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Hype Williams-Rainbow Edition

Rainbow Edition is the latest from the duo Hype Williams. The original duo was composed of Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland. They retired and the duo of Slaughter and Silvermane has revived Hype Williams. The music still retains its obscure sound, not quite Hip Hop, not quite IDM, not quite 80’s Analog Synth (you can […]


CARVE + GAZE is the latest from WEN. The music sounds like a mix of IDM and Electro Hop but from the far future. The music has a spacey yet dark feel and it draws you right in. RIYD: Clark, Fhloston Paradigm, Actress, Legowelt Tracks: All Good

Kai Whiston-Fissure Price

Fissure Price is an album from artist Kai Whiston. The music is a little chaotic and a bit hard to describe. There’s definitely an Experimental element here with components of Dubstep, Bass Music, Ambient and UK Grime. It’s a little different and has a refreshing feel to it. RIYD: Forest Sword, Four Tet, Machinedrum Tracks: […]

Darq E. Freaker-ADHD

The latest work from Darq E. Freaker is titled ADHD. The music is a chunky blend of UK Grime, Hip Hop and classic Dance music. The tracks are bouncy and beat heavy with some serious bass. Tracks: All Good

Sk Simeon/Yaw Faso-MASKYA

Machinedrum has remixed two tracks (Doper than Dope, Ram Dancehall) by SK Simeon and two tracks (All Of Mi Life, Memories) by Yaw Faso and titled the album MASKYA. The music is a mix of Dancehall, Afrobeat and Dubstep. The tracks are bouncy and chunky with a breezy, tropical feel. RIYD: Buraka Som Sistema Tracks: […]


Debut album from artist Roseau is titled Salt. The music has a smooth Downtempo/Bass Music vibe and the artist’s vocals are very smooth and sensual. RIYD: Gavin Turek, Kid A Tracks: 2,3,5,7,10


The latest and last album from artist Offshore is self-titled. The artist passed away in 2012 while having heart surgery for treat of his Marfan Syndrome. The music is similar to Shigeto or Odd Nosdam with beat heavy tracks that have an Experimental Electro-Hop edge. RIYD: Shigeto, Odd Nosdam Tracks: 4,5,6,7,14,16


F10rida is a re-release of Diplo’s debut album Florida. The album is a two disc set with the re-mastered version of Florida and a bonus disc containing remixes, unreleased material and the Epistemology Suite that was released under the moniker Diplodocus. Released in 2004, Florida is solidly rooted in Trip Hop and Electro Hop and […]


Flying is a single from Wiley. The track is high energy Electro Hop that is quick and dirty. Get your grime on!

Congo Natty-Jungle Revolution

The latest from Congo Natty is titled Jungle Revolution. The music is a mix of Reggae and Jungle music. There are some solid beats here with songs of liberty and revolution. Tracks: 1,4 FCC:5,7,8