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George FitzGerald-Fading Love

The latest from George FitzGerald is an album titled Fading Love. The music is a smooth blend of Minimal Techno and House and has a pure dance floor sound. This is a well-produced album that should stand out from the rest of the bunch. RIYD: Mark E, Martyn, Caribou, Four Tet Tracks: 2,3,5,6,7

Sax G-Lullaby of the Forbidden Dancer

Lullaby of the Forbidden Dancer is the latest from Seattle artist, Sax G. This one is a quickie with four tracks coming in a ten minutes. That doesn’t diminish the impact the tracks have, though, which are a smooth mix of Downtempo and Electro R&B. Tracks: All Good

Braids-Deep In The Iris

Montreal based band Braids are back with their third album titled Deep In The Iris. The music is lush and melodic with beautiful vocals from Raphaelle Standell-Preston. The music is a mix of Dream Pop, Ambient Dance, Folktronica and Cold Wave and is reminiscent of The Cocteau Twins and Kate Bush. This album has a […]

Ryan Huber-Akharon

Akharon is the latest work from artist Ryan Huber who is also known as Olekranon, Dhow and Sujo. The music here is best described as Drone Ambient and is a little smoother than what you hear from his other alias’s. Three of the four tracks are over ten minutes giving the listener time to sink […]

Chester Hawkins-Apostasy Suite

Chester Hawkins who is also known as Blue Sausage Infant has released a second album under his real name, a live album titled Apostasy Suite. The music is Ambient Drone and Hawkins’ music is described as “The goal remains the creation of deep and elegant trance states with a glaze of paranoid tension”. While that […]

Bob Moses-All In All

All in All is the latest from the duo known as Bob Moses. The music is a mix of Minimal Techno and Alternative Dance with some similarities to Broken Bells and Jon Hopkins. The music has a smooth mid-tempo groove that will get your fingers snapping and your toes tapping. RIYD: Jon Hopkins, Broken Bells […]

E1sbar-Super Fantasy

Super Fantasy is an album from Es1bar (pronounced Icebear). The music has a smooth yet peppy Alternative Dance vibe and Piper Davis provides bubbly, ethereal vocals. Similar to Phantogram or Little Dragon the music is groovy and fun to listen to. RIYD: Phantogram, Little Dragon Tracks: 2,3,5,7


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