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Music for Bassoon and Piano

Modern works for bassoon, piano and flute by various composers–Dutilleux, Tansman, Boutry, Saint-Saens and others.

Bassoon Unbounded–21st Century Music for Bassoon and Piano

A mix of contemporary bassoon pieces, avant to gracious to strident.

Mille Morte–Recital Pieces for Bassoon and Piano

Quite a varied collection of works, most of them modern a few from an older era. Chihara’s are great!

Sonatas & Nocturnes–19th Century Gems for Bassoon & Piano

This disc has works from little known composers from the 1800’s. Nice, elegant, some intensity. Play!

The Bogeyman

A collection of very interesting pieces for bassoon, some with accompaniment, modern. Play!


Contemporary pieces for bassoon and piano, some with oboe or clarinet accompaniment. Gracious!

I Was Like Wow–Contemporary Music for Oboe

A mix of pieces for bassoon ranging from lyrical to abstract/avant. Play!

Dana Jessen–Carve

Commissioned works for bassoon and electronics with additional sounds, some quite odd, others more accessible.


Classical to modern transcriptions of works by Schubert, Maria von Weber, Hindemith, and Schulhoff. Nice!

Bassoon Concertos–Francaix, Tomasi, Jolivet, Villa-Lobos

These are all modern pieces for oboe with a variety of ensembles (string orchestra, harp, piano). Lovely sonority!

Katarzyna Zdybel–Portrait

Interesting collection of modern/contemporary bassoon pieces, either solo or accompanied (piano, string quartet). Nice! Play most!

Bassoon Works

Mostly Italian composers, these pieces were dedicated to the performer, Paolo Carlini. Interesting, contemporary works for solo bassoon or with piano or string orchestra. Play most! Trk 9 by Fabrizio is especially lovely.