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Path of Solitude and Healing-Kim Cedar Song

Visiting with us on Moccasin tracks, Kim Cedar Song is a local Abenaki flute player.  In this CD she shares her flute playing in a wonderful healing and soothing way.  Her songs are heart felt and can put dogs to sleep!  Play any track for instrumental movement of Solitude or connecting to the natural world.

Stories From The Social Fire-The Storytellers

These are delightful intertribal stories.  Track 7 is a Cherokee story.  Track 4, The Bowhead Whale from the Artic Peoples.  Enjoy an Abenaki Racoon (Azaban) story.  These traditional stories are told in a non-traditional way! Ken Quiet Hawk and Deborah New Moon Rising are the Storytellers” keeping the tradition alive”. http://www.nativestorytellers.com    

The Storytellers Native American Stories & Legends- Ken Quiet Hawk & Deborah New Moon Rising

The Storytellers  Ken Quiet Hawk and Deborah New Moon Rising are Abenaki from New Hampshire.  This CD won Native American Music Award for Best Spoken Word.  Ken is telling the stories on tracks 1,3,5,7,9,and 10.  The lesson story on track 1 is about anger.  The Gluskabi stories are traditional Abenaki and will appeal to all […]

The Wind Eagle and Other Abenaki Stories-Joseph Bruchac

This collection of Glusabe (a cultural hero of the Western Abenaki) stories as told by storyteller Joseph Bruchac will delight all ages and persuasions.  The Flute and Abenaki introductions to each story are by Jesse Bowman Bruchac, who has created an Abenaki syllabus and website devoted to the preservation and teaching Abenaki language. westernabenaki.com  more […]

Alonbak-Dawnland Singers

A family of musicians, the Dawnland Singers sing in their native Abenaki Language and English.  Marge Bruchac’s  song ” History “speaks a truth experienced by  Eastern Native American Tribes.  Kizosoo written by Jesse Bruchac and the chorus of his father Joseph and brother Jim is a beautiful tribute to the practice of singing for the […]

Songs Of The Wabanaki-Jesse Bowman Bruchac

A collection of social songs researched by Jesse Bowman Bruchac.   Shared thru this gift of music and song with the purpose of bringing people together.  Acknowledgements by Jesse are on track 42.  Songs of The Wabanaki are the ancestral songs of Vermont and New England.  Voice, Rattle and Drums bring this cultural music alive.

Songs of Spirit- Jesse Bowman Bruchac

These are a collection of contemporary Native American Flute insrumentals with Abenaki names like Awasos (Bear) and Kwekweskas (Robin)  and Tolba (Turtle).  Jesse Bowman Bruchac uses an ash flute and a cedar flute, wooden, birchbark and rawhide rattles, water and rawhide drums and acoustic guitar creating these “Songs of Spirit”. Play All!!!

Pa-be-kon-gan Flute Songs-Jesse Bowman Bruchac

This flute music is played by Jesse Bruchac on a Northeast Woodlands-style block end whistle, also known as a spruce flute.  Used by the Wabanaki peoples who are speakers of the Algonquian dialects.  Story of the First Flute is on track 7.  With guitar and rattle accompaniment Sa-ga-kwa , Awon-sis-ak , and Ka-amod-zi. (tracks 9,11,14)

Honor Songs (Gwsintow8Ganal)-Dawnland Singers

The Dawnland Singers with songs of traditional style with Abenaki language and vocables and contemporary songs in English with guitar, mandolin, or violin played by John Kirk.  Ed Lowman plays bass.  Warriors in The Twilight and As Long As The Earth Abides are sung by Joseph Bruchac.  Jesse Bruchac sings in Abenaki. (Tracks2,4,5,7,13,14,15,18,20) PLAY: Tracks […]