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Chrissey and Hawley-Chrissey and Hawley

Chrissey and Hawley’s self-titled debut is a mix of Synth Dance, House, Disco Dance and Bubblegum Pop. The tracks are smooth, upbeat and are a fun listen. RIYD: The Juan MacLean, Xeno & Oaklander Tracks: 2,5,6 FCC: 1,4

Autograf-Future Soup/Heartbeat Remixes

Autograf’s Future Soup and Heartbeat tracks have been remixed. The disc contains three remixes of Future Soup and four of Heartbeat. The tracks are various forms of EDM and are all smooth and dance floor friendly. Tracks: All Good

Rosin Murphy-Take Her Up To Monto

Take Her Up To Monto is the latest from artist Roisin Murphy. The album bounces around a bit from Dark Cabaret to Synth Dance and Trip Hop but mostly sticks with the Cabaret sound. The music is dark and sly with Murphy’s vocals anchoring the album. Something a little different from the usual Electronica out […]

Eyes Behind The Veil-Empathy

Empathy is the second album from Chicago artist Eyes Behind The Veil. The album consists of Ambient Soundscapes that drift, float and have a beautiful, haunted quality to them. This is perfect to listen to when going to sleep or laying in a hammock watching the clouds go by. RIYD: Keenya Tracks: All Good

Red Martian-Retrailing

Retrailing is the seventh album from the group Red Martian. The music has a throwback feel with elements of Minimal Wave, very early Synthpop and Electropop. Think Kraftwerk or Klaus Schulze here. The album has a stark feel to it yet there is a certain warmth you feel from the tracks. If retro synth is […]

James Collier-In My Room

The latest album from London-based artist James Collier is titled In My Room. The music is Electro-Jazz with a blend of upbeat Funk, mellow Folk, and Downtempo. Tracks: 2,3,8

Eric Copeland-Black Bubblegum

Black Bubblegum is a full length album from Black Dice’s Eric Copeland. The album is best described as Bubblegum Pop after you picked it up off the ground. There’s definitely some heavy experimentation going on giving the album a quirky, warped out sound. A little off-beat but definitely worth checking out. Tracks: All Good Except […]

Aphex Twin-Cheetah

The latest from Aphex Twin is titled Cheetah. The music was inspired and made on the annoyingly complicated Cheetah MS800. When the Cheetah was introduced no one bought it and even today with retro synths back in style it’s been deemed worthless. That hasn’t stopped Richard D. James from taking a crack at it. The […]

Safia-Embracing Me

Embracing Me is a single and EP from the Australian group Safia. The single contains four remixes of the track and the EP contains the original edit plus three other songs. The music is smooth Electro R&B with a chill groove. RIYD: Chet Faker, Hermitude, Jamie Woon Tracks: 1,2,5,6,7

DJ Shadow-The Mountain Will Fall

The latest work from the iconic DJ Shadow is titled The Mountain Will Fall. The album is classic DJ Shadow blending Experimentalism with Hip Hop produces a novel, creative sound. RIYD: DJ Krush, Mark Pritchard, Flying Lotus Tracks: All Good Except FCC: 3


Transit is the second album from Seattle-based artist Hanssen. The music is Ambient Dance and has been described as having “Dreamy nostalgic synths, spacious off-kilter rhythms, and space-bound melodies. The music has more of an upbeat, fun vibe compared to his debut, Seven Years Week but still retains a mellow vibe. RIYD: Carmen Rizzo, Lowhitey, […]

Sebastian Kill & The Beat Ventriloquist-We’ve Come So Far

We’ve Come So Far is an album from Sebastian Kill & The Beat Ventriloquist. The Music is a smooth, sleek blend of Downtempo House with elements of Electro R&B and Synth Dance. The tracks have that great contradiction of being upbeat yet having a mellow, chill vibe. This is a nice metropolitan album that’s good […]

