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Iroquois Stories-told by Joseph Bruchac

This photo is of a book written by Joseph Bruchac but the CD here at WRUV is also called Iroquois Stories told by Joseph Bruchac who is a storyteller with Vermont Abenaki roots and author of over 100 books.  Animal stories he tells us are usually lesson stories and in the introduction he gives us […]

The Boy Who Lived with the Bears And Other Iroquois Stories-told by Joseph Bruchac

These stories belong to the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) and are told by Joseph Bruchac whose stories about his Abenaki ancestors have entertained and instructed for over 30 years.  These stories Joseph says..” are for all human beings that want to live in good relationship with the world and the beings around us”.  For all ages stories […]