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Simeon Ten Holt–Canto Ostinato

106 Minimalist piano works, for two pianos.

Ernest Shand–Guitar Music

Gracious, Romantic guitar works. Play!

Nocturne–Music for Harp

Recognizable works transcribed for harp. Nice!

Gilardino– Guitar Music Inspired by Spain

Solo guitar music in the style of the late 1800’s, early 1900’s, imitating some great composers. Lovely!

Portrait of Sardinia–New Music for Guitar

Contemporary/modern works written for guitar, inspired by Sardinia

Italian Contemporary Works for Harpsichord

Very interesting works for harpsichord, abstract. Play!

Hindemith–Complete Sonatas for Wind Instruments & Piano

Modern works composed from 1930’s to 1950’s–abstract, lyrical with tension.

Ralph Towner–Music for Solo Guitar

Known for working with jazz greats, Towner is a devoted classical guitarist/composer. Beautiful!

English Guitar Music of the 20th Century

Modern solo guitar by Berkeley, Scott, Britten and Walton.

American Music for Guitar & Piano

Modern works for guitar by Joplin, Nazareth, Gershwin and others. Varied, jazzy and classical. Play!

Yann Tiersen–La Plage

Transcriptions for guitar of beautiful, minimal works. Play!

Der Makabere Zirkus

Contemporary tangos with electric guitar, ukele and bandondeon.

Music for Oboe, Clarinet & Bassoon

Modern works for wind trio, varying. Nice!

Vicente Asencio– Complete Guitar Music

Lovely, modern works for solo guitar, nice tonal shifts.

Franco Margola–Music for Mandolin

Modern works for mandolin, with guitar, violin and/or piano, with elements of Renaissance, but not quite. Play!

Ryuichi Sakamoto–For Mr. Lawrence

5 CDs of lyrical, minimalist piano music from movies etc. Play!

Francaix/Nielsen– Clarinet Concertos

Modern concertos for clarinet with orchestra, graceful to forceful. Play!

Cello Solo Journey

Lots of composers, a varying mix of solo cello, mostly modern, abstract. “Blues Op. 1” is fun! Play!

A Minimal Sax

Surprisingly varied minimalist pieces transcribed or composed for saxophone quartet, by Reich, Glass, Nyman and Torke.

Andrea Padova Plays Lo Muscio

Abstract, Impressionistic piano pieces, some jazzy, some “interpretations” of well-known works.

Dileramando Reis–Guitar Music

Lovely guitar pieces, modern, Brazilian. Play!

Johann Kaspar Mertz–Fantasias for Solo Guitar

Following the piano styles of Chopin and Mendelssohn, lovely Classical works.

Gerhard & Mompou–Complete Music for Solo Guitar

Either brusque or very quiet and lovely, works by Gerhard, Mompou and Pujol. Play most!

Valentin Silvestrov…Touching the Memory…

Silvestrov is considered one of the originators of the Kiev avant-garde, and his works were not performed in 1960’s/70’s Soviet Union. He later renounced this style of composition, believing that there is no new music, just music from memories of older music. These string orchestra pieces (sometimes the orchestra is so quiet!) are contemporary, lyrical […]

Music for Mandora

The mandora, similar to a lute, in these Baroque and modern pieces. Nice!