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Konono No1 – Konono No1 Meets Batida (Crammed Discs)

Mixes the trademark sounds of the Congolese band Konono No1 (including lots of distorted finger piano) with the heavy percussion & electronic sounds of Batida, who hails from neighboring Angola but has long been based in Portugal. Mostly long, primitive, trancey tracks, with great rhythms & some fun vocals. Great for dancing!

Batida – Dois (Soundway)

The Lisbon-based Angolan radio host & producer Pedro Coquenão is back with another synergy of traditional Angolan dance tunes & modern electronic music. Some tracks are more tribal, which works really well. Top notch guests on nearly all tracks. FCC violations on #s 2 and 4…

ANTH: Angola – Angola Soundtrack 2: Hypnosis, Distortions, & Other Sonic Innovations 1969-1978 (Analog Africa)

Features carefully selected examples of exotic Angolan styles like kazucuta, rebita, & semba that were popular in the years surrounding Angolan independence from Portugal in 1975, & before civil war ruined the Angolan recording industry. Compiled by Samy Ben Redjeb.

Batida – Kambas Remixturam (Soundway)

Angolan/Portuguese DJ & producer Pedro Coquenão (Batida) won praise for his 2012 debut mixing samples from ’70s Angolan tracks with modern electronic dance music. Now he is offering a FREE compilation of versions of those songs reworked by Circuito, DJ Ride, Makafula, NaZaretH, OctaPush, & others. Highly energetic & danceable. Link to access this free […]