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Andreya Triana-Gold

Gold is a single from Andreya Triana. The original edit has a Neo-Soul vibe with a Dance undercurrent to it. The remixes range from Ambient Dance, Deep House, and Electro-Soul. All have a good groove with that would sound good at a cocktail party. Label: Counter Tracks: 2,3,4


Sonomad’s (also known as Supreme Beings of Leisure) self-titled album is a rooted in Lounge but has elements of Atmospheric Bass, Ambient, South Asian and Dub. The music has a good tempo with some tracks having a mellow, breezy feel while others are more upbeat and danceable to still have an easy sound. Overall a […]


Kemeken Remixes is a four track disc from artist Meklit. The original track is rooted in Afro Rock with hints of Jazz and Funk. The remixes are different dub versions but still retain a funky vibe. Tracks: All Good

Future Brown- Future Brown

Self-titled debut from Future Brown is a mix of Hip Hop, UK Grime, Reggaeton and Dancehall.  The tracks are gritty and have a strong urban flair. Tracks: 1,3     FCC: 4,7,8,9,10,11

Deison and Mingle-Weak Life

The latest from Deison and Mingle is an album titled Weak Life. This is Dark Ambient at its best (or worst as the case may be). The duo embraces the dark and bleak side of Ambient with static drones, tense beats and spooky field recordings. Not for everyone but for those who like to lurk […]

Lourdes Rebels-Snuff Safari

Snuff Safari is an album from Italian duo Lourdres Rebels. The music has a strong Experimental vibe to it with elements of Industrial, Dark Ambient, Tropicalia and IDM. This is on the fringes of Electronica but it still has good beats and even though it’s a little far out you can still groove to it. […]

Prinze George-Prinze George

Prinze George’s self-titled EP is pretty much Synth Pop with very smooth vocals from Naomi Almquist. A solid debut. Tracks: All Good


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