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Without Borders

Works by Romanian and Turkish composers, inspired by folk music. Play!

Kalevi Aho–Double & Triple Concertos

Contemporary works, one for the unusual combination of cor anglais and harp. Play!

Astor Piazzolla–ESCUALO5

“Nuevo Tango” or modern tango, with bandoneon & other instruments.

Sebastian Fagerlund–Oceano

Contemporary works for strings, some with winds + piano. Varied.


The “diversion” or divertimento genre of classical music, Romantic, modern & contemporary examples by different composers. Fun!

Kalevi Aho–Solo

Modern and contemporary works for solo winds or strings, otherworldly, meandering, abstract and mostly lyrical.

Kalevi Aho–Sieidi

Finnish modern/avant composer–strong orchestral works, play most!


Contemporary, abstract solo guitar with electronics, varied and excellent!

Trombone Concertos by Berio, MacMillan and Verbey

Contemporary works for trombone and orchestra–varied, nice!

Nikos Skalkottas–From Berlin to Athens

Abstract solo piano pieces from 1920’s to 1940’s–remarkably modern and forward in sound. Play!

Hindemith & Schoenberg–String Trios

Modern string trios, intense and busy to quiet and gracious.

Nordsending–Works for String Trio & Duo

Works by Nordic composers all modern and abstract except for Norgard’s Pastorale from Babette’s Feast–sweet! The title references mythical¬† arctic winds that affect witches. Play most!

Gyorgy Ligeti–Piano Concerto

Very abstract pieces ranging from droning to staccato, an interesting variable mix of pieces for solo cello (trk 1 very slow start), ensemble, orchestra and piano.

Sharon Bezaly Plays Flute Concertos by Kachaturian & Rautavaara

Both raucous and sweet, modern works for flute and orchestra.

Chiel Meijering–Rock That Flute

Modern works for eagle recorder + strings. Play!

Sally Beamish–The Singing

Contemporary, somewhat intense pieces with accordion, trumpet, or sax. Play most!

Adrian Jones–Nybyggnan–A Folk Music Concerto for Saxophone and Strings

Superb works with the unusual instrument of sax in folk compositions, jazzy/classical yet building on and changing folk bases. Play all

Sebastian Fagerlund–Darkness in Light

Fairly dark, intemse and expressive works for orchestra with interesting instrumental solos. Beware abrupt stops between interludes.

Yoshihiro Kanno–Light, Water, Rainbow

Japanese composer who is known for using Western and Japanese instruments and forms and computer in his pieces. this disc has long, ambient and lyrical works for piano and computer/and or Nambu bell, Myochin hibashi, Kabuki Orgel. Play or sample most!

Kalevi Aho–Works for Solo Piano

Finnish composer Aho is known for his orchestral works, not for piano. This CD shows his range–“19 Preludes” sounds very Classical, despite having been composed in the 60’s. Other pieces are definitely modern, gracious, lilting to strong. Play!

Memories Lost

Mostly Chinese composers works’ ranging from lyrical and delicate to strident. All contemporary.


An “etude” is defined as being a focused technical exercise either for the performer or composer, typically for piano. These pieces demonstrate the variety of etudes over time. Play!

Nordic Concertos (for clarinet)

Pieces for clarinet and orchestra or wind ensemble. Dark,¬† but also light, abstract. Rehnquist’s and Crusell’s especially nice.

Radames Gnattali–Alma Brasileira

Clearly in the forefront of mixing classical with traditional Brazilian rhythms, these guitar and piano pieces are lovely. Play!

Copenhagen Recital

A collection of trombone and piano pieces covering different eras. New works are brassier, less lyrical.