Bionik-The Way I Be

The Way I Be is the second album from artist Bionik. The music is a mix of Hip Hop, Dancehall, Bass Music and EDM. The music isn’t exactly edgy but it’s definitely made for the club and made to played loud. RIYD: DJ Snake Tracks: 3,5 FCC: 1


Animal is the debut album from French artist Fakear. The music has a Downtempo Soul vibe to it and the songs have a nice mid-tempo pace so it’s upbeat but not too much. There’s also some Asian influences mixed in adding to the depth of the music. Overall a pretty smooth album. RIYD: Flume, Bonobo […]

Rene Lopez-Jam Of The Month Club

The latest fron Rene Lopez is an album titled Jam of the Month Club. The music is all about the 80’s Funk. It’s reminiscent of early Prince or Morris Day and The Time with some touches of Disco Dance mixed in. Even though the music has a retro feel it has a fun, sunny freshness […]

Asti Hiroki-Balance

Balance is the debut EP from Asti Hiroki. The artist’s music has been described as “Taking cues from electronica, post-Dilla hip hop, lo-fi, glitch, jazz and soul music” as well, “Asta Hiroki’s style consists of intricately programmed, syncopated drum rhythms, alternating time signatures and liberal use of orchestral instruments alongside analogue synths”. What you end […]

Syrnko-Changes Remix

Changes Remix is an Ep from Syrnko. Changes was Syrnko’s debut and the four remixing artists are Legowelt, Sven Weismann, DBridge, and Helios. The music has a smooth Minimal Techno feel to it. Tracks: All Good

Max Graef and Glenn Astro-Where The F**k Are My Boiled Eggs

Where The F**k Are My Boiled Eggs is an album from the duo of Max Graef and Glenn Astro. The music has an eclectic, experimental Jazz sound that feels old school and funky. RIYD: Seven Davis Jr., VHS Head Tracks: 2,3,6,8 FCC: Track 2 title, album title

Jesus Velazquez-Gravitational Waves

Gravitational Waves is a self released ep from artist Jesus Velazquez. The music is a mix of Chill Trap, Chillwave and Downtempo. The first two tracks have a smooth, mellow vibe to them with a sleek metropolitan feel to them. The last three still have a mellow-ish vibe to them but with a little more […]

CRi-Tell Her

Tell Her is the latest work from Montreal artist CRi (pronounced cree). The music is a mix of House Synth with some Electro R&B touches. Overall a pretty smooth and shimmering album. RIYD: Jamie XX, Bob Moses Tracks: All Good

The Silver Lake Chorus-The Silver Lake Chorus Remixes

The Silver Lake Chorus’ self-titled debut album has been remixed. The Silver Lake Chorus (TSLC) performs choral arrangements and originally covered Indie Rock tracks. The group was noticed and several Indie Rock artists provided original works for them to sing. Here you still have the haunting choral singing but with elements of Ambient, and mostly […]

Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno Project-1000 Watts

1000 Watts is the latest work from the Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno Project. The music is pretty much a mix of Reggae and Dub. The album is breezy and has been described as “a sun-drenched record”. Tracks: All Good

Samuel-LUV CRY

LUV CRY is the latest work from the artist Samuel. The music is pretty much Electro R&B and with Samuel’s smooth vocals being the main focus. RIYD: Sohn, Michael Brock, River Tiber Tracks: All Good Except FCC #3

Skylab 3-A View From Above

A View From Above is the debut from artist Skylab 3. The music has a chill Downtempo Dub vibe with smooth beats and has sleek, atmospheric feel to it. There’s also South Asian influences threaded in to the music giving it an exotic feel. Overall a pretty sweet debut. RIYD: All India Radio, DJ Sun […]

Plaid-The Digging Remedy

The latest work from the group Plaid is an album titled The Digging Remedy. The music has an IDM vibe similar to Clark with the slightest hint of Downtempo mixed in. The album has a mellow vibe and is easy to listen to but it’s a little bland. It’s good for background music. RIYD: Clark, […]