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Un Milagro de Fe

Inspired by the faith of Latin Americans, these are pieces for choir + instruments.

Stephen Jaffe–Vol. 4

Contemporary, abstract chamber works for strings, viola or mixed ensemble. Play!

Karl Kohn–Encounters

Interesting, varied works for flute & other instruments. Nice!

W. T. Matiegka–Six Sonatas Op. 31

Classical to Romantic era solo guitar. Nice.

George Walker–Five Piano Sonatas

Beautiful modern works for piano, 1950’s on, by an African-American composer. Play!

George Perle–Solos & Duos

Abstract pieces for varied instruments, lyrical to abstract. Play!

Paul Lansky–Angles

Interesting contemporary works for varied instruments ( guitar quartet, strings, percussion or piano). Play!

Project Fusion

Transcriptions and originals for saxophone quartet, Baroque to modern. Play!

Piano Protagonists–Music for Piano & Orchestra

Three different composers (Rimsky-Korsakov, Chopin & Korngold) all Romantic, but revealing their own idea of it.

George Crumb–Metamorphoses Books I & II

Inspired by artists paintings, for amplified piano, abstract.

Paul Salerni–People, Places, Pets

Art songs for mezzo-soprano & guitar.

Franz Schubert–Piano Sonatas D. 850 & D. 960

Late Classical era piano sonatas, gracious and elegant.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart–Solo Keyboard Works

Solo piano pieces, mid 1700’s to later, performed on a piano constructed in 1802, with that plunky sound.

Robert Kyr–In Praise of Music

Choral works, slow, churchly.

Paris, La Belle Epoque

Flute + piano works from France’s “Golden Age” (1870-1914), lovely and lyrical works, many well-known and impressionistic.

William Bland–Piano Sonatas

Kevin Gorman performs these lovely works, composed in 2007 & 2010. Play!

To Anatolia

Turkish classical piano pieces inspired by Anatolian folk music. Lovely!

Brahms–The Last Piano Pieces

Beautiful, Romantic, solo piano pieces. Play!

Mozart–Piano Concertos Vol. 3

You’ve heard him before, and now you can hear him again! Classical piano concertos performed by Anne Marie McDermott.

Poul Ruders–Dreamcatcher

Mostly strong works, eerie, tense but lyrical, with accordion and symphony.

Louis Karchin–Five Compositions

Varied, contemporary works for symphony, solos or duos. Play most!

American Gifts for Marimba Duo

Transcriptions of classical, modern works plus new works. Play!


A collection of works for flute, cello and piano from Romantic to modern. Play!

Fred Lerdahl–Vol. 6

Really interesting contemporary works for orchestra, some Baroque/Classical elements

Chinary Ung Volume 4–Space Between Heaven and Earth

Cambodian composer seeks to alleviate suffering with his music which he describes as “futuristic folk music”, combining Asian and western elemets. Sample