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Underworld-Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future

Underworld is back this time with an album titled Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future. The music is mostly upbeat and has a party vibe to it with a few slow track to balance things out. Even though they have been making music for over twenty years I find it a little hard to […]


1749 is a five track EP from Lemaitre. The music is peppy Pop Dance with good vocals. Tracks: 1,3,5

The Chemical Brothers-Wide Open Single

Wide Open is a single from The Chemical Brothers off of the Born In The Echoes album. The single (which features Beck) is a five track disc with the original edit plus four remixes. The original has a pretty straight forward EDM sound as do the remixes. Tracks: All Good

Porter Robinson-Worlds Remixed

A remix disc of the Worlds album with various, upbeat styles of EDM. Tracks: 1,4,5,8,12

Mighty Oaks – Howl

Howl is the debut full-length from German folk-pop band Mighty Oaks, following two previous EPs. The album contains some of the songs that appeared on those EPs. Their music is very much influenced by certain popular American & British artists. It’s a very pleasant album but plays it safe and is a little derivative. There […]

The Chemical Brothers-Born In Echoes

The Chemical Brothers have returned, this time with an album titled Born In Echoes. The album isn’t as Big Beat and glitchy as previous albums but is still upbeat and frenetic EDM. There are several guests including Q-Tip, St. Vincent, Ali Love, Beck and Cate Le Bon who lend their own artistic touches to the […]

Alison Wonderland-Run

Run is the latest from Alison Wonderland. The music is a mix of dialed down Pop with elements Atmospheric Bass Music, R&B, and Dubstep. The music is mostly mid-tempo and Wonderland’s vocals provide a powerful force to the tracks. The tracks sound fairly polished but there is a touch of grit added, giving them a […]

Alison Wonderland-Calm Down

Calm Down is the latest from Australian upstart, Alison Wonderland. The music is a mix of EDM with elements of Dubstep and Pop mixed in. Her vocals add a strong element to the tracks and there’s a nice variety of tempos to the tracks as well. It will be interesting to see where Wonderland’s talent […]

The Kooks – Listen

After a preview of the new album with the Bad Habit EP, British band The Kooks are back with their 4th full length album Listen. For this album, they worked with hip hop producer Inflo. Listen is fairly mainstream sounding even for them, with kind of an updated version of the Madchester sound from the […]


Debut from Norwegian duo Lemaitre is titled Singularity. The music is a very upbeat mix of Pop Dance and Disco Dance with some jazzy overtones. Time to hit the dance floor! RIYD: Kraak and Smaak, Phoenix Tracks: 2 FCC: 3,4

Porter Robinson-Worlds

Debut album from Porter Robinson is titled Worlds. The music is pretty much straight up EDM but has aspects of Dubstep, 8-Bit and Synth Dance. The music is fairly upbeat and dance floor friendly but a little on the vanilla side. Tracks: 2,3,8

Deadmua5-While (1<2).

Deadmua5 is back with a two disc album titled While (1<2). The music is for the most part straight up EDM with some bizarre, melancholy Emo Rock interludes interspersed into the music. There are some really hot dance tracks here but with most things Deadmau5, there seems to be some really sweet gems on his […]

Mat Zo-Damage Control

Damage Control is the debut album from artist Mat Zo. The music is a grab bag of genres including Techno, Progressive House, Disco House, Dub, Dubstep and Bass Music. It’s a little odd to hear a high energy House track then a trippy Bass Music track after that but the mix tape aspect of the […]

Various Artists-We Are Friends Vol. 2

We Are Friends Vol. 2 is a compilation of Mau5trap Records artists and is released in America by Astralwerks. The music is straight up EDM with heavy glitch. Deadmau5, BSOD, and Heat Maxwell are a few of the artists here. The music is not the most creative (Deadmau5’s tracks seem the most bland and irritating) […]

Empire Of The Sun-Ice On The Dune

Ice On The Dune is the latest from Empire Of The Sun. The music is Pop Dance/EDM with a magical theme. Very upbeat with catchy lyrics and hooks. Take a journey with Emperor Steele and Lord Littlemore as they face an unprecedented challenge to restore peace to the world a 1000 years into the future. […]