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Stage Hands-Stage Hands

Self-titled debut album from the duo Stage Hands is a mix of IDM, Ambient, Lounge, and Jazz and has an experimental quality to it with a subtle, subdued vibe. Tracks: 2,4 FCC: 6

Use Your Peripherals-Playlist Of Our Doppelganger

Debut from the group Use Your Peripherals is titled Playlist Of Our Doppelganger. The music bounces around from Electro-Rock to Synth Dance to Country? Not too sure about this one but give it a listen and decide for yourself. Tracks: 3,7,9

Johan Agebjorn-Notes

The latest from Johan Agebjorn is an album titled Notes. The inspired by a Casio MT-52, Agebjorn has dialed down his Synth Pop sound to more of a Synth-Ambient sound reminiscent of Tangerine Dream or Vangelis. Along those lines, the sound is very retro with an early to mid-80’s sound. Overall a different direction for […]

Hundred Water-The Moon Rang Like A Bell Remixed

Hundred Water’s The Moon Rang Like A Bell has been remixed. Kodak to Graph, Shigeto and Plaid are some of the remixing artists. The tracks are mostly mellow and range from Acoustic, Ambient, and Electro-Rock. Overall not a bad remix album but it is a little bland. Tracks: 2,5,7,8,9

Carmen Rizzo-Illumanado

Carmen Rizzo’s sixth and latest release is titled Illumanado. The music is a sensual mix of Lounge and Ambient with smooth vocals and spiritually laced voice overs that are threaded throughout the tracks. Overall this is an exotic, dreamy album that is a perfect album to listen to while drifting away. RIYD: Adham Shaikh, Loop […]

11 Acorn Lane-Time For Tea

The latest from the duo 11 Acorn Lane is titled Time For Tea. The music has been called “accomplished musical whimsy” and is “a groovy concoction of lounge music and contemporary electronics spiked with top notes of surf rock, cha-cha and brass. I think this could keep the NPR show “Says, You” with enough soundtrack […]

Michna-Thousand Thursday

Thousand Thursday is the second album from Michna. The music is rooted in Synth Dance but has an Experimental vibe to it with elements of Electro-Hop and IDM. The tracks are clean and crisp and added experimentation gives the tracks a little something extra to make them stand from the rest. RIYD: The Juan Maclean, […]


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