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Broken Decks-Helter

Helter is an album from Broken Decks. The music is a dreamy blend of Ambient Dance and Dubstep. A good album to float away to without drifting to far. RIYD: Banku Tracks: All Good

James Ferraro-Skid Row

Debut album from James Ferraro is titled Skid Row. The album is based on his poems about societies collapse and has been described as having “…hints of Thrash, Country, Modern Classical and Neo-Brutalism.” The album has an Experimental quality to it and the tracks do not follow a traditional style as well the lyrics do […]

Prequel Tapes-Inner Systems

Inner Systems is the latest work from Prequel Tapes. The music has a dark streak through it with elements of Industrial, Dark Ambient and IDM. Foreboding beats and haunting synths dominate this album. Tracks: All Good


The second full length release from artist Shigeto is titled Intermission. The music is a mix of Ambient, IDM and Downtempo and has a sound similar to Boards of Canada or Bonobo. The album is short and sweet coming in at 23 minutes and has a nice, mellow vibe. Tracks: All Good

Robot Koch-Hypermoment

Hypermoment is the latest from Robot Koch. The music is a mix of Berlin Techno, Electro R&B and Ambient Techno. The album was inspired a quote by Watchman author Alan More “I’ve come to think that the universe is a four-dimensional site in which nothing is changing and nothing is moving. The only thing that […]


Arca returns with his second album, Mutant. Similar to his debut, the music is an experimental blend of IDM, Ambient, Glitch, With some Bass Music elements and the tracks bounce from smoother tracks like Vanity to static filled and spooky like on the track Mutant. The album feels like a complete piece, the songs chapters […]

Young Galaxy-Falsework

Montreal-based group, Young Galaxy’s third and latest album is titled Falsework. The music is pure and unadulterated Synth Dance with sweet vocals from Catherine McCandless. RIYD: CHVRCHES. Little Dragon Tracks: 1,2,4,6,9

Shocking Pinks-Dance the Dance Electric

Dance the Dance Electric is the latest from Shocking Pinks. The music has been described as “…dirty lo-fi production, sweet melodies, and unexpected aggression. This is Rock music for the dance floor. RIYD: !!!, Deerhunter, LCD Soundsystem, Clarence Clarity Tracks: 1,3,5,8,10

Oneohtrix Point Never-Garden of Delete

Garden of Delete is the latest from Oneohtrix Point Never. The album is very Experimental with elements of Rock, IDM, Ambient and Vapor Wave. The artist spent time touring with Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden and you can hear the Industrial influence in the tracks. There’s also an Aphex Twin vibe hear as well. The […]


The latest from DJ and Hyperdub founder Kode9 is titled Nothing. The album has a deconstructed vibe and blends horror film samples, J-Pop and mixes them with Grime, Early Dubstep and Chicago Footwork. The music twists and turns with a track starting out rough and jagged but then smoothes out into a thumping, jazzy dubstep […]


EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE is an album by Rustie. The album has a raw edge to it with thumping bass, scrappy sequencing, and 8-Bit vocals. A bit of a tough listen but there are some solid tracks here. Tracks: 4,6,11

Matt Diamond-Curvature

Curvature is the latest from Matt Diamond. The tracks are smooth with a Downtempo/Lounge feel along with an Ambient Dance vibe. Tracks: 1,3,5,7

Wolfgang Flur-Eloquence: The Complete Works

Eloquence: The Complete Works is a compilation from ex-Kraftwerk drummer Wolfgang Flur. Flur with band mate Florian Schneider invented the first drum pads in 1973 to further their electronic sound. The music definitely has a Kraftwerk Minimal Wave, Electro Pop sound but there is a lush backdrop added to the music creating depth and a […]

Maribou State-Portraits Remixed

Maribou State’s album Portraits has been remixed. The music ranges from Synth Dance, Lounge, Ambient Dance and Downtempo. There’s a good amount of variety here and the tracks all have a nice smoothness to them. Tracks: 2,3,5,7,8,9

Shana Halligan-Back To Me

Songstress Shana Halligan returns with an album titled Back To Me. The music blends a Downtempo vibe with elements of Electro-Jazz. The album has been described as “A Prohibition Era speakeasy in 1920’s America backed by a futuristic electronic jazz band”. RIYD: Meg Myers, Everything But The Girl Tracks: 1,4,6,7

James Whetzel-Man With A Movie Camera Soundtrack

Musician James Whetzel has done the soundtrack to the movie 1929 silent movie Man With A Movie Camera. The album is a mix of Ambient, Experimental, Found-Sound and influences from the Indian Subcontinent. The tracks are short and concise with over 50 tracks on the album totaling just over an hour. The music is engaging, […]

Escort-Animal Nature

Animal Nature is the latest from Escort. The music is a sweet mix of Disco Dance and Synth Dance and is very groovy and upbeat. RIYD: The Juan MacLean Tracks: 1,3,4,6,8

Floating Points-Elaenia

Elaenia is the latest from artist Floating Points. The music is a mix of Ambient and IDM with Jazz overtones. The music sounds very similar to Boards of Canada or The Future Sound of London. The tracks have that perfect “upbeat mellowness” to groove to. RIYD: Boards of Canada, The Future Sound of London Tracks: […]

Super Magic Hats-Daydream

Daydream is the latest work from Super Magic Hats. The music has a buoyant Ambient vibe to the tracks is is very pleasant to listen to. RIYD: Hobbess, Tycho Tracks: All Good

Ocean Hope-Chamber Dreams

Chamber Dreams is the debut from Ocean Hope. The music is a dreamy mix of Gothic, Shoegaze and Ambient. Very mellow and soothing, a good album to drift away to. RIYD: Cocteau Twins Tracks: All Good

Hobbess-Caved Out

Caved Out is the debut from Portland based artist, Hobbess. The music is a bubbly blend of Bass Music, IDM and Ambient. Usually these genres have a hard edge to them but these tracks have a smooth evanescence to them yet still retain a metropolitan feel. Perfect for a stroll through the streets of Montreal. […]

dznt-Circle of Life

Circle of Life is an album from Japanese artist dznt. The music has a nice upbeat, Ambient groove that draws you in to a lush, mellow world. RIYD: Tycho, Klunks Tracks: All Good

DJ Beeso-Haiilka

Hayiilka is an album from artist DJ Beeso. The music is a mix of Ambient, Experimental, and has some South American influences threaded into the music. The music has a mellow yet upbeat vibe and the South American influences keeps it fresh and funky. Tracks: All Good

Stick Against Stone-Instant

Instant is an album from Stick Against Stone. The music has been described as “A hybrid melodic mashup of horn-rich noir funk, ghostly dub ballads, pulsing samba flecked with Afrobeat juice and snarling post-punk rock energy.” Tracks: 2,4,8


Debut album from artist Roseau is titled Salt. The music has a smooth Downtempo/Bass Music vibe and the artist’s vocals are very smooth and sensual. RIYD: Gavin Turek, Kid A Tracks: 2,3,5,7,10


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