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Suplington-Tokyo Reflections

Tokyo Reflections is an EP from artist Suplington. The album EP contains four original tracks plus five remixes. The music has an Ambient Dance, Ambient House vibe and sounds like Tycho sped up. The tracks are mellow yet upbeat and there are some hints of Atmospheric Bass Music as well. Another Youngbloods album that you […]

Sinerise-Calling Ep

Calling is a single from artist Sinerise and the disc contains the original edit plus three remixes. The original edit and the remixes both have an Ambient Techno/Ambient Dance with a Tribal Techno vibe to them. The tracks are smooth and upbeat but also have a nice mellow vibe as well. RIYD: Sasquatch, 2nd Sun […]

Sylvan Esso-H.S.K.T.

H.S.K.T. is a single from Sylvan Esso. The single contains eight versions and there’s a mix of House, Acapella, Instrumental, Bass Music, and Techno. The tracks are upbeat and soulful. Tracks: All Good

Sasquatch-No Sweat EP

No Sweat is an Ep from artist Sasquatch. The Ep contains three original tracks plus six remixes. The music is bubbly and charming and could almost be called Ambient Hip Hop or Ambient R&B. There’s also a Bay Area House feel reminiscent of Justin Martin or Claude VonStroke but it mostly has an upbeat dreaminess […]

Hanssen-Seven Years Week Remixes

Seven Years Week Remixes features nine remixes of Hanssen’s Seven Years Week album. Some remixing artists include: Pezzner, Doza, Secret School and Hanssen himself. The remixes include elements of Ambient, IDM and Ambient Dance. Another upbeat yet dreamy release from the Hush Hush label. Tracks: All Good


Dfalt’s latest is a self-titled album. The music is has a Downtempo Hip Hop vibe with mellow, groovy beats and drippy, dubby bass. This is a good chillout album with a metropolitan feel. Tracks: All Good

2nd Sun-Solar Souls

Solar Souls is an EP from 2nd Sun. The music is a mix of bubbly Ambient Techno with some touches of House, Minimal Techno and Downtempo. The Ep contains four original edits plus seven remixes and the tracks are not too fast with a nice mid-tempo beat that will keep you chillin’ and groovin’ at […]

Quadratic-Wrong Lane Ep

Wrong Lane is a five track Ep from Quadratic. The music has a retro feel to with a mix of Detroit Techno with aspects of Synth Dance, Minimal Techno, IDM, and Ambient Techno. Hit the dance floor! RIYD: Om Unit, Machinedrum Tracks: All Good

Nozinja-Nozinja’s Lodge

Nozinja’s Lodge is Nozinja’s debut album on the Warp Label. Nozinja has been called the architect of the Shangaan electro sound taking traditional South African tribal music and adding a 21st century twist to it. There are some Dub elements mix in and the music has a frenetic, upbeat vibe that will get you grooving […]


Quicksilver is Banku’s debut EP on the Hush Hush label. The music has an Ambient Techno feel with touches of IDM mixed in. That combo produces a sound that is dreamy yet gritty. It sounds weird but it works here and it definitely draws you in. The Ep is short with only four songs and […]

A Tribe Called Red-Suplex

Suplex is an album from the Canadian group, A Tribe Called Red. The group mixes traditional Pow Wow vocals and drumming with electronica, mostly Drum&Bass. Using electronica with the traditional music of the native peoples of Canada, the group infuses it’s ancient heritage with modern technology. Tracks: 3,4

Manatee Commune-Brush

Brush is the full length album from Manatee Commune. The music has an organic Ambient vibe similar to Bibio or Tycho. The artist is based around the Seattle area and perhaps being surrounded by the lush, dense temperate rainforest has had an influence on his music. There is a dreaminess to the tracks that adds […]

Nocturnal Sunshine-Nocturnal Sunshine

Nocturnal Sunshine is the self-titled album and alter ego of Maya Jane Coles. The music has been described as “dark, dubby and bass driven” and has a slick feel to it. This is a solid side project for Coles and hopefully we’ll hear more of this dark, dub driven music in the future. Tracks: All […]


You are My Sister is a three track ep from MICHAELBRAILEY and the title track is a cover from Antony and the Johnsons. The music is a soulful blend of Ambient and subtle glitch. Tracks: All Good

Maribou State-Portraits

Portraits is the debut from Maribou State. The music is a smooth mix of Synth Dance with Pop aspects and has a similar sound to Junior Boys. Several vocalists appear on the album and their vocals match the smoothness of the music. The album is a bit on the mellow side but there are some […]

Hermitude-Through The Roof

Through the Roof is a single from Hermitude. The single contains the original edit plus five remixes. The original edit is a mix of Reggaeton and Dubstep and the remixes include an instrumental version, accapella, and the other remixes have a similar vibe to the original edit. Tracks: All Good

Hudson Mohawke-Lantern

Hudson Mohawke’s most recent work is titled Lantern. The music is a mix of Electro Hop, Neo-Soul, and Electro Jazz. There’s quite a bit of variety on this album so there’s something for everyone. Tracks: 2,6,7,12

Jaga Jazzist-Starfire

The latest from Jaga Jazzist is titled Starfire. While there is still an electronic edge to this album, the music has more of a straight up Jazz feel than previous works. There’s also a cosmic feel to the music so you will have a good soundtrack to listen to while traveling to the next galaxy. […]

Icky Blossoms-Mask

Mask is the latest release from Icky Blossoms. The music is a mix of Post Punk and Electro Rock With a pretty noisy sound. A few Tropicalia and Synth tinged tracks mellow things out a bit as well as Sarah Bohling’s sweet yet powerful vocals as well as Nik Fackler’s smooth vocals. Overall a rocking […]

PAS Musique-Inside the Spectrum

Inside The Spectrum is the latest from the Experimental/Avant Garde group PAS Musique. The group is known for their live performances which are often accompanied by video and performance art works. The music is pretty far out but with drones, jagged guitars, samples and wiggy synths but also with some good beats behind all of […]

Tyondai Braxton-HIVE1

Ex Battles frontman Tyondai Braxton’s latest work is titled HIVE1. The album is his first since 2009’s Central Market and is very Experimental. The music seems more like sound experiments rather than a straight up “song” with elements of Found-Sound, drones, tones, natural elements and the occasional beats. This is some pretty far out music […]


Creatures is the latest from artist RONE. The music is a mix of IDM with hints Electro Jazz that has a futuristic Vangelis feel. The tracks have been described as individual short stories with each telling its own tale. That is true, each track does have a different vibe but there is still a good […]

Howling-Sacred Ground

Sacred Ground is the full length debut from the duo Howling. The music is a mix of Electro Goth, Ambient Dance and Emo Rock. The vocals are haunting as is the music which also has a darkness threaded into the tracks. Even though there is that darkness the music has an upbeat tempo which adds […]

Ephemerals-Life Is Good

Life is Good is a single from Ephemerals. The disc contains the original single plus three remixes. The original edit has a funky Neo-Soul vibe and the remixes include Drum&Bass, House and Minimal Techno. The tracks have an uplifting vibe and are perfect for the dance floor. Tracks: All Good


Oceanarium is the full length debut from artist Corduroi. The track titles have an aquatic motif to them with names like Overboard, Dolphin Hanglider, and Mermaid Island to name a few. The music has a breezy, Synth sound with some 8-bit and a little bit of Funk thrown in. I can imagine listening to this […]


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