speaking to the living. All vocals with lyrical accompaniment, piano, cello, guitar, bass drum.

Gordon Lang Wolfe–Shelter

avant-garde works with voice, ranging from rock, quiet, to loud.