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Debut from artist Pale Blue is titled The Past We Leave Behind. The music is Dance based with elements of Minimal Techno, Pop Dance, and Techno House. The album’s not bad and is upbeat, dance floor friendly but it’s a little bland and the vocals are a little cheesy. Tracks: 3,6,8,9,12

Max Lilja-Morphosis

Max Lilja is back this time with an album titled Morphosis. Lilja is an accomplished Cellist who received his training at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. He started his music career off with the Heavy Metal band Apocalyptica and also perfomed with Hevein and Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen. His debut album, Plays Electronica By One […]


Dilate is the third album from Leeds Quintet Vessels. The bands previous works were rooted in Post-Rock but here they’ve taken on a much strong Electronic dimension to their music. There is more of a Minimal Techno, Ambient Dance vibe here similar to Four Tet or Battles with some hints of Tycho. You still hear […]

Elliot Moss-Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf is a single from artist Elliot Moss. The music is best described as Electro Rock with some smooth guitar work. RIYD: John Grant Tracks: All Good

Garden City Movement-Modern West

Modern West is the third EP from the Israeli group Garden City Movement. The five track EP has a mellow vibe to it but is still upbeat in nature. The music is a mix of Downtempo with some Synth Dance mixed in. A smooth Ep that is nice to chill to or something to listen […]

Kadahn-Silver Shadow of a Shrine

Silver Shadow of a Shrine is the latest work from artist Kadahn. The music has a mellow, elegant Ambient vibe. The music drifts and floats but has some beats behind it to keep it from completely disappearing into the atmosphere. The album contains 8 tracks but is only 22 minutes long which keeps thing from […]

Alison Wonderland-Run

Run is the latest from Alison Wonderland. The music is a mix of dialed down Pop with elements Atmospheric Bass Music, R&B, and Dubstep. The music is mostly mid-tempo and Wonderland’s vocals provide a powerful force to the tracks. The tracks sound fairly polished but there is a touch of grit added, giving them a […]


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