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Simon Laks–In Between

Really interesting, modern works, varying stylistically in their classicism. Play!

Different Things

Modern works for piano and cello, varying in style and very interesting! Play! With works by Glass, Rota, Schnittke and Korngold.

Ad Astra Trio–Piano Trio

Modern works by 4 stylistically different composers: Vasks, Cowell, Shchedrin & Schoenfield, for string trio. Play!

Jozef Swider–Music for Wind Instruments

From a Polish composer known for his choral works, these are beautiful, modern works for various winds. Play!

Piotr Moss–Chagall

Fairly intense but interesting  modern string quartets, nice alto voice

Katarzyna Zdybel–Portrait

Interesting collection of modern/contemporary bassoon pieces, either solo or accompanied (piano, string quartet). Nice! Play most!