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West Nile EP

West Nile – “West Nile EP”

West Nile is an electronica that hail from Ontario, and this self-titled EP is their debut project. Tracks are a hybrid of pop and avant-garde electronica with a lot of retro 80s influence. Vocals are layered meticulously and contemplated well with the electronic power of member L-DC’s production. I can see these guys blowing up […]

music complete

New Order is back after 10 years with a fantastic new synth-pop album. These brits started the electro-dance sound back in the 80s – respect and try it! FCC: none Play, 1, 3, 4 RIYL: NEW ORDER (duh)

Logical Drift-The Law Of Light

Mellow Ambient/New Age with a spiritual, cosmic feel. Tracks: All Good

Princess Century-Progress

Side project of Austra’s Maya Poptepski. The album is a mix of Dark Synth Dance and Electro-Alternative and has been described as “minimalist cosmic, disco psychedelia” RIYD: Austra, Blue Hawaii, TRST Tracks: All Good

Le Galaxie-Le Club

It’s all about the Synth Dance! RIYD: Future Islands, Cold Cave Tracks; 2,3,4,8,9,12


Upbeat Pop Dance with some bangers and some smooth tracks. Tracks: 2,5,6,9

Cosmin TRG-III

Simply put this is some great Minimal Techno. Tracks: All Good

Introverted Dance Floor-Introverted Dance Floor

Understated yet groovy Dance music. Tracks; 1,2,7,9,13

DJ Spinn-Off That Loud

A mix of Hip Hop, Deconstructed House, Jungle and Drum&Bass. Tracks:2,3,4 FCC: #1 (Can be played during safe hours 10pm-6am)

Chants-We Are All Underwater

Downtempo mix of Bass Music, 8-Bit, and Electro R&B. Sultry vocals from several guest artists adds to the music. Tracks: All Good

Big Grams-Big Grams EP

Collaboration between Big Boi and Phantogram and has and old school Massive Attack, Trip Hop feel. RIYD: Massive Attack Tracks: All Good

Yppah-Tiny Pause

An organic mix of Ambient, Jazz, Rock and Alternative. The tracks have a nice, fluid feelto them. RIYD: Bonobo, Bibio, Tycho Tracks: 3,4,6,9

Strange Talk-E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.

Australian Synth Pop with a sweet Disco Backdrop. RIYD: Chromeo, Miami Horror Tracks: 2,3,5

Porter Robinson-Worlds Remixed

A remix disc of the Worlds album with various, upbeat styles of EDM. Tracks: 1,4,5,8,12


Stanton Warriors – Rebel Bass (Central Station)

7th album by bass and breaks legends from UK. Some garage and oldschool electro flavor. Some infectious poppy stuff plus booming club bangers. RIYL: Freestylers, Plump DJs, DJ Icey PLAY: 1, 2, 4, 8 FCC: Clean

Bob Moses-Days Gone By

Days Gone By is the latest work from the duo, Bob Moses. The album is a mix of Minimal Techno, Berlin Techno and Alternative Dance. The album has a sleek, slightly mysterious feel to it and the tracks draw you in with both the beats and the vocals. RIYD: Broken Bells, Jon Hopkins Tracks: All […]

Ursula 1000-Voyeur

The latest from Ursula 1000 is a double disc album titled Voyeur. The album is a mix of Dance and Latin Funk. The second disc contains remixes of Faded Denim Wash and Clap Your Hands. The album is upbeat and funky and will get your toes tapping. Tracks: Disc 1-4,5,6,8 Disc 2-2,4,7

ODESZA-In Return

The latest from ODESZA is a double disc album titled In Return. The music is pretty much Electro-Pop but has more depth than a lot of what’s out there right now. The music blends several genres together as well mixing Ambient, Dubstep and Electro Hop into the Pop sound. The album won’t blow your sock […]

The Juan MacLean-Here I Am Remixes

Here I Am Remixes takes the track from The album, In A Dream and adds a spin on the already sweet Synth Dance sound of the duo. Also you can’t beat the vocals of Nancy Whang. Tracks: All Good

Suplington-Tokyo Reflections Remixed

Suplington’s Tokyo Reflections album has been remixed. The album contains the original track Lost In Translation plus 8 remixes. The remixes are mostly Ambient Dance with some elements of Downtempo. Tracks: All good

Silicon-Personal Computer

Personal Computer is the most recent work from artist Silicon. This album is all about the synthesizer and robots (the album is titled Personal Computer) and is a mix of Synth Pop, Minimal Wave and has a retro sound to it. RIYD: Kraftwerk Tracks: 3,7,10


Company is the debut from English artist, Slime. The music is a blend of Downtempo and R&B with some hints of Jazz. The tracks are mellow and smooth and have a nice elegance to them. Tracks: 1,2,4,7,8 FCC: 9

Skylar Spence-Prom King

The latest from Skylar Spence is titled Prom King. The music is upbeat, high energy Synth Pop with some retro 80’s Pop as well. There is also a funky, Disco vibe mixed in as well. Very perky! RIYD: Junior Boys Tracks: 2,3,7,8

Lo Shea-Oxygen Lance

Oxygen Lance is a three track EP from Lo Shea. The music has a Minimal Techno/Tribal Techno feel along with a Dark Techno vibe. This album is perfect for a darkly lit club with huge speakers banging away. RIYD: Dim Past Tracks: All Good

King Midas Sound/Fennesz-Edition 1

King Midas Sound and guitarist Fennesz have teamed up for an album titled Edition 1. This is first in a series of four albums but as of now those future collaborators are unknown. On this album the music has a fuzzy, mellow, Downtempo feel and could also be described as Narco Dub. The music is […]


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