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Dolls For Idols-1985

1985 is an EP from the group Dolls For Idols. The music has a Synth Dance vibe with a harder, almost Dance Industrial undercurrent similar to Trust and even a little bit of early Front 242. Even though these tracks have a harder edge than most Synth Dance, the tracks are still quite smooth and […]

Bob Moses- Talk

Talk is a four track single from the duo Bob Moses. The original edit has a mix of Tribal Techno and Minimal Techno. The remixes have a similar vibe with a nice variety to the tracks. Tracks: All Good

Nuhn-The Fighter EP

The Fighter is the latest work and debut album on the Hush Hush label from artist Nuhn. The music has an Ambient vibe with the music rooted around the piano. The music has a haunted and almost sad quality to it but also has good beats creating an interesting juxtaposition in the music. Tracks: All […]


Georgia’s self-titled debut is a rooted in Pop Dance but has a very gritty edge to it with elements of Dubstep, Bass Music and Tribal Techno. The artist wrote, played and produced the album on her own and this album reveals these talents. Tracks: 2,6,9 FCC: 5

Fake Tears-Nightshifting

Nightshifting is the debut from the duo Fake Tears. The music is smooth Synth Pop with Larissa Loyva and Elisha May Rembold’s vocals meshing perfectly and harmoniously together. There is a good mix of upbeat tracks mixed in with more mellow ones. Even though this is a debut for this group the duo are veterans […]

Count Counsellor-& The Childhood Heroes

Debut album from Count Counsellor is titled & The Childhood Heroes. The music is a mix of Indie Dance and Electro R&B with very slight hints of Dubstep. There are only four tracks with a nice mix of upbeat and mellower tracks. This is a solid debut and hopefully Count Counsellor will be giving us […]

Mocean Worker-Mocean Worker

Mocean Worker’s latest, self-titled work is a mix of Funk, Jazz and Swing with an electro edge. The music takes those genres and adds a funky, creative twist to them. Tracks: 2,5,7

Skylab-#1,#2-1999: Large as Life and Twice as Natural

Skylab’s first and second albums, titled #1 and #2 1999: Large as Life and Twice as Natural have been re-released. Skylab were pioneers in this genre along with Massive Attack and Portishead. The Skylab sound though is not quite as structured as those other bands and #1 has a deconstructed Trip Hop sound with a […]

Seven Davis Jr.-Universes

Debut from artist Seven Davis Jr. is titled Universes. The music is a mix of Disco, Funk and Soul and has an experimental quality to it that gives it a funky yet fun feel to the tracks. RIYD: Peven Everett, George Clinton Tracks: 3,4,5,8,10

Roisin Murphy-Evil Eyes Single

Evil Eyes is a single from Roisin Murphy. The single contains the original edit plus five remixes. The original edit has a Synth Dance feel with some good bass guitar backing up the track. The remixes are also Dance based with some variety including Berlin Techno, Dub House, and Disco Dance. The tracks are all […]

Jean-Michel Jarre-Remix Ep I

Remix Ep I is basically a mix tape from Jean–Michel Jarre. Jarre has collaborated with Gesaffelstein, M83, Tangerine Dream and few others on this collection. The music ranges from IDM to EDM to and Disco Dance. There’s a nice mix of genres here and if this is volume one there will surely be more good […]

Etienne de Crecy-Smile Remixes

Smile Remixes by Etienne de Crecy contains eight tracks with the original edit plus seven remixes. The original edit has a Disco Dance vibe with Hip Hop vocals and the remixes have a similar Disco Dance along with Techno, House and EDM. Tracks: All Good

DJAO-Screwmixes II

Screwmixes II is a remix album from DJAO. The music has an Ambient R&B vibe with some retro 80’s synth and Vangelis like Jazz mixed in. Tracks: 1,2 FCC:4

The Chemical Brothers-Born In Echoes

The Chemical Brothers have returned, this time with an album titled Born In Echoes. The album isn’t as Big Beat and glitchy as previous albums but is still upbeat and frenetic EDM. There are several guests including Q-Tip, St. Vincent, Ali Love, Beck and Cate Le Bon who lend their own artistic touches to the […]

Lee Bannon-Pattern of Excel

Pattern of Excel is the latest work from Lee Bannon. Bannon started out in the Hip Hop world and then branched out into Bass Music, Drum&Bass and Dubstep. Pattern of Excel is again a new path for Bannon but instead of going off in a completely new direction, this album is more an evolution of […]

Ryan Huber-Astor

The latest from Inam Records founder Ryan Huber is titled Astor. Huber is a master of Drone Ambient with his music “blending noise, drones, clicky rhythms and distortion”. The music has a definite dark streak to it, I’m listening to it during a thunderstorm and the music fits perfectly with the cloudy skies and booming […]

Giorgio Moroder-Déjà vu

The latest from Giorgio Moroder is titled Déjà vu. The music is upbeat Pop Dance/EDM with several guest artists including Mikko Ekko, Kylie Minogue and even Britney Spears. Time to hit the dance floor! Tracks: 3,4,5,9

U-We Decide Who Comes In

We Decide Who Comes In is the latest effort from the illusive London producer U. The music is rooted in Bass Music with dark, thumping bass beats, sharp Burial-esque drums and elements of Berlin Techno giving the music a sleek, urban feel. RIYD: Moire, Actress Tracks: All Good

The Prodigy-The Night is My Friend

The Night is My Friend is a remix Ep of The Prodigy’s The Day is My Enemy album. The music is still crunchy, glitchy Big Beat/Industrial that sounds dated. If you’re looking for a headache or want to torture your friends listen to this.

Little Boots-Working Girl

Working Girl is the latest from Little Boots. The music is a mix of Pop Dance and Synth Dance and has a little more depth than her last EP Business Pleasure which was pretty bland and insipid. There’s a little bit of Disco threaded in as well giving it a funky vibe. A solid effort […]

Jessy Lanza-You Never Show Your Love

You Never Show Your Love is a single from Jessy Lanza and features DJ Spinn, Taso, and DJ Rashad. The music has an Atmospheric Bass vibe and the single contains three versions of the track plus a remix version of Fuck Diamond. Tracks: All Good


Alpine’s indie ambient rock vibes give you a nice chill listen in YUCK. FCC: 10 PLAY: 1, 3 RIYL: Grimes

Thundercat-The Beyond/Where The Giants Roam

The Beyond/Where The Giants Roam is the latest from Thundercat. The music is a mix of Electro-Jazz, Funk and Soul. It’s smooth and sexy. RIYD: Flying Lotus, Seven Davis Jr. Tracks: 3,6

LA Priest-Inji

Inji is the debut from artist LA Priest. The music is based in Funk and Soul with some Disco elements but like Clarence Clarity, LA Priest has taken these elements and tweaked them to give them a funky bizarreness. Even though the music is a little tweaky and some tracks just aren’t that good, most […]

Hudson Alexander-Needs/So Many Things

Needs/So Many Things is a double single from Hudson Alexander. The music has an Ambient vibe with an Indie Rock undercurrent. There are three remixes which are a mix of Ambient and Ambient Dance. Tracks: 1,3,4


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