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Fixion is Trentemoller’s fourth full length album on his label In My Room and the album has a melancholy Cold Wave, Dark Synth feel. The album definitely has a retro feel but doesn’t feel trite or washed out. Trentemoller seems to be moving away from his Techno roots into a darker, more somber sound but […]

Sin Fang-Spaceland

Spaceland is the latest work from artist Sin Fang. The music is smooth Electro R&B or “Future R&B”. A little bland but not bad either. Tracks: 2,3,5,7

Pional-When Love Hurts

The latest from Spanish artist Pional is titled When Love Hurts. The music has the standard mix of Synth Dance, some Pop thrown in and the trendy Electro R&B. However, Pional has taken these elements and actually made something that’s creative and interesting to listen to. This is an album well worth checking out. RIYD: […]


Spazieren is a single from Abstraxion. The disc contains six tracks, an original edit plus five remixes. The original edit has a mellow Ambient vibe and there’s a good variety of Electronica genres on the remixes Tracks: All Good

Steve Bug-Rexology

Rexology is a four track EP from Steve Bug. The Ep contains three versions of the track What’s Happened and the track Berlinian Rexing. The tracks are mix of Minimal Techno, Techno House, Acid and Dub. The tracks are hypnotic and draw you right in with steady pounding beats. Tracks: All Good


Zomby’s latest released which is on the Hyperdub label is titled Ultra. The music is a mix of Bass Music, UK Grime, and Garage. Hyperdub stalwart Burial as well as Banshee, Darkstar and Rezzett make appearances. Overall not a bad album but it seems Zomby never quite reaches his full potential. Tracks: All Good except […]

Manatee Commune-Manatee Commune

Manatee Commune’s latest self-titled album is a chill yet upbeat Ambient Dance vibe with some good R&B Vocals mixed in. RIYD: Bonobo Tracks: All Good

Symbion Project-Arcadian

Arcadian is the eighth album from Symbion Project. The album has been describes as “a densely layered album touching on electronic-based, beat-driven song structures that draw circles around the world’s more melancholy realities.” The album is a little gloomy but the tracks are lush and lure you in. RIYD: Ladyfrnd Tracks: 1,2,4,5,7

Bear Mountain-Badu

Badu is the most recent release from Bear Mountain. The music is pretty much Electro Synth Pop. Tracks: 1,4,7

Bibio-The Serious

The Serious is the most recent work from Bibio. Bibio has again moved into a different direction this time into a funky Disco Dance vibe. The tracks are smooth and fun and showcase his multilayered talent. Tracks: All Good

The Album Leaf-Between Waves

The sixth album from the group The Album Leaf is titled Between Waves. The music is a mix of Ambient, Jazz and has touches of Krautrock and Prog Rock. The album is fairly smooth but a little bland. RIYD: Floating Points Tracks: All Good

Tobacco-Sweatbox Dynasty

The latest from artist Tobacco is an album titled Sweatbox Dynasty. The music is very experimental and could be described as “Psychedelic Electro Hop”. There’s also a retro synth sound and some static choppiness. The tracks for me are a little hit or miss. Some have a smooth yet bizarre sound; others are just too […]

The Junior Boys-Kiss Me All Night

The Junior Boys latest is a four song EP titled Kiss Me All Night. The music is a nice mix of Synth Dance with some minor Minimal Techno aspects. Something a little different from the Boys but still smooth and dance floor friendly. RIYD: Bob Moses Tracks: All Good

Jake Meadows-Good Company

Australian artist Jake Meadows debut album Good Company has an Electro R&B vibe with some minor Trip Hop elements similar to early Massive Attack. The tracks have a nice mix of tempos ranging from the smooth mellow track Gossip to the more upbeat track Lost Entitlement. Overall a well crafted album that hooks you in. […]

Sophie Ellis-Bextor-Come With Us

Come with Us is a three track single from Sophie Ellis-Bextor. The original edit is upbeat Disco Dance and the two remixes have a similar upbeat Disco vibe. RIYD: Gavin Turek Tracks: 1


MICHL’s self titled debut is smooth Electro R&B with equally smooth and powerful vocals from the artist. The lyrics are quite good as well, adding depth and personality to the tracks. RIYD: James Blake, Chet Faker Tracks: All Good


Artist Valida’s single STARS has three versions of the track, the original edit and remixes from Cannon and LUXXURY. The original edit has a Disco Dance vibe and the remixes have a more mellow EDM feel. Overall a pretty solid single. RIYD: Escort, Roisin Murphy Tracks: All Good

Ocean Hope-Chamber Dreams: Vol. 1

Hush Hush group Ocean Hope’s Chamber Dreams album has been remixed and is titled Chamber Dreams: Remixes, Vol. 1. Several other Hush Hush artists have participated in remixing the album including Secret School, Broken Deck, and Hanssen to name a few. The music is mostly a mix of Downtempo and Ambient Dance giving the music […]

Just A Gent-Stories To Tell

Stories to Tell is the latest work from artist Just A Gent. The music has a Downtempo R&B vibe with elements of Bass Music and EDM. The overall results are a sound that has a mellow feel yet remains upbeat. Well crafted and easy to listen to. RIYD: TOKiMONSTA Tracks: All Good

David Starfire- Karuna

Not only did David Starfire get an all-expense paid trip to Thailand, but through Crowdsourcing he produced an album incorporating his psy-dub sound with classical instruments played by Burmese Refugees. Not only is there a seamless blend of these two seemingly different music styles, but each track borrows themes and ideas from another making the […]

Hieroglyphic Being-The Disco’s of Imhotep

Hieroglyphic Being’s latest work is titled The Disco’s of Imhotep. The music has an IDM vibe similar to Florian Kupfer (see review below). The music is laced with pounding, hypnotic beats and cosmic synths. The artist gives this description of the music. ““The Disco’s Of Imhotep” is about creating Frequencies and Vibrations for the Listener […]

Florian Kupfer-Unfinished

Unfinished is the latest from Florian Kupfer. The music has an IDM sound with drilling yet understated beats and droning synths. While some might not consider this dance music it cause suck you into a hypnotic groove that gets your body moving. RIYD: Hieroglyphic Being, Clark, Arca, Legowelt

Kllo-Well Worn

Well Worn is an album from the Australian duo Kllo. The music has a breezy, dreamy Synth Pop sound with some minor hints of UK Garage and underground dance music. The music has a little bit of an edge to it but is still smooth with nice vocals. RIYD: BANKS, Yumi Zouma Tracks: All Good

Sherbert Gang-Sherbert Gang

Sherbert Gang’s self-titled debut is a little hard to describe. It’s a mix of Electro Hip Hop and IDM with a strong Experimental feel. The artist himself has described it ““The music in itself, it doesn’t sound like anything you’ve heard. It’s hard, it sounds like Phantogram, kind of, Panda Bear, a little bit, but […]

RUFUS DU SOL-Be With You Remixes

Be With from RUFUS DU SOL has been remixed. The disc contains the original edit plus five remixes. The remixes are all upbeat and dance floor friendly. Tracks: All Good