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Mountain Ascent

Carolina Trombone Project performs contemporary pieces for quartet. Play!

String Cosmology

From different musical eras and composers, string orchestral pieces–nice!


Modern works for saxophone quartet or arrangements, mostly elegant.

Victoria Bond–Blue and Green Music

Varied works for strings/piano and /or baritone voice. Contemporary.

Bach to Black Vol. II– Suites for Piano

Interesting mix of Bach works (Baroque period) with modern works by Black composers.

Miguel del Aguila–Orchestral Works

Lovely, mostly lyrical orchestral works with Latin elements.

Vignettes–Music for Trumpet & Brass

Works for solo trumpet or with accompaniment, varied, all modern,

Allen Shawn–Fantasia and Other Pieces

Lyrical works for varied instruments, modern & contemporary.

Lucas Richman–Variations

Gracious solo piano works, comforting and emotive. Play!

Allen Shawn–Improvisation Diary 2020

As title indicates, improvisations for solo piano, varying tempi with titles giving clues as to the tempo. Play!

Dreamed Landscapes

Mostly modern solo piano works, varied composers. Some lovely and well-known works.

Ambiguous Traces

Contemporary works for wind quintet–excellent!

I, A.M.

Interesting works for violin + electronics. Play!

Tania Leon–Teclas de Mi Piano

Contemporary, gracious piano works, varied. Play!


Voice, electronics, mixed media and electronics inspired by guns and gun violence.

Lakeshore Rush–Moving Parts

Varied contemporary chamber works for winds, strings, percussion. Play most!


Modern & Impressionistic works with harp + flute. Play!

A Peruvian Sojourn

Andean inspired works for flute + piano. Play!


Contemporary, varied works for wind, percussion and/or strings.

Libby Meyer–To What Listens

A mix of choral or chamber pieces, contemporary with saxophone and strings.

MC Maguire–Saturation Velocity

Multilayered electroacoustic works, brash and variable, with piano or cello and CPU.

Music of Daniel Palkowski

Works for piano or pipa, impressionistic, abstract from 1980’s to 1990’s.

Ezra Laderman–Chamber Works 2002-2013

Really interesting modern works for varied instruments, solo and duos. Play!


A mix of classical and pop transcriptions for sax + piano. Play!


Works about dance, mostly modern, playful, performed by the Emerald Brass Quintet.