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Ethan Gold – E X P A N S E S ( T E E N A G E S Y N T H S T R U M E N T A L S ) [Electrik Gold]

The sophomore release from Los Angeles-based composer/performer/producer Ethan Gold is chucked full of diverse, lo-fi instrumental goodness that harks for simpler times. Was this made in the 1970’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s? It’s kind of hard to tell, since this indeed does not sound like any of the electronic music being made today. Release Date: 7/31/2018 […]

Martyn – Voids [Ostgut Ton]

A darkly beautiful return to form for the Dutch producer and DJ, Martyn. His first album in 4 years, Voids recalls a post-dubstep world where anything could happen. It’s a rugged, percussion heavy wander from warehouse rave into abstract jazz that may not hit on all levels, but remains engaging throughout. Release Date: 7/19/2018 Play: […]

Ross From Friends – Family Portrait [Brainfeeder]

This one has been on heavy rotation for the last few weeks, and the 90’s nostalgia is curious. What on Earth does this U.K. producer Felix Clary have to do with David Schwimmer? Nothing really; Clary just likes “the old school sound.” As Ross From Friends, he pushes all sorts of low-fidelity dance music elements […]

Oneohtrix Point Never – The Station [Warp]

The first of 2 follow up EP’s to Daniel Lopatin’s latest full length album as Oneohtrix Point Never is a mixed bag of tricks, but it’s good. How good? Very good. Surprisingly good. Too good to be written off. Play it through several times on cloudy morning and still going good. Release Date: 7/27/2018 Play: […]

Actress + London Contemporary Orchestra – LAGEOS [Ninja Tune]

An ongoing collaboration between Darren Cunningham and LCO has blossomed into a full 10 track album that mixes classic Actress with contemporary classical music.  It’s upbeat, stringy, repetitive, and blurry– a waning hybrid between techno and acoustic melodies that will excite some and annoy others. Release Date: 5/25/2018 Play: 4, 6, 7, 9 RIYL: Daniel […]

Claptone – Fantast [Different]

The masked EDM performer (how many are there now?) drops a radio friendly Sophomore album of cheerful house music that’s in stark contrast to the foreboding cover art. Of the thirteen tracks, only two break four minutes– a rather short window for the fist pumping, drop worshipping dance clergy. Regardless, the different vocalists Claptone employs […]

Leon Vynehall – Nothing is Still [Ninja Tune]

Debut album on the mighty Ninja Tune label from seasoned British dance producer Leon Vynehall is fluid indeed, and nothing short of epic. Inspired by his Grandparents emigration from England to New York City, Vynehall created a concept record blending classical and ambient music that is a far cry from his previous, more club-oriented releases. […]

Nite Haus – Saturation [Self Released]

Fans of Crystal Castles and New Order will surely enjoy this sweet synthy synthwave from German / American electronic duo Nite Haus. This, their second album, is in fact arty electro pop to the full extent. The vocals are rough, but in a sultry, cigarettes after sex sort of way. Generally speaking, Saturation lacks polish […]

Rasmus Juncker – Ophold [Kingdoms]

The debut album from Danish musician Rasmus Juncker lands somewhere between modern classical and noisey electronica. “I used multiple microphones on the same sound sources and manipulated them into completely new sounds,” Juncker noted. The resulting 6 track album is composed entirely from first take compositions that were later arranged and layered by Juncker. Music […]

Liminal Drifter – The Dreams [Hidden Shoal]

Australian dreamsonica is on full display from Dr. Simon Order aka Liminal Drifter. And yes, he actually does have Ph.D. Order has been making electronic music since the early 90’s, and describes his Liminal Drifter project as “an ongoing travelogue between identities, physical places and states of consciousness.” The good doctor’s exceptional talents are on […]

James Whetzel (SR) Slow Waves

Our friend James Whetzel puts out another unique and beautiful sonic experience. He calls it “cryogenic chill” because it’s ultra chill-out music for de-stressing, tai chi, yoga, dmt, meditation etc. Very ambient and atmospheric stuff here, could easily be layered with more for a sonic meditation or taken on it’s own. Try: ALL 1,3,5. RIYL: Meditation […]

DJ Koze – Kock Knock [Pampa]

The much anticipated follow up to Stefan Kozalla’s 2013 break through Amygdala is everything great about electronic music. Warm, glittery, saturated, hypnotic, soulful, optimistic, minimal, emotional, dreamy, cohesive… shall I continue? You should probably just listen. Release Date: 5/4/2018 Play: 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11 RIYL: Kolsch, The Field, John Talabot  

oOoOO & Islamiq Grrrls – Faminine Mystique [Nihjgt Feelings]

One can only imagine the early morning scenes in the Berlin apartment where this album was recorded in its entirety. It is a sort of difficult hear, disorienting experiment with Auto-Tune, shoegaze vocals and crafted guitar solos. You might call it trip hop revivalism, 90’s nostalgia, or just plain crap. It’s worth a listen, regardless. […]

Johnny Jewel – Themes for Television [Italians Do It Better]

A collection of ambient material intended for the “Twin Peaks” series reboot makes a surprise drop via the indie label Italians Do It Better. Jewel composed close to 20 hours of music for the show, and submitted nearly 7 hours of complete compositions intended for use in production– All were ultimately rejected by creator David […]

Anemone – Baby Only You And I [Luminelle]

Bleeding into the edges of alternative we have Montreal-based artist Chloé Soldevila sounding a lot like Stereolab mixed with Mark Pritchard. It’s worldly, jammy, strange, and seriously addictive. Release Date: 4/27/2018 Play: 1, 2, 3, 4 RIYL: Stereolab, Saint Etienne

Amber Mark – Conexão EP [Interscope]

The 23-year-old New York artist and globe trotter Amber Mark makes it sound so easy– like she has been making sublime pop and singing elegant R&B hooks for decades. Four tracks just isn’t enough. Pick one. Release Date: 5/7/2018 Play: 1, 2, 3, 4…. That’s all of them! RIYL: Charlotte Day Wilson, Ravyn Lenae, Jorja […]

GAS – Rausch [Kompakt]

Ambient techno from beyond the grave. The apex of perfection on a rainy Monday morning. Something that is meant to be heard from beginning to end. Probably not the best work for radio airplay given the longevity and progressive nature of it all, but simply a must for enthusiasts of electronic music. Release Date: 5/18/2018 […]

A.A.L (Nicolas Jaar) 2012 – 2017 [Other People]

New York based Chilean-American composer and recording artist Nicolas Jaar (Against All Logic) releases a treasure trove of basement tracks and disco loops.  “This Old House is All I Have” might be the best thing you hear this week… Release Date: 5/17/2018 RIYL: Lone, James Blake, Falty DL Label: Other People  

Forest Swords – DJ Kicks [!K7]

Following two successful, timeless albums on Ninja Tune and Tri Angle, Forest Swords takes the helm of a 27-track compilation for !K7’s long running DJ Kicks series. It circles around ‘80s post-punk, ‘90s electronica, and features selections from Laurel Halo, Orbital, Dead Can Dance, Neneh Cherry, David Toop, Demdike Stare & more. A few exclusive […]

Zhu – Ringers Desert Pt. 1

And who is this mysterious man cutting circles in the Namibian desert ? It’s Chinese-American DJ and producer ZHU delivering the most suitable sort of Electronica for getting down on Ringer’s Desert. An exciting, enjoyable flirtation with Jazz, Blues, Reggaeton, 90’s House, Glitch and Pop. Wow. Release Date: 4/26/2018 Play: 1, 3, 5, 6, 7 RIYL: […]

Simian Mobile Disco – Murmurations [Wichita]

Electronic duo Simian Mobile Disco have returned with their 5th studio album named after “giant cloud formations of starlings”. Collaborating with London’s all female Deep Throat Choir, Murmurations is a fantastic sensory experience appropriate for dance floors, coding, or cooking Sunday sauce. Captivating, indeed. Release Date: 5/7/2018 Play: 1, 2, 5, 7 RIYL: Bicep, Matthew […]

Fluxion – Ripple Effect [Vibrant Music]

For his 7th album, established dub techno producer Konstantinos Soublis (Fluxion) has composed a soundtrack to a movie that doesn’t exist. Play this album through all nine tracks and hear it gradually expand outward from the sweet, slow-burn techno that Fluxion is known for, to more subdued ambient compositions. An excellent departure from previous releases. Release […]

Alison Wonderland – Awake [Astralwerks]

“Punctuated noise” is how others have described the sophmore release from Australian electronic music producer Alison Wonderland. Having listened to the 12 track album start-to-finish, the description proved accurate. Once was enough, although there are some highlights amidst the pop, trap and hip hop amalgamations. Release Date: 4/6/2018 Play: 1, 5, 13 | FCC: 4, […]

Solo Organ – Frequency Illusion [Golden Slipper]

What a weird and scary record from San Francisco based artist Douglas Katelus twerking a Hammond Organ next to “a couple custom Bob Schleicher and Bill Beet Leslies along with a Fender Twin”. If you ever wondered what avant-garde music sounded like in 2018, look no further. “Words” is a cover of a Neil Young […]

Sango – In the Comfort Of [Last Gang]

Sango’s In the Comfort Of is a GREAT listen! If you are already a fan, you will definitely recognize some of his mixes he has previously posted on Soundcloud. One of my favorite things about Sango is the way he integrates Brazilian Funk and Samba into his music. The Brazilian music he samples really puts […]