Physical Reviewing Guidelines

Hey all you happy reviewing folk!

This is the last step in the reviewing process, you’re almost there!  You’ve written a killer review, maybe included photos, music, links, etc.  But how to finish the job so that album gets spins?

Review on the sticky is a condensed tomato soup form of what you write on this site.  This is often the first impression of an album for DJs.  It should be a succinct starting point. *IMPORTANT* make sure the sticky goes on the cover art, NOT the jewel case.  You don’t want it to fall off or be discarded ever.

Stuff that goes on the little white sticker:

(1) Date placed in On-Air Booth

(2) Label the record is put out by


(4) Suggested Tracks

(5) FCC warnings

(6) RIYL (Recommended If You Like)/ RIYD (Dig)

Other requirements:

(7) Artist label

(see below for extra details)


(1) MDs need this to keep the new weeded out properly

(2) Easy for Radioactivity entry

(3) Suggested tracks offer highlights for DJs for quick cueing.

(4) As best you can, the FCC warnings should be clearly delineated.  Any songs that have F***, S***, D***, etc. should be marked.  In fact, any songs you could consider “obscene” should be marked.  The more info the DJs have, the better.

(5) RIYDs are a really great way for a DJ to get a feel for what to expect from a band when done right.  This can be hard sometimes, but really useful. It does NOT have to mean that band A sounds like band B, just that if you likeband B it is probably worth your while to check out band A. Make sense?

(6) Take a permanent marker and write “WRUV” and other fun doodles or whatever pleases you all over the album art so that people are discouraged from EVER stealing something from the station!

(7) On a tiny little cut piece of sticky note, write as many letters of the artist name (as you would alphabetize it) on the sticky and put it on the top spine of the album art. You need to take the CD tray apart to get to the little flap that runs along the side of the jewel case.  (obviously disregard if the album doesn’t have a jewel case!), but make sure it is BIG and legible. This is the first thing DJs are going to see when looking at the stacks.

WOW!!! That sure is a lot of info!  Better make sure those CDs are worth the time!  Make sure you’re reviewing CDs you LIKE!

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