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Ben Monder–Amorphae

Ambient works for electric guitar, drums and synthesizer, both Classical/avant-garde and Jazz/avant-garde. Play!

Philip Blackburn–Music of Shadows

Three long (17+ mins) works for various instruments and/or voice, all different ranging from staccato to meandering. Sample.

Opium Warlords – Taste My Sword of Understanding

Opium Warlords Taste My Sword of Understanding Svart Records 2014-05-30 4.5/5 Sami Albert Hynnien returns in majestic form with tales of death and glory . “The Sadness of Vultures” echoes against a macabre soundscape. “The Self-Made Man” flows softly set against piercing drums and a voice that cries out,  I am sealing my destiny..To become […]

Andrew McPherson–Secrets of Antikythera

Premiere recording of magnetic resonator piano, sort of like a synthesizer sound. Also solo viola works. Abstract and interesting.

Gordon Lang Wolfe–Shelter

avant-garde works with voice, ranging from rock, quiet, to loud.