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MUTUAL-After Finitude

The latest work from Portuguese duo MUTUAL is titled After Finitude. Their music has been described as being a “rough and rugged fusion of deconstructed breaks, distorted jungle, immersive house/techno, and atmospheric ambient styles.” The EP only has three tracks making it a tight, concise album that’s worth checking out. Tracks: All Good

Tori Bukle-Cardio Nova

Cardio Nova is the debut album on the Hush Hush label from artist Tori Bukle. The album has an Ambient R&B vibe mixed with some Atmospheric Bass. The music sounds like Tycho and Burial were put into a blender. The music is smooth and mellow but also has some good beats backing it up. RIYD: […]


Electronic re-workings  by known DJs of classical pieces, mostly well-known works. Some work better than others.

No Moon-Nothing Else Matters

Nothing Else Matters is a four track Ep from No Moon. The music is a mix of Minimal Techno and Deep House with steady, pounding beats and the tracks have a cosmic feel. Tracks: All Good

Kratos-Stay True

Stay True is Kratos’s second album on the Youngbloods label. The music has a smooth Electro-Jazz vibe with elements of IDM, Downtempo and Folktronica. The music has been described as having “warm Rhodes piano chords, gentle jazz brushes, and off-kilter percussive rudiments.. . Overall a smooth album that perfect to chill to. RIYD: Bonobo, Shigeto, […]

Pusher-Clear Remixes

Pusher has released a remix album of the track Clear. The album contains the original edit plus four remixes. The remixes have mostly an EDM vibe are ready for the dance floor. Tracks: All Good

Coldcut-Only Heaven Remixes

Coldcut has released a remix album from their Only Heaven album. The remixes are a mix of Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Minimal Techno, House and EDM. There’s a nice variety here so it worth a listen. Tracks: All Good

Fickle Friends-Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a single from Fickle Friends. The original has an Indie Dance, Electro Pop feel and is very upbeat and bubbly. The “Everything Everything” remix has more of a dance vibe to it. RIYD: ASTR Tracks: All Good

Nite Jewel-Liquid Cool Remixes

Nite Jewel has released four remixes from their Liquid Cool album. The tracks have Electro-Pop sensibilities yet have a dark murkiness as well giving the tracks a little grit and doesn’t leave a sugary aftertaste. RIYD: Grimes Tracks: All Good

Klunks-Hollow Scenes

Klunks latest work on the Hush Hush label is titled Hollow Scenes. The music is a mix of Ambient and Jazz with some experimentation thrown in. Very smooth to listen to. Tracks: All Good

Coldcut-Only Heaven

Only Heaven is the latest from Coldcut and features Roots Manuva and Roses Gabor. The music is rooted in EDM with elements of House and Techno along with Hip Hop and Trip Hop. Pretty solid sound. Tracks: All Good

Various Artists-Dub Carols

Dub Carols is label Rhythm & Culture’s latest Christmas compilation. The album features artists The Archives, Mato and Zeb and re-works Christmas classics with a dub flair. Tracks: All Good

Jay Daniel-Broken Knowz

Jay Daniel’s debut album is titled Broken Knowz. The music is rooted in percussions with elements of House, Tribal, and Detroit Techno. The tracks are seductive and hook you right in. RIYD: Theo Parrish, Lone Tracks: All Good

Letherette-Last Night On The Planet

Letherette’s latest album is titled Last Night On The Planet. The music bounces around a bit, the title track is pure Hip Hop but then the album shifts with tracks having Disco Dance/Synth Dance, Ambient Dance, Electro Soul, and House. The album kind of sneaks up on you, about a third of the way through […]


James Whetzel – Beatology Volume 1 (Olin Place)

New explorations into the rhythmic possibilities of the funk beat – 31 variations in fact! All tracks composed & performed by Whetzel, a multi-instrumentalist & master of the sarod – a many stringed fretless instrument played like a guitar. Lots of electronic instrumentation here as well. Includes subtle Asian flavors. Listen on Bandcamp here


Reflections is an album from artist Kastle. The music is a mix of Electro Hop, R&B, Bass Music and Drum&Bass. You hear elements of Machinedrum and Burial and the tracks have that nice mix of grittiness and smoothness. Tracks:All Good

Vanishing Twins-Choose Your Own Adventure

Choose Your Own Adventure is the most recent release from Vanishing Twins. The music combines, Jazz, Retro 60’s Pop, Electronica, and Rock. The album has an experimental quality to it and isn’t something you hear everyday. Tracks: 3, 5, 8, 9

The Micronaut-Forms

Forms is the latest from The Micronaut. The music is a mix of Ambient Dance, Ambient Bass Music and R&B. The music has a similar vibe to Machinedrum’s latest Human Energy and has an upbeat yet mellow vibe to it. Smooth and easy to chill to. Tracks: 2,5,6,10,12

Romare-Love Songs pt. 2

Romare’s latest, his second, is an album titled Love Songs: Part Two. The album “explores every nook and cranny of the romantic impulse from dirty sex to religious fervour across ten tracks which develop and expand upon the casual brilliance of his debut, “Projections”, establishing him as one of the most exciting, confident and distinctive […]

King Henry-Don’t Stay Away

Don’t Stay Away is the debut from King Henry. The music is a mix of EDM with some hints of Bass Music mixed along with several guest female artists adding to the music. A pretty solid debut. RIYD: Ducky, AlunaGeorge Tracks: All Good Except FCC: 3

Automatisme-Momentform Accumulations

Momentform Accumulations is the latest work from Quebec artist Automatisme. The music could be described as IDM (a genre that’s starting to strain at it’s seams) but really you do hear more complex sounds here with a heavy mechanical feel to the music. You have elements of Drone, Ambient, and Minimal Techno. The sound itself […]

OY-Space Diaspora

OY’s latest work on the Crammed Discs label is titled Space Diaspora. The album has been described as a “space opera” The music blends a synth sound with a variety of world genres and some Jazz. I gotta say, I try really hard to keep an open mind but this one isn’t working for me. […]

w. baer-Wait a minute…who an i here?

Wait a minute…who am i here? is the latest work from Hush Hush label artist w. baer. The inspiration behind this album is the 1987 B-movie horror-thriller The Stepfather. You hear John Carpenter synths along with vocal samples and Dark Ambient tones threaded into the music. Perfect for this Halloween season. RIYD: John Carpenter Tracks: […]

Michael Mayer-&

Kompakt co-founder Michael Mayer has released a compilation on the K7! label titled &. The 12 track disc features Mayer with 12 different artists giving the album a diverse flair of dance genres. There’s Techno House, Disco Dance, Minimal Techno, and Deep House. The tracks are all upbeat and irresistible and will get you movin’ […]

Illum Sphere-Glass

Illum Sphere’s second album on the Nina Tune label is titled Glass. The music is rooted in IDM but has touches of Ambient Dance and House. The music is a little more concise than his debut and while it still has some sharpness to it the music is more refined than his previous work Ghosts […]