Labeling: How To

As a station we’re currently undergoing the lonnnggg process of transferring our CD collection from disks to digital. In the near-ish future we will be taking dozens of disks at a time and feeding them through a burner-on-steroids in order to extract the audio data. We are labeling the CD’s and their cases with unique codes to be sure that disks can find there way back to their rightful cases once they’ve gone through the burner.

The code will be written on the backside of the case along the spine, as well as on the disk.

Many CD’s will already have a code that can be found at the base of  the spine or on the disk. The code includes an abbreviation of the record label and a number. If the code is provided then your job is easy! Just write the first four letters of the artist’s name and proceed it with the given code.

If you’re unable to find a code then you’ll generate one using these steps:

  •  take the first four letters of the artist name
  • take the first four letters of the label
    *if the album is self-released, just put SR*
  • take the date that you’re putting the disk into the on-air booth (xx/xx/xx)

Grab your sharpie! Scribble the code! You’re done!

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