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Creatures is the latest from artist RONE. The music is a mix of IDM with hints Electro Jazz that has a futuristic Vangelis feel. The tracks have been described as individual short stories with each telling its own tale. That is true, each track does have a different vibe but there is still a good […]

Howling-Sacred Ground

Sacred Ground is the full length debut from the duo Howling. The music is a mix of Electro Goth, Ambient Dance and Emo Rock. The vocals are haunting as is the music which also has a darkness threaded into the tracks. Even though there is that darkness the music has an upbeat tempo which adds […]

Ephemerals-Life Is Good

Life is Good is a single from Ephemerals. The disc contains the original single plus three remixes. The original edit has a funky Neo-Soul vibe and the remixes include Drum&Bass, House and Minimal Techno. The tracks have an uplifting vibe and are perfect for the dance floor. Tracks: All Good


Oceanarium is the full length debut from artist Corduroi. The track titles have an aquatic motif to them with names like Overboard, Dolphin Hanglider, and Mermaid Island to name a few. The music has a breezy, Synth sound with some 8-bit and a little bit of Funk thrown in. I can imagine listening to this […]

Shlump- Various EPs

The latest 3 EPs from the laid-back, bugged-out Shlump. In contrast to the recently reviewed Shell Shock Legends, this is actually “music people would listen to” since it’s “not like being yelled at”. The newly evolving genre Future Bass is the best way to describe this. Spacey blips and bloops grounded with some deep bass […]


Analysis is the debut album from Australian based artist, Craun. The music is very mellow Ambient with soothing soundscapes. RIYD: Kadahn, Keenya, Greyghost Tracks: All Good

Roisin Murphy-Exploited

Exploited is a single from Roisin Murphy’s Hairless Toys album. The single contains the original edit plus seven remixes with a mix of Minimal Techno, Detroit Techno, House, Electro-Jazz and Electro-Classical. The tracks are all upbeat and dance floor friendly but there is a subtle dark streak partially from Murphy’s deep, haunting vocals which adds […]

Altered Tapes-Savant Garde

Savant Garde is a debut album from the Chicago based group Altered Tapes. The album takes classic Funk, Hip Hop and Soul tracks and puts their spin on them. Some of the artists being re-worked are De La Soul, Notorious BIG, Digable Planets and Arrested Development. The original flavor of the tracks are fully intact […]


Noontide is the latest release from Canadian duo Humans. The music is up tempo Indie Electro Pop with a nice blend of electronic elements mixed with jangly guitars and has elements of Tropicalia as well. Overall the album has a sunny, upbeat vibe that is easy to listen to. RIYD: Junior Boys, Animal Collective, !!! […]


Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore has struck out on his own with an album titled MG. Gore made a Minimal Techno album with former Depeche Mode member Vince Clarke under the moniker Vcmg. Gore is known for his song writing skills but here the album is completely instrumental and has a Dark Ambient/IDM feel. The album […]

Midival Punditz-Light

The latest from New Dehli based duo Midival Punditz is titled Light. Known as the Chemical Brothers of India The music is a mix of mellower Big Beat and Electro Rock with a distinct Indian influence threaded into the tracks. Tracks: 3,5,7

George FitzGerald-Fading Love

The latest from George FitzGerald is an album titled Fading Love. The music is a smooth blend of Minimal Techno and House and has a pure dance floor sound. This is a well-produced album that should stand out from the rest of the bunch. RIYD: Mark E, Martyn, Caribou, Four Tet Tracks: 2,3,5,6,7

Sax G-Lullaby of the Forbidden Dancer

Lullaby of the Forbidden Dancer is the latest from Seattle artist, Sax G. This one is a quickie with four tracks coming in a ten minutes. That doesn’t diminish the impact the tracks have, though, which are a smooth mix of Downtempo and Electro R&B. Tracks: All Good

Braids-Deep In The Iris

Montreal based band Braids are back with their third album titled Deep In The Iris. The music is lush and melodic with beautiful vocals from Raphaelle Standell-Preston. The music is a mix of Dream Pop, Ambient Dance, Folktronica and Cold Wave and is reminiscent of The Cocteau Twins and Kate Bush. This album has a […]

Ryan Huber-Akharon

Akharon is the latest work from artist Ryan Huber who is also known as Olekranon, Dhow and Sujo. The music here is best described as Drone Ambient and is a little smoother than what you hear from his other alias’s. Three of the four tracks are over ten minutes giving the listener time to sink […]

Chester Hawkins-Apostasy Suite

Chester Hawkins who is also known as Blue Sausage Infant has released a second album under his real name, a live album titled Apostasy Suite. The music is Ambient Drone and Hawkins’ music is described as “The goal remains the creation of deep and elegant trance states with a glaze of paranoid tension”. While that […]

Bob Moses-All In All

All in All is the latest from the duo known as Bob Moses. The music is a mix of Minimal Techno and Alternative Dance with some similarities to Broken Bells and Jon Hopkins. The music has a smooth mid-tempo groove that will get your fingers snapping and your toes tapping. RIYD: Jon Hopkins, Broken Bells […]

E1sbar-Super Fantasy

Super Fantasy is an album from Es1bar (pronounced Icebear). The music has a smooth yet peppy Alternative Dance vibe and Piper Davis provides bubbly, ethereal vocals. Similar to Phantogram or Little Dragon the music is groovy and fun to listen to. RIYD: Phantogram, Little Dragon Tracks: 2,3,5,7

Squarepusher-Damogen Furies

The latest from Squarepusher is an album titled Damogen Furies. The artist has expanded his sonic repertoire, ditching his signature Electro-Jazz sound for a glitch Drum&Bass sound instead. You can still hear Squarepusher’s Jazz influenced essence, though, in the tracks but the glitch gets to be a little too much at times. Squarepusher is always […]

Miami Horror- All Possible Future

All Possible Futures is the latest from the Australian group Miami Horror. The music is peppy Pop Dance with some Disco Dance and Indie Dance undercurrents. The music is upbeat and sunny, perfect for these warm spring days. RIYD: Flight Facilities, The Presets Tracks: 1,4,5,8,13

Cuushe-Night Lines

The latest release from Japanese artist Cuushe is titled Night Lines. The music is dreamy mix of “uptempo” Downtempo with an R&B flair. The artist vision for this album was Tokyo at night and the music definitely fits that description. It’s haunting an exotic yet has a metro feel to it. RIYD: TokiMonsta, Fetal Pulse […]

Desert Dwellers-The Great Mystery

The Great Mystery is the eighth album from the group Desert Dwellers. The music is a mix of World Downtempo with Psy-Trance and Ambient Dub. The music is exotic with a futuristic feel to it and is a good album to chill out to. RIYD: Sounds From The Ground, Pitch Black Tracks: All Good

Rollercoasterwater-Dripping Retina

Debut album from Rollercoasterwater is titled Dripping Retina. The album has an Experimental Ambient sound with touches of Electro-Rock, 8-Bit and Minimal Wave. The music is a little off beat but has an upbeat yet dreamy vibe to it that hooks the listener right in. RIYD: Ambulaunz, Seabat, Cankun Tracks: 1,3,6,7,8

Zero 7-EP3

EP3 is the latest from artist Zero 7. The music is Downtempo but this time around there are some elements of Folktronica and Ambient Rock and there is a much more of a mellow vibe than previous work. Tracks: All Good


Adventure is the full length debut from French artist Madeon. The music is an upbeat mix of Nu-Disco, French House, and Synth Pop. Time to hit the dance floor! Tracks: 3,5,7,9,10


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