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Meela Dee-Deep Soul

Deep Soul is an EP from Meela Dee. The music has elements of Dubstep, Jungle, Bass Music, House and Techno with some serious beats. The music is both gritty yet smooth hooking you deeper into the tracks. RIYD: Burial, Gaspard de la Montagne

The Range pic


On “Potential”, producer James Hinton masterfully creates mellow, yet powerful, beats to direct the listener’s attention to simple vocal samples that he pulled from the depths of Youtube. The sampled vocalists are mostly unknown artists and range in styles, from rap to indie. Completely new works of art emerge after Hinton is done sculpting the layered […]


MMOTHS – “Luneworks”

Jack Colleran, also known as MMOTHS is an Irish electronic music producer, and “Luneworks” is his debut album. On this release, MMOTHS combines unique ambient arrangements with organic piano licks that compliment the noisy, chilled out vibe of the album. Most of these tracks are instrumental, but when there are vocals on a song, they […]

Ryan Huber-Kanab

Ryan Huber returns this time with a three track album titled Kanab. The music is Drone Ambient with Huber’s usual effects of hissing, scrapings and field recordings with a steady, hypnotic beat. Another superb effort from this artist. Tracks: All Good

The Range-Potential

Potential is an album from artist The Range. The album is based on early YouTube snippets of up and coming artists “expressing themselves unfettered by the constraints of the industry”. The music itself has a Bass Music vibe to it with elements of Hip Hop, Electro Pop and R&B with vocals provided by these previously […]

Una-Hiss For The Fly

The group Una’s most recent release is titled Hiss For The Fly. The music has a Trip Hop feel with elements of Jazz, Blues, Funk and Soul. Something a little bit different but it does kind of hooks you in. RIYD: Ducky Tracks: 2,4,6

Mood Robot-The Story We Tell Ourselves

The Story We Tell Ourselves is the latest from Mood Robot. The music has a Synth Pop vibe similar to Chvrches. The music has been described as having “echoing synths, driving beats and an uplifting atmospheric charm”. RIYD: Chvrches Tracks: 2,5,6 FCC: 4


Seattle duo, Cock & Swan have done the soundtrack to choreographer Kate Wallich’s dance performance piece, Splurge Land. The music is a departure from the lush Dream Pop they usually create but the duo has never shied away from experimenting and many of their remixed tracks have a more electronic sound. Here the music is […]

Underworld-Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future

Underworld is back this time with an album titled Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future. The music is mostly upbeat and has a party vibe to it with a few slow track to balance things out. Even though they have been making music for over twenty years I find it a little hard to […]


Starwalker is the combination of artists Jean-Benoit Dunckel (Air, Tomorrow’s World) and Bardi Johannsson (Bang Gand, Lady & Bird). The music is a mix of Indie Rock with a Synth Pop backdrop. The music feels a little cheesy to me and a tad bland as well. Tracks: 1,9

J. Anthony Allen-Conic Arias

Conic Arias is the latest from J. Anthony Allen. The album is a remix album of his 2015 work Aniscoria with twelve different artists remixing his tracks. The music ranges from Ambient Dance, Classical Ambient, House, and Downtempo Dub. Each track has its own vibe so there’s something for everybody on this album. Tracks: 1,3,4,5,8,10

Hippie Sabotage-Provedence

The latest from Hippie Sabotage is titled Providence. The music has elements of Hip Hop, Downtempo, R&B, Bass Music and Trip Hop. The music is smooth with an urban edge. RIYD: Sounds From The Ground, Diplo Tracks: 2,3,5,6,7,10


The latest from artist Douchka is titled Together. The music mixes Electro R&B with elements of 8-Bit, Lounge and Synth. Smooth and silky. RIYD: Flume, Hudson Mohawke Tracks: 1,3,4,6

The Sea

GHIIA – “The Sea”

On his debut 5 song EP, Russian electronic singer/songwriter provides 5 tracks that have minimalist production and looming vocals. The production on this album is dark, and ambient at times, and there is a pretty slick clarinet that pops in on the third track. The lyrics are reflective, and typically reference GHIIA’s time as a […]

Tiga-No Fantasy Required

The latest from Montreal based artist Tiga is an album titled No Fantasy Required. Tiga has been called “the godfather of dance” and this album certainly proves that statement. It’s bubbly and fun like on the track “3 Rules” but also has more “serious tracks like “Planet E” and “No Fantasy Required”. The music is […]

Princess Century-Rendevous

Rendevous is a three track EP from Princess Century. Princess Century is Maya Postepski who is part of Austra and has worked with TRUST both Dark Synth bands. Princess Century’s debut had a similar sound and Rendevous does have aspects of Dark Synth, there is a harder Techno sound here. Over the EP is pretty […]

Submotion Orchestra-In Gold

In Gold is a remix disc from Submotion Orchestra. The disc contains the original edit plus seven remixes with genres including EDM, World Electronica, Electro Funk, and IDM. There’s a good variety here so there’s something for everyone. Tracks: 1,2,6,8


The latest from Brazilian singer Ceu is titled Tropix. The music is a breezy, smooth blend of Lounge, Indie Dance, Brazilian music and Dub. There’s a nice mix of electronic aspects with traditional instruments as well as a good variety of tempos. A good album for the warmer days of summer. Tracks: 1,3,6,8

Starchild & the Romantic

Crucial is Starchild & the Romantic’s debut on the Ghostly label. The music has been described as “electro and R&B, with silky sheets of synth cascading over rubbery bass lines”. The music is smooth with a nice mix of upbeat and mellow tracks. Give it a listen. RIYD: Peven Everett, Seven Davis Jr. Tracks: All […]

Solar Bears-Advancement

The latest from Solar Bears is titled Advancement. The music has an IDM feel to it but also there’s a retro edge to it as well. It sounds like Clark and Tangerine Dream were put in a blender and this was the results. The music has a bit of a Sci-Fi feel and some good […]

Fatima Al Qadiri-Brute

Brute is the second full length album from artist Fatima Al Qadiri. The music explores the strained relationship between protesters and police officers. The music mixes elements Ambient, IDM and Atmospheric Bass with sounds you might hear during a protest- sirens, protesters and police using megaphones, etc. The mood is definitely not cheerful; there is […]

Club Cheval-Discipline

Discipline is the debut album from Club Cheval. The group is considered a “super group” consisting of French artists Canblaster, Sam Tiba, Myd, and Panteros666. The music is a mix of EDM, R&B, Pop Dance and Hip Hop. The tracks are upbeat and have a good production quality showcasing these artist’s talents. RIYD: Sebastian Tellier, […]

Army of the Universe

The Magic is the latest from Industrial trio Army of the Universe. The album contains three tracks plus a remix for each track. The tracks are all bangers with a hard edge but still dance floor friendly. RIYD: Bass Nectar, The Prodigy, Aphex Twin Tracks: All Good

Autograf-Future Soup

Future Soup is the debut EP from the Chicago trio Autograf. The music is a smooth mix of EDM with an Ambient Dance vibe to it. A solid debut from this Midwest trio. RIYD: ODESZA, Kygo Tracks: All Good

Throwing Shade-House of Silk

The latest from artist Throwing Shade is titled House of Silk. The music is a mix of Ambient, Synth Pop and Dreamwave and has a nice, well, dreamy vibe to it. Very nice. RIYD: Jam City, Holly Herndon, Sophie Tracks: All Good


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