40+ years of Brazilian influenced jazz and funk team up with legendary hip hop producers and make some gold. Smooth funk laden tracks around every turn makes smooth jazz cool again. Definitely some porn grooves making this a very fun and sexy album. Try: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, ALL RIYL: Samba, Smooth jazz, Passport, […]

Amapiano music is from South Africa, blending deep house, downtempo, and loungey grooves. This album transcends genre and you must hear it for yourself. This is bass music with a mellow jazzy world feel and soothes the soul. Perfect for getting the party started or transitioning into some late night vibes… very sexy! Try: 3, […]

Acclaimed Colombian Electro Tropical & Psychedelic Cumbia sensations bring us a couple fun EPs (Agua & Arire). Beautiful Spanish vocals at just the right time and they don’t take over the songs; in a few styles from hip hop to ballads that test the range to heavy distorted electro fun. Very danceable, upbeat, positive, ass […]

Release Date: June 28, 2021 Label: Roadrunner Records I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say that Turnstile is currently one of the hottest bands in the country. Prior to the release of their full-length record this month, they simultaneously released a four-track EP and a short-film. There’s something here for everyone. Fans of Tame Impala […]

Release Date: May 7, 2021 Label: Self-Released Reality Grey delivers metalcore that will destroy your speakers. They blend brutal and aggressive metal with sweet melodies. Kings of Nothing begins with a groovy and brutal intro with crazy riffs, gives way to a “spacey” interlude with a fusion guitar solo. Preachers of Hatred may be the […]

Experimental, very abstract, from lyrical to dissonant, varied instruments & rhythms.

Sax works, and sax quartets, microtonal. # 5 has breath.

Live recordings of several orchestral works, one with text, sample.

Electronic, multiple layered, and effects, solo guitar–excellent!

Solo, modern violin pieces, reflecting passed musical eras.

Bulgarian composer’s solo piano works. Impressionistic, Romantic, lush.

For varied instruments, these are abstract works, contemporary, lyrical yet with tension. Play!

Gracious, abstract & lyrical, slow solo guitar works. Play!

Although composed in the Classical era, these works have a Baroque sound due to the old forms of the instruments, relative to current instruments.. Gracious & elegant.

Iwona Glinka performs these short, solo, contemporary flute pieces.

Interesting, highly varied in instruments, all abstract. Play most!

Strings with/out Asian instruments. Varied solos, duos, trios, all interesting. Play!

Lovely, Romantic era solo piano pieces. Play!

Classical era to modern, works for clarinet and piano. Play!

Mostly modern works for violin & piano by Finnish composers. Nice!

Romantic era harp works–gracious.

Inspired by travels, varied percussion works. “Four Postcards” are lovely.

Remember when we all went temporarily batsh*t for exactly one sea shanty some dude made a Tik Tok about? Well, spoiler alert: some people have never gotten over their love for singing about the ocean. Also? Goth mermaids. So, you put that all together with a (me-)hearty dash of mythology and homicide, and you get […]

Modern + contemporary, varied works with percussion, flute, horns etc. Interesting!

A Classical era composer, in hommage to a fellow Classical composer.