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Fenix-All Around The World

All Around The World is a single from artist Fenix. The original edit has a straight forward EDM sound and the remixes have a Techno/House vibe to them. Tracks: All Good

Mint Trip-Books

Mint Trip’s album Books mixes Indie Rock and Dream Pop and has a lush beauty with dreamy vocals. RIYD: Chairlift, Austra Tracks: 1,2,5

The Anix-The Ephemeral

The Ephemeral is the latest from the group The Anix. The group was influenced by Depeche Mode’s heavier live set of the Violator tour and you can definitely hear DM’s influence here. The music has a mix of New Wave, Pop, and Dance Industrial producing a sound that is gritty but dance floor friendly. RIYD: […]

Shelf Nunny-Wishful Thinking

Hush Hush artist Shelf Nunny’s Wishful Thinking album has been remixed. The remixes have a Downtempo vibe them and most have that “dreamy yet upbeat” Seattle Downtempo sound. RIYD: Tycho, IG88, Hobbess Tracks: All Good

Badmixday-A Quiet Mind Awaits

A Quiet Mind Awaits is an album from 22 year old Turkish artist Badmixday. The music has a dreamy Ambient Dance vibe to it and has elements of Downtempo, Jazz, and Trip Hop. Very smooth yet upbeat, a good album to unwind to. Tracks: 1,2,5,7,8

Cri-Someone Else

Someone Else is the latest ep from Montreal artist Cri. The music definitely has that “Montreal House” sound which is upbeat and dreamy with elements of Synth Dance and Ambient Dance and feels fresh and metropolitan. RIYD: Tycho, Bonobo, Tourist Tracks: All Good

Bloody Mary-No Feeling Is Final

No Feeling is Final is a three track Ep from Bloody Mary. The track contains the track No Feeling is Final plus two versions of the track Knockout. The music has a hypnotic Deep House vibe that gets you moving and grooving. RIYD: Ben Kaczor, Plastikman Tracks: 1,2

Ben Kaczor-Mind Fiction

Mind Fiction is a three track ep from Ben Kaczor. The music has a steady, pounding Minimal Techno vibe that’s hard to resist. Best heard with good headphones. RIYD: Plastikman Tracks: All Good


DISCO3 is HEALTH latest and third remix album. The music has a fairly dark and experimental streak to it put still has a Pop element to it. It’s definitely different from your usual Pop and quite honestly it’s a little jarring and annoying to listen to. Tracks: 4,8

Max Cooper-Emergence

Max Cooper’s second album is titled Emergence. The album has an Ambient Dance vibe to it giving it that “upbeat yet dreamy” sound. A solid sophomore effort. Label: RIYD: Jon Hopkins, Throwing Snow Tracks: 4,6,7,10

The Juan MacLean-Can You Ever Really Know Somebody

Can You Ever Really Know Somebody is a single from The Juan MacLean. The original edit has a Deep House vibe that’s full of bounce and of course is anchored by Nancy Whang’s deadpan yet sensual vocals. The remixes have a similar feel but with a little more Techno grit. You can’t go wrong with […]

Pick A Piper-Distance

Pick A Piper’s latest album is titled Distance. The album has a Downtempo Dance vibe to it, dreamy yet upbeat. The artist often tours with Caribou to give you an idea of what he sounds like. RIYD: Caribou, Gold Panda, Four Tet Tracks: All Good

Nathan Fake-Providence

Providence is Nathan Fake Latest work. The music has a frenetic IDM sound with similar to Clark with some hints of Boards of Canada or Orbital. Not bad overall but it doesn’t really stand out, solid though. RIYD: Clark, Fhloston Paradigm, Boards of Canada, Orbital Tracks: 4,5,6,11

Kraak & Smaak-Stumble

Stumble is a single from Dutch trio Kraak and Smaak. The disc contains the original edit plus three remixes. The original edit has more of a mellow dance vibe than their usual high energy Disco Dance and the remixes have a similar slow dance R&B vibe. Very smooth and sexy. Tracks: All Good

Ibibio Sound Machine-2017 EP

Ibibio Sound Machine’s latest release, 2017 EP, blends West African Funk, Disco, Modern Post-Punk and Electro. The resulting sound is a skillfully crafted merging of very different cultures, the blending of African influences with Punk/New Wave sounds isn’t something you hear every day and the group has done a good job of combing these elements […]


Anymore is a single from Goldfrapp. The disc contains 4 remixes of the tracks and it’s pretty much EDM with a little variety. Good for the dance floor. Tracks: All Good

CLAVVS-World Underwater

CLAVVS (pronounced “claws”) most recent self-released album is titled World Underwater. Their music has been described as “Swimming in seductive bass riffs and hypnotic vocal arrangements of ethereal trip hop, CLAVVS blend their love for Atlanta hip hop and spectral synth pop.” RIYD: Sylvan Esso, Purity Ring Tracks: 2,5,7,9,10


Hints Ep is the latest from the group CHINAH. The music has been described as combining “electronic pop with a perfectly executed, sophisticated R&B sound. Very smooth and elegant with good vocals. RIYD: Jessy Lanza, Blood Orange Tracks: All Good


RMX is a four-track Ep from Hush Hush label artist CECI. This album is sort of an unofficial debut for the London-based Danish artist (real name Cecilie Dahlin) whose full length album will be released later this year. The music is a little hard to describe. Ambient Dubstep maybe? There’s some dark, urban vibes here […]

ADULT.-Detroit House Guests

The Detroit Electro-Punk duo, ADULT., return with their latest work, Detroit House Guests. The music is a mix of early Dance Industrial, Dark Techno and some touches of Pop House. There is a definite hard, dark streak in the music but that little dash of Pop helps balance and temper the music. Think Nitzer Ebb […]

Kyle Andrews-Escape

Fifth studio album from Kyle Andrews is an electronic album with a lot of experimental throwback synths, clean guitars, and super poppy beats. What i enjoy so much about this album is the variety from these heavy dance tunes to these atmospheric dreamy tracks you constantly left wondering what comes next. A fun listen!   […]


The Prometheus album from the Polish duo Dasein contains four tracks-the original edit and remix of Prometheus and the original edit and remix of the track Zodiac. The tracks have an Ambient Techno feel that’s booth groovy and spacey with hypnotic beats and organic synth work. Even though the tracks have a pretty high BPM […]

Big Wild-Invincible

Invincible Ep is the debut from Big Wild. The music is a creative, peppy blend of EDM, Synth Dance/Synth Pop and Indie Dance. Typical sounding genres here but the artist has spun some flair and dare I say it pizzazz into these tracks and you actually want to listen to them. Well worth checking out […]

Mr. C-Stand Up

Stand Up is a single from artist Mr. C. The single contains the radio edit plus four remixes. The original edit mixes Old School Electro and Acid House with Ska and Hip Hop. The remixes have a similar vibe but with bit of variety. Overall great dance tracks. Tracks: All Good

Balkan Beat Box-Chin Chin Remixes

Balkan Beat Box has released two remixes of the track Chin Chin. The Bad Royale Remix has a Electro Reggae vibe with Big Beat and the Gaudi Remix has more of a straight up Reggae sound. Both are solid. Tracks: All Good