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Ensemble Novo – Who Saw You Then, Who Sees You Now (Frosty Cordial)

Talented quintet from Philadelphia covers Brazilian gems from the late 60s & early 70s bossa nova era. Arrangements lean toward mellow jazz, with guitar, vibraphone, tenor sax & flute, bass, & percussion.

Nina Miranda – Freedom of Movement (Six Degrees)

Daughter of a Brazilian dad & British mom, and having lived in both countries, this vocalist was well-prepared to create this masterful musical fusion of two worlds. Traditional Bahia rhythms meld seamlessly with arrangements inspired by classic & modern British & US artists. Lots of variety. Explore!

Teresa Cristina – Canta Cartola (Nonesuch)

Live concert in Rio de Janeiro by the renowned Brazilian samba vocalist Teresa Cristina & master guitarist Carlinhos Sete Cordas, playing the music of Angenor de Oliveira (known as “Cartola,” meaning “top hat”). Fairly mellow, historically important, rich, & beautiful.

Luisa Maita – Flo da Memoria (Cumbancha)

Brazilian downtempo from a Sao Paulo native who also happens to be one of Vermont’s favorite Brazilian divas. Smoldering, dreamy shoe-gaze with fuzzy guitar & bass, and strong percussion enlivening distinctly Brazilian rhythms. Title means “Memory Thread.” Artist’s website here Appearing at Higher Ground on September 26 2016.  

Bossacucanova – The Best of Bossacucanova (Six Degrees)

This Grammy nominated band has been providing a new take on bossa nova since their first 1999 CD, tastefully infusing the classic sounds with dance grooves, electronica, & notable guest appearances. Here are some of their most popular tracks.

Sonzeira – Tam Tam Tam Reimagnined (Brownswood)

Brazilian musical culture was gravely disrupted by a military coup in 1964. Here, Gilles Peterson joins the ranks of those seeking to resurrect what was lost, working with top contemporary musicians to re-imagine “Tam Tam Tam;” a 1957 recording with distinctly Afro-Brazilian flavors. Surely quite different from the original!

Kevin Bowers – Nova (Machinery)

From a talented drummer who has studied Brazilian percussion, here is a mixed collection of nice Brazilian drumline tracks & pop-rock tunes with nice drumming but often tenuous connections to world music. Vocals in English except track #12, in French.

Benji Kaplan – Uai So (self-released)

Composer, lead vocalist, & jazz guitarist Kaplan, from NYC, indulges his passion for highly artistic Brazilian musical traditions, with skillfully creative theatrical-sounding offerings in the spirit of Hermeto Pascoal & the like. Gorgeous, fascinating arrangements.

Os Clavelitos – Arriving (Suonofrittata)

Nice Brazilian samba & related sub-genres (bossa nova, baiao) with fresh arrangements & nuanced musicianship with lyrics in English (by Chieko Honda) & performed by a six-piece NYC-based Ensemble.

Elza Soares – The Woman at the End of the World (Mais Um Discos)

Considered to be a Brazilian music legend, this septuagenarian from Sao Paulo delivers bold, often tense “post-rock” & “post-samba” in a collection of tunes that was voted “Best Album of 2015” by Rolling Stone Brazil. Maybe it grows on you?  

Caetano Veloso & Gilberto Gil – Dos Amigos (Nonesuch)

These two singer-songwriters, undisputed legends of Brazilian music, got together for a live performance celebrating 50 years of friendship during their careers. This two CD set contains an entire concert by just these two; nearly all original compositions, all acoustic.

Ceu – Tropix (Six Degrees)

From São Paulo, Brazilian superstar Maria do Céu Whitaker Poças moves in a new direction yet again. Not Tropicália as title might suggest, though there are elements of that, but something she calls “Pixelado.” The music has been fragmented, then reconstructed with each element retaining its own crispness; its own identity, like a pixel. It […]

Daniela Mercury – Virtual Vinyl (DRG)

This Brazilian singer-songwriter-vocalist social activist, & superstar is celebrating the 25th anniversary of her first album. The music reflects the Canibália movement; drawing from indigenous, traditional, & modern popular music. This recording is dedicated to her wife.

Ceu – Live (Six Degrees)

Celebrating her 10th anniversary as a performer, Ceu performed this live concert in her hometown, San Paulo, Brazil. Tracks provide a retrospective on her 1st three CDs (plus a new cover). Lots of Brazilian pop & crowd pleasers, with some nice guitar & percussion.

Flavia Coelho – Mundo Meu (Mr Bongo)

This breakout Brazilian singer grew up in the Rio ghettos listening to her dad’s cassettes & singing along with pop divas with a bucket on her head for an echo chamber. Now living in Paris & collaborating with the best (see her guests!), her sound is a mix of Brazilian styles with reggae, Afrobeat, & […]

Grecco Buratto – Essas Coisas Todas (Zen Mohawk)

Solo debut from this Brazilian singer-songwriter-guitarist-actor-yoga teacher (now living in L.A.). Features some beautiful Brazilian ballads & soft-rock, much of it evocative as in a good movie soundtrack – and indeed he has soundtrack credits to his name!

Classica Brasiliana

A lovely collection showing the wide range of Brazilian music–samba, bossa nova, cantigas, saudedes, etc. with flute, guitars, mandolin, percussion and more! Play!

Criolo – Convoque Seu Buda (Okolo-Sterns)

Creative contemporary music from a Brazilian star. Tracks #1-3,8,9,&10 are Brazilian hip hop, #6 is reggae, & the others are Brazilian pop-rock. Nice compositions & something for everyone.

ANTH: Brazil – SUCESSOS! Best of Mais Um Discos 2014 (Mais Um Discos)

This British label has been bringing great new Brazilian music to the rest of the world since 2010. Here is a collection of 10 of their most popular hits from 2014, offered for free on Bandcamp! Lots of variety – choose your favorites! Listen here

Amabis – Trabalhos Carnivoros (Mais Um Discos)

This Brazilian producer & songwriter, known for his work with Ceu among others, turns out to be a fine vocalist as well, as showcased here. Nicely arranged shoe-gaze ballads with mellow fuzz guitar, a bit of flute, & many other instrumental layers here & there.

ANTH: Brazil – Brasil Do Brazil (Ubiquity)

A diverse, premium collection of rockin’ samba, bumpin’ batucada, & other Brazilian flavors, lovingly re-worked by top producers like Bosq of Whiskey Barons, Shawn Lee, & John Beltran (my fav), not to mention major contributions by Tita Lima. Many, many great tracks!

Anelis Assumpção – Anelis e os Amigos Imaginários (Scubidu)

Daughter of the late Brazilian singer & composer Itamar Assumpção, Anelis is the free-spirit of São Paulo divas, mixing sultry vocals with occasionally irreverent arrangements, pinches of reggae spice, and lots of her father’s originality. Nice stuff!

DJ Tudo e sua Gente de Todo Lugar – Pancada Motor, o Manifestoda Fiesta (Far Out)

Brazilian ethnomusicologist & producer DJ Tudo (aka Alfredo Bello) & his 8-piece band offer up an “authentic multicultural celebration” of musical traditions from around Brazil, tinged with experimental & psychedelic influences, found sounds, & mixed in collaboration with “Mad Professor” (Neil Fraser). Fans of contemporary Brazilian music will really like this one! Check out DJ […]

Kavita Shah – Visions (Inner Circle)

This scholar of ethnomusicology & award-winning Indian vocalist (from NYC) performs with an all-star lineup, mixing a jazz foundation with Indian, Malian, & Brazilian influences. Also note Joni Mitchell & MIA covers. Cool stuff! Filed under World/International.

Da Cruz – Disco E Progresso (Boom Jah)

Brazilian at its core, energetic, &  very danceable, but styles vary from pop & rock to dancehall & electro-samba. The band features former bossa nova singer & San Paulo native Mariana Da Cruz & Swiss producer Ane H., & the band is based in Switzerland. CD2 is generally a bit faster & more produced.