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Max Graef and Glenn Astro-Where The F**k Are My Boiled Eggs

Where The F**k Are My Boiled Eggs is an album from the duo of Max Graef and Glenn Astro. The music has an eclectic, experimental Jazz sound that feels old school and funky. RIYD: Seven Davis Jr., VHS Head Tracks: 2,3,6,8 FCC: Track 2 title, album title

Jesus Velazquez-Gravitational Waves

Gravitational Waves is a self released ep from artist Jesus Velazquez. The music is a mix of Chill Trap, Chillwave and Downtempo. The first two tracks have a smooth, mellow vibe to them with a sleek metropolitan feel to them. The last three still have a mellow-ish vibe to them but with a little more […]

CRi-Tell Her

Tell Her is the latest work from Montreal artist CRi (pronounced cree). The music is a mix of House Synth with some Electro R&B touches. Overall a pretty smooth and shimmering album. RIYD: Jamie XX, Bob Moses Tracks: All Good

The Silver Lake Chorus-The Silver Lake Chorus Remixes

The Silver Lake Chorus’ self-titled debut album has been remixed. The Silver Lake Chorus (TSLC) performs choral arrangements and originally covered Indie Rock tracks. The group was noticed and several Indie Rock artists provided original works for them to sing. Here you still have the haunting choral singing but with elements of Ambient, and mostly […]

Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno Project-1000 Watts

1000 Watts is the latest work from the Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno Project. The music is pretty much a mix of Reggae and Dub. The album is breezy and has been described as “a sun-drenched record”. Tracks: All Good

Samuel-LUV CRY

LUV CRY is the latest work from the artist Samuel. The music is pretty much Electro R&B and with Samuel’s smooth vocals being the main focus. RIYD: Sohn, Michael Brock, River Tiber Tracks: All Good Except FCC #3

Skylab 3-A View From Above

A View From Above is the debut from artist Skylab 3. The music has a chill Downtempo Dub vibe with smooth beats and has sleek, atmospheric feel to it. There’s also South Asian influences threaded in to the music giving it an exotic feel. Overall a pretty sweet debut. RIYD: All India Radio, DJ Sun […]

Plaid-The Digging Remedy

The latest work from the group Plaid is an album titled The Digging Remedy. The music has an IDM vibe similar to Clark with the slightest hint of Downtempo mixed in. The album has a mellow vibe and is easy to listen to but it’s a little bland. It’s good for background music. RIYD: Clark, […]

Xeno & Oaklander’s-Topiary

Xeno & Oaklander’s second album is titled Topiary. The music is rooted in Minimal Techno but has some Minimal Wave and bouncy Synth aspects to it giving it more of an upbeat almost bubbly vibe. There are a few mellow tracks which help to break up the tempo up nicely. Overall a pretty decent sophomore […]

Gold Panda-Good Luck And Do Your Best

The latest from artist Gold Panda is an album titled Good Luck And Do Your Best. The music is still pretty much the same smooth, breezy mix of Ambient, Found Sound, Downtempo and Folktronica with a Japanese influence. The album is easy to listen to and would be good to listen to while chillin’ with […]

Bloody Mary-From The Vaults

From The Vaults is a three song Ep from Bloody Mary. The music has a strong 90’s Trance vibe with steady, hypnotic beats as well as having steady synths pounding away. The retro feel is nice and actually feels fresh and not worn out. Tracks: All Good

Tor-Blue Book

Blue Book is the second album from artist, Tor. The music is a mellow mix of Ambient and Ambient Dub and is a nice album to chill out to. RIYD: Bonobo, Thievery Corp. Tracks: All Good

Space Dimension Controller-Orange Melanine

Orange Melanine is an album from Space Dimension Controller. The music has an IDM feel with some glitchy scratchiness added. The music sounds like it was recorded on a cassette that’s really old and beat up but it has an unusual beauty to it as well. RIYD: Clark, Monokle, Arca Tracks: 3,5,6,8,9,13

Pantha Du Prince-The Triad

The Triad is Pantha Du Prince’s first solo album in six years. His last album, Elements of Light, with The Bell Laboratory was based on the carillon instrument which is, essentially a huge three ton bell. On this album you hear similarities to Elements of Light but there’s more of a Minimal Techno vibe here […]

Kraak & Smaak-Juicy Fruit

The trio Kraak and Smaak have returned this time with an album titled Juicy Fruit. The music is as always a smooth mix of Disco Dance with some R&B and Funk elements. The tracks are breezy, upbeat and are fun to listen to. Tracks: All Good

Jessy Lanza-Oh No

Jessy Lanza’s sophomore album is titles Oh No. The music is a mix of Electro R&B along with some Synth Pop. There’s also a retro 80’s Funk feel as well with Lanza’s vocals adding a bright crispness to the tracks. Overall this is a solid effort from Lanza that shouldn’t be missed. RIYD: The Juan […]

Echonomist/Elijah Simmons-Split EP

Split Ep is just that. The Ep has four tracks from two different artists. The first two tracks are by Echonomist and the second two are by Elijah Simmons. All four tracks have a smooth Minimal Techno feel that will get you grooving’. RIYD: Plastikman Tracks: All Good

Mark Pritchard-Under The Sun

Under the Sun is the latest from artist Mark Pritchard. Pritchard is a master of making music has conquered many genres under many different monikers. This album is no different. The music combines IDM, Drone Ambient, Folk and Jazz with each track having its own vibe. That said, the album feels complete and smooth even […]

MARKS-The Modern Life

Debut from artists MARKS is titled The Modern Life. The music is pretty much Synth Pop with some elements of Tropicalia and Indie Dance. There’s a nice mix of fast and slow tracks to break things up. A solid debut. Tracks: 1,3,4,6,8


Omni is the Hush Hush label debut for the duo, Navvi. The music is a mix of dark Synth Pop and Dreamwave and has a smooth, dreamy, ethereal feel. Tracks: Al Good

Boys Noize-Mayday

Mayday is the latest work from the artist Boys Noize. The music has a retro feel with elements of Techno, Industrial and Acid House and has some serious beats. RIYD: Daft Punk, TEED Tracks: 3,5,7,10,11

Pollyn-Distress Signals

Distress Signals is the latest from the duo Pollyn. The music is a mix of Downtempo, Synth Pop, New Wave, and Funk. They’re music has been described as having a “nouveau vintage sound” and sounds as if “Portishead had ice water pulsing through its veins.” The music is dark and sleek but has good beats […]


Companion is the latest album from the Montreal based group, Braids. The music is a mix of Experimental Pop and Folktronica and has good vocals from Raphaelle Standell-Preston. RIYD: Blue Hawaii Tracks: All Good

Black Plastic-Black Plastic

Black Plastic’s self titled debut is a mix of Dark Synth and Dark Wave and has been described as “club music for vampires”. The music is dark and moody but is dance floor friendly and is a solid debut. RIYD: Trust, Essaie Pas, Princess Century Tracks: 1,3,7,8,9

Lowhitey-On My Planet

The latest from artist Lowhitey is titled On My Planet. The music has an Ambient vibe with touches of Downtempo and IDM which gives it an urban yet organic feel. It has a nice mellowness to it and is a good album to chill to on your commute home. RIYD: Tycho Tracks: All Good


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