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A Peruvian Sojourn

Andean inspired works for flute + piano. Play!


Contemporary, varied works for wind, percussion and/or strings.

Libby Meyer–To What Listens

A mix of choral or chamber pieces, contemporary with saxophone and strings.

MC Maguire–Saturation Velocity

Multilayered electroacoustic works, brash and variable, with piano or cello and CPU.

Music of Daniel Palkowski

Works for piano or pipa, impressionistic, abstract from 1980’s to 1990’s.

Ezra Laderman–Chamber Works 2002-2013

Really interesting modern works for varied instruments, solo and duos. Play!


A mix of classical and pop transcriptions for sax + piano. Play!


Works about dance, mostly modern, playful, performed by the Emerald Brass Quintet.

Alec Wilder–Pas Seul

Very short solo piano pieces, mostly lyrical and impressionistic.

The Voices of Air

Modern and contemporary pieces for various trombones, piano. Nice!

Victoria Bond–Illumination

Based on Byzantine chants, works for piano/orchestra or voice.

Conversa–Duos for Cello and Piano

Modern American and Brazilian works. Nice!

George Rochberg–Caprice Variations

Abstract, tweaky, solo violin from the late 1960’s, short.


Lovely works for solo harp, Romantic era to contemporary. Play!

Stephen Yip–Quietude

Fairly abstract contemporary works for winds + piano, with Korean and Western elements.

Little Spectacle

For various voiced clarinets, abstract and varied contemporary pieces.

journey for one

Franz Schubert’s song cycle “Winterreise”, performed here on solo piano. Play!

Within the Within

Fairly abstract works for varied percussion instruments, Burtner’s more accessible.

Barbara White–Farewell to Music

Gracious works for shakuhachi solo or with clarinet–mysterious. Play!

Bach to Black–Suites for Piano

A collection of works for solo piano, Baroque to modern.

Song Cycle–Seasons

With compositions by Cong Liu and poetry by Yajuan Li, sung in soprano voice.

Ingrid Arauco–Resonances

Contemporary piano or strings, varied in intensity.

Michael Daugherty–Bay of Pigs

Works for classical guitar or electric guitar + orchestra. Excellent!

Hot Sonate

Jazzy saxophone + piano, modern and fun!

Neil Rolnick–Oceans Eat Cities

A long-time composer using electronics and computers, these are lyrical or very abstract. Play most!