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John Luther Adams–Become Desert

Part of his trilogy about nature, this is a 40 min. piece celebrating and despairing deserts (human-made). Spacey, quiet, beautiful for symphony.

John Luther Adams–Everything That Rises

One single piece for strings, ambient, building slowly over time. Sample!

John Adams–Alarm Will Sound Meet the Composers

With  explanations of the works, two pieces by Adams, Chamber Symphony and Son of Chamber Symphony–gracious, busy, repetitive.

John Luther Adams–Ilimaq

Surreal, eerie, otherworld tonescapes for electro-acoustic percussion

John Luther Adams–The Wind in High Places

Mr. Adams’ follow-up to his Pulitzer winning album Become Ocean, is also minimalist, eerie, dark and beautiful. String quartet with cello ensemble, only open strings used in an attempt to copy the Aeolian harp. Play!

John Luther Adams–Become Ocean

This is the Pulitzer Prize winning composition performed by the Seattle Symphony–one long piece, minimalist, a little eerie, mimicking water and being underwater reflecting global warming and rising ocean levels.