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Bitori – Legend of Funana (Analog Africa)

The Forbidden Music of the Cape Verde Islands! From these small islands, 200 miles off the coast of West Africa, here is the accordion-based funana music of the working classes, banned under Portuguese colonial rule for decades, but resurgent after independence in 1975 and finally recorded in 1997 by the great funana master Bitori & […]

Anthology: Cabo Verde – Space Echo (Analog Africa)

From 1970’s-80’s Cabo Verde, an island 350 miles off the coast of Africa, cosmic examples of local styles such as Mornas, Coladeras, & Funanà played with electronic instruments said to have been found on a shipwreck there in 1968 and distributed to the only places with electricity –mostly schools! The students did well…some really great […]

ANTH: Angola – Angola Soundtrack 2: Hypnosis, Distortions, & Other Sonic Innovations 1969-1978 (Analog Africa)

Features carefully selected examples of exotic Angolan styles like kazucuta, rebita, & semba that were popular in the years surrounding Angolan independence from Portugal in 1975, & before civil war ruined the Angolan recording industry. Compiled by Samy Ben Redjeb.

ANTH: Ghana – Afrobeat Airways 2: Return Flight To Ghana 1974-1983 (Analog Africa)

Samy Ben Redjeb, the highly selective & persistent crate-digger at Analog Africa, has collected & restored another great batch of obscure tracks from ’70s & ’80s Ghana; an audio record of chance collaborations, unreleased demos, & undiscovered stars. A super 13-track collection of Afrobeat, Afro-funk, & highlife music designed to keep you bouncing on the […]

Orchestra Poly Rythmo de Cotonou Volume 3: The Skeletal Essences of Voodoo Funk (Analog Africa)

The third in a series of re-issues by Analog Africa of Orchestra Poly Rythmo of Benin:  a band active from 1969-1983.  These releases have continually showcased the versatility of this band, as they meld and groove through the musical lineages of their region with what they were picking up from abroad.  The raw, fuzzed recordings […]