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Philip Glass–Etudes

Piano studies, repetitive, minimalist, each piece alternating in tempo.

Frederic Rzewski–Nowhere to go but around

Piano + voice, strong to lyrical abstract works.

Florent Ghys–Ritournelles

For a variety of basses, strings and electronics. Fun!

Jane Antonia Cornish–SIERRA

Flowing, building piano works, lilting and abstract.

Jason Treuting–Nine Numbers

Voice/hand claps/percussion, definitely different.

Martin Bresnick–the Planet on the Table

Works for strings/piano–lyrical vs. strident. Performed by the Brentano String Quartet.

Michael Harrison–Seven Sacred Names

Ambient, meandering, mystical piano works, some voice, with lovely Indian elements. Play!

John Luther Adams–Become Desert

Part of his trilogy about nature, this is a 40 min. piece celebrating and despairing deserts (human-made). Spacey, quiet, beautiful for symphony.

Donnacha Dennehy–The Last Hotel

A contemporary opera about an Irish woman who wants to commit suicide with the help of an English couple. Abstract music performed by the Crash Ensemble.

Donnacha Dennehy–Surface Tension

Two pieces, one for percussion (minimalist) the other for string ensemble, winds, percussion, building to dissonance.

Jeffrey Brooks–The Passion

Three pieces for amplified large ensemble, rhythmically varying. Play/sample!

Alex Weiser–All the Days Were Purple

Lovely pieces of poetry in Yiddish, by both Jewish and gentile poets, with strings, percussion and piano. Play!

Scott Wollschleger–American Dream

Abstract, meandering, ambient pieces for solo piano or a mix of percussion, vibraphone, bass. Play!

Caleb Burhans–Past Lives

Also a member of itsnotyouitsme, here Mr. Burhans musically expresses his grief over the deaths of friends, time lost to addictions and other life issues. Melancholic and beautiful pieces for various instruments. Play!

David Lang–Mystery Sonatas

Abstract, solo violin pieces, mostly slow and gracious. Play!

Bobby Previte–Terminals

Five pieces for percussion ensemble–the first three fairly aggressive, Terminals D & E feature marimba and others. Play!

Bang on a Can Allstars–More Field Recordings

Cantaloupe “house” band Bang on a Can Allstars continue their recordings of contemporary/avant-garde works of a variety of composers, including Nico Muhly, Dan Deacon, Anna Thorvaldsdottir, Richard Reed Parry and others. Ranges from dissonant to accessible, highly varying pieces.

John Adams–Alarm Will Sound Meet the Composers

With  explanations of the works, two pieces by Adams, Chamber Symphony and Son of Chamber Symphony–gracious, busy, repetitive.

David Lang–thorn

Flutist Molly Barth performs abstract pieces with some accompaniment (piano, percussion)–ranging from staccato, to flowing. Play!

Robert Black–Possessed

Double and natural sounds recorded in Moab, Utah, this is Mr. Black’s exploration of a duet with nature.


A play on Beethoven, this trio performs a variety of new music ranging from pulsing electronic to minimalist and/or ambient. Play!

Ken Thomson–Restless

Abstract works for cello and piano or piano alone. Title tracks particular nice!

Florent Ghys–Bonjour

Bassist Florent Ghys’ group Bonjour, performing ambient, lyrical, abstract works, some more forceful, with rock elements. Play!

Aleksandra Vrebalov–The Sea Ranch Songs

Voice with music, avant-garde pieces depicting the California experimental eco-community Sea Ranch performed by Kronos Quartet. Part of a video/animation by Andrew Lyndon. Play most!

Alarm Will Sound Presents the Modernists

Alarm Will Sound is known for being musically adventurous. Here they perform a variety of works, mostly modern/contemporary including the Beatles’ Revolution 9 and Varese’s Poeme Electronique. Play!