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Divanhana – Zukva (ARC)

From Bosnia, a contemporary fusion of traditional Balkan music with classical, jazz, & pop influences. Strong, romantic vocals & spirited arrangements. Started in 2009 by students at the Sarajevo Music Academy. Rewards close listening. Nice, refreshing take on this genre. Zukva really hits the sweet spot for being original, exotic, and interesting!

Rob Teehan – Come Home (self-released)

This Toronto-born composer’s 1st solo effort features beautifully crafted cinematic compositions, with Eastern European themes, flourishes of flamenco, Balkan brass, & Gypsy violin, romantic classical Hungarian melodies, dozens of instruments, and really creative arrangements. Gorgeous!

TriBeCaStan – New Songs from the Old Country (Evergreene)

The latest gem of a CD from the TriBeCa neighborhood (the Triangle Below Canal St) in NYC, blending Balkan, Turkish, Indian, & other Eastern European/Asian influences with touches of jazz, klezmer, tremendous skill, & an occasional touch of irreverence. Ten talented band members (most are multi-instrumentalists), plus 10 guest musicians, plus a choir contribute to […]

ANTH: Balkan Brass – Brassland (Evergreene)

Soundtrack to an award-winning documentary film about the 50th annual world trumpet competition & brass band festival in Guca, Serbia. This is an energetic, euphoric collection of frenetic music by nine different top-shelf Balkan brass bands. Fans of the genre will love this.

ANTH: Gypsy – Stand Up, People: Gypsy Pop Songs from Tito’s Yugoslavia, 1964-1980 (Asphalt Tango)

Under socialist dictator Josip Tito of the former Yugoslavia (made up of what are now Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro, & Kosovo), the Roma Gypsies were a recognized minority and their music was allowed to flourish. Many talented musicians mixed Gypsy folk with new influences like Bollywood film music, Turkish psychedelia, & western pop-rock. […